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If you frequently download torrents, you may have come across various P2P file-sharing BitTorrent websites. But what if you wanted to obtain the results from each of these torrent websites in one location? Use some of the top torrent search engine websites to look for torrents. Avoid switching between multiple websites by finding all the torrents in one location. The websites with torrent search engines come into play here. Within seconds, you may quickly search for any file and download the torrents for it.

How Can I Pick A Reliable Torrent Search Engine?

Before knowing the 20 best Torrent search engine sites that work you should know how can you choose or pick a reliable torrent search engine. Always choose a torrent search engine that offers outcomes from sites that verify torrent files and are therefore secure. Additionally, seek healthy torrents before downloading them. which indicates a sizable population of seeders, peers, and leechers.

Pick a website with a fast download speed and minimal advertisements. You should always use a VPN to prevent being tracked in addition to the previously listed precautions, and you should also use adblockers to prevent receiving too much advertising. Additionally, always run a strong antivirus program after downloading the torrent file before using it.

Here Are The 17+ Best Torrent Search Engine Sites That Work Perfectly In 2022


1. Solid Torrents: Best for music and e-books

SolidTorrents 1 1024x504 1

Next, we have a torrent search engine that is pretty recent. Its name is “Solid Torrents,” and it has already been successful in drawing a sizable user base. That’s because Solid Torrents work quickly, provide accurate results, and let you examine important information before downloading any torrent.

We’d also like to point out that Solid Torrents has a strong labeling system that makes it easy to find relevant information. Additionally, P2P users have the opportunity to flag torrents as faulty, allowing this service to only offer fully functional choices.

2. Snowfl: Best for movies, games, music

One of the most dependable torrent search engines, Snowfl just does the job. The navigation on this website is extremely simple, and it has a very minimal interface. Utilize the search bar to look for torrents. As it does not offer spelling suggestions like Google, be sure to use the proper spelling for your phrase.

Either use the magnet link to download the torrent directly or navigate to the torrent website from the search results. A single advertisement can be seen just below the search bar. The leecher-seeder ratios and even file sizes are included in that list of names. You can make a decision on which torrent to choose or not with this information alone

It is not blocked in the majority of the world despite being a trustworthy torrent search engine. It is reliable for finding torrents.

3. Torrent Download: Best for movies and tv shows

TorrentDownload has a very straightforward user interface and completes tasks quickly. There is a search box at the top of the page, so you may use it just like any other “conventional” torrent website. You may be sure that you will find millions of torrents here no matter which path you take.

The fact that TorrentDownload has been online for a while and is a very respectable website should also be emphasized. Additionally, it makes extensive use of websites like Torrentz2, RARBG, and LimeTorrents, all of which strive to provide verified torrents. In conclusion, it is simple to understand why this is one of the top torrent search engine websites.

4. Veoble: Best for Tv shows, ebooks, music

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The website Veoble takes a different strategy than other top torrent search engines while having a search bar that closely resembles the one on Google. This darkly themed website is rapidly growing in popularity. It has an advantage over other torrent search engines because it offers both picture and torrent search possibilities.

The best feature of this torrent search engine is that it gives you a lot of useful options for filtering the results. Different torrent websites might be included or excluded, or they can even be filtered depending on the language. Finally, you can browse the newest or most pertinent websites.

Despite being powered by Google search, it doesn’t yet autocorrect grammatical and spelling errors. In rare cases, this causes the torrent search to fail.

5. BTDig: Best Ad-Free P2P Search Engine


BTDig is the successor of BTDigg – one of the most popular torrent search engines that had millions of daily visits. However, that website went offline recently, which paved the way for successors to appear. Well, BTDig is everything you would expect out of a capable search engine.

It comes with a minimalist design, allows you to filter its search results, and gives you a helpful overview even before you start downloading torrents to your computer. Aside from allowing you to search for torrent websites, BTDig also comes with helpful articles and tutorials on understanding P2P files. Finally, you’ll get to download plenty of files as magnet links, without seeing annoying pop-ups or being redirected to third-party websites.

6. Glo Torrents: Best For Animes, Tv shows, Movies


GloTorrents has long operated unnoticed. It is one of the Internet’s least popular places to download torrents. The most recent TV show torrent can be found here before anywhere else. Filter for more than 14 different languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Chinese, and more, when looking for movie torrents. The – and + symbols in the search operator are also available for adding and removing specific terms from search results.

Directly access torrent downloads from search results. Next to a torrent name, we receive links to the magnet file and the torrent file. When downloading software and games, it is useful to prioritize a reliable seed number over user reviews in the comments. Register for an account using your email address. The Facebook-based login currently seems to be broken.

7. AIO Search: Best For Software, games, etc

AIO Search

This search engine has no rivalry whatsoever when it comes to user experience. With coverage of more than a thousand torrent websites, think of it as the Google of torrents. You can add or remove the torrents you wish from your search results in addition to using the search bar. The website is fairly quick, and the search returns results quickly.

Results from a few search engines, i.e. torrent search engines, are displayed in several tabs. In a tabbed form, you can access them directly from the webpage. To search for torrents without going to the website, AIO Search also provides browser extensions.

It’s also important to note that AIO Search is used for other purposes besides torrent searches. It may be used to look up pictures, movies, subtitles, and even streaming websites.

8. XTORX: Best High-Level P2P Search Engine

XTORX operates somewhat differently. You won’t be presented with an abundance of search results; instead, you’ll receive a small selection of choices. The links in each of those search results, however, will take users to specific search pages of well-known torrent sources.

Let’s take the scenario where you are looking for 4K wallpapers for your computer. You enter “Wallpapers 4K” into the XTORX Home Screen’s search bar. Then, links to The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, ETTV Torrents, Torrent Galaxy, Sky Torrents, and other torrent sites will appear. You will be directed to a list of results from each of those websites as soon as you click on one of those links. Highly straightforward but very useful.

9. BITCQ: Best For Japanese P2P content


BITCQ offers not just a huge assortment of torrents but also a beautifully designed website. Without going any farther into the website, you will find all the information you require as soon as you begin searching for torrents. You can rapidly download specific P2P files or magnet links, as well as view the names of torrent files and view information about their size, categories, and health.

We must acknowledge that BITCQ doesn’t provide anything novel. Instead, this is a conventional but reliable torrent search engine that is appropriate for a variety of uses. It does have one feature, though, that you won’t find elsewhere: you may choose a nation, and BITCQ will use that preference to narrow its search. This is incredibly useful if you’re trying to find specialized torrent files.

9. iDope: Best For ebooks, software, music

iDope Cercare e Scaricare file Torrent in modo anonimo

This BitTorrent search engine aims to please by relying on its built-in search. Like Torrentz2, this search engine is similar. Three different kinds of torrent searches are available:

Exact Search: Look for the exact keyword that was entered. The page contains torrent listings with the same keyword.

Full Search: Torrents that have the most peers and seeders and were uploaded by reputable contributors are searched from the main server.

Multi-Search: In addition to the terms you originally searched for, related keywords are also provided. As an illustration, if you enter Discovery Channel, it will look for torrents using both the specific words discovery and channel as well as the standard keyword string.

10. YTS: Best For Movies


YTS will impress you if you rely significantly on torrents for downloading movie torrents. A huge variety of films from many genres are available on this well-known movie torrent search engine. The user interface on YTS is really well-designed, which makes finding movies a breeze. Additionally, YTS enables customers to download movies in various resolutions in accordance with their preferences. Additionally, users can submit requests for other kinds of material.

In general, YTS is the ideal website for film buffs. YTS mirrors include, among others,, yts. movie, and yts. lt.

11. TorrentZeta: Best For Movies, Software, Games

TorrentZeta TorrentSeeker P2P Search Engines

TorrentZeta is the next-best torrent search engine on the list. All well-known torrent websites are included by this torrent search engine. The homepage of TorrentZeta is devoid of advertisements and lists all of the torrent websites that they currently include in their index for displaying torrent results from those sites.

It is important to note that some ISPs worldwide restrict TorrentZeta. However, a VPN service can be used to access TorrentZeta. One of the many helpful clones of the original Torrentz is TorrentZeta.

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12. Toorgle: Best Google Powered P2P Search Engine


Google served as the idea for Toorgle, as you could already have guessed. This is, of course, a torrent search engine that crawls over 450 P2P domains. As a result, you may anticipate receiving a tonne of results that can be filtered by relevance and date. Given that Google is the system’s driving force, everything takes place in a familiar interface.

Given that Toorgle gives you access to more than 55 million torrent files, this is a genuinely useful tool. Toorgle isn’t the fastest torrent search engine, so bear that in mind. Please be patient as it takes a few seconds to load its results. This is ultimately a serious drawback in light of the value this website offers.

13. Academic Torrents: Best For Audiobooks, Research papers, ebooks

Now let’s use an authorized torrent search engine. Anyone who wishes to download research papers, datasets, notes, lectures, etc. should use it. To put it simply, the torrent search engine is only a website for academic purposes; you cannot locate movies, music, or games there.

You can find well-liked datasets, online courses, eBooks, dissertations, theses, and more in our research database, which is over 65 TB in size. The University of Texas and the University of Michigan collaborated to create the search engine. The best aspect is that using it is totally legal and free.

14. Zooqle: Best All In One

Zooqle 2 1024x508 1

You will initially believe that you are seeing a media streaming website when you first open Zooqle. The top-left corner has a search bar, but the majority of the screen is devoted to pictures and artwork. The most well-liked categories on Zooqle’s home page are highlighted, allowing you to see well-liked media including movies, TV shows, music, and other things.

Any of these images can be clicked to bring up a thorough description of the title. For instance, if you click on any TV show title, you’ll understand why Zooqle is unique. You will have the option to select a season and episode, which will allow you to focus your search much more precisely. Then, using your preferred torrent client, you may browse various torrents and download stuff.

15. 1337X: Best For Content


1337X, one of the top torrent sites, was launched in 2007 and is quite well-liked in South Asian nations, particularly India. The foundation of this torrenting website is essentially a community where users exchange the best torrent files for no-cost download.

Large databases from numerous torrent sites, including torrentz, torrentdb, etc., have been indexed by it. Over 50 million people visit the movie and TV show torrent website each month. You might think of torrents as the most trustworthy option for The Pirate Bay given their high quality. 1337x filled the void left by Torrentz’s closure in 2016 for torrent downloads. It started to rank among the top torrent sites in 2019 and is still widely used in 2022.

The Good Doctor, Doctor Who, Euphoria, and Foundation are among the top trending searches on 1337x. Historically, 1337x has been a community-driven torrent site, but there were some problems last year when a few of the admins and moderators objected over security reasons. On their about us page, they maintain a list of 1337x mirrors that are genuinely functional.

However, as the site’s traffic increased and a new design was recently implemented, significant development and improvement have been accomplished.

16. The Pirated Bay: It is Universally Available

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, was established in Sweden in 2003 by anakata and TiAMO and is touted as the “lord of torrents.” It was one of the first widely used P2P-based torrent sites to be accessible worldwide. The best torrent website right now is TPB, which receives more than 60 million visitors a month. They host a huge collection of digital content, primarily entertainment media, in an online index.

Visitors can use magnet links and torrent files to search, download, and participate in peer-to-peer file sharing among BitTorrent protocol users.

17. Lime Torrents: Advertisements at a Minimum Public Tracker for Torrents

Top Music Torrent Sites 4

After the departure of the top executives of torrenting websites including Kickass Torrents, Extratorrents, and Torrentz, LimeTorrents has gained prominence and amassed a sizable fan base. It can occasionally be annoying when advertising appears when you first click the torrent search box in another tab or window.

One of the Best BitTorrent Sites Of 2022, they feature a significant collection of online content, including verified torrent downloads of movies, games, music, anime, TV series, and software that are all available for free. There are verified LimeTorrents downloads accessible on all mirrors and proxies.

The owner of the website also developed iTorrents, a torrent cache that is used by numerous other torrent search engines, a few months ago. The update tracker button can be used to update tracker data for a certain torrent. Snakehead, Komi-san wa, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are mentioned in the charts for the Top 100 torrents area. The top 100 torrent downloads from the previous seven days are also included in this section.

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18. KissAss Torrent: Best For Anime, Movies, games


A number of former employees of KickassTorrent now run the brand-new website KickAss Torrents. The database on this new website is brand-new and safe, but the platform’s user interface is still the same. While other buttons need you to register or go to an advertisement landing page, the magnet button works here.

Staff members struck close to home with its duplicate of the original website because they did not have access to the original Kat torrents site code. The majority of the content is available on this brand-new KickAss Torrents website, which has a layout that looks completely original.

As a long-time user of KickAss, we have observed changes to the site’s domains, servers, and other aspects, but its core has not changed. Age of Empires IV, Star Girl, and The Harder They Fall are all featured in their Popular section.

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19. TorrentGalaxy: Best For Tv Shows, Movies, Ebook, Adult Content


An underestimated torrent website with verified torrent files is TorrentGalaxy. They are vetted by many well-known teams on the website. A dark theme that may be turned on from the top bar was only just introduced. All reputable torrenting websites provide magnet links and torrent files for downloading files.

Where the file is hosted on a file-sharing service, TorrentGalaxy has gone one step further by offering a direct download link. Here, the search feature differs a little. Before choosing a movie to watch, we frequently look up the IMDb rating and reviews. It’s not required, but an excellent alternative, to use this site’s IMDb ID search to find a torrent of a particular movie.

You may watch movies and TV shows instead of downloading torrents of them.

20. EZTV: Best For Movies And Tv Shows

EZTV was a TV-torrent distribution company that was established in May 2005 and shut down in April 2015 as a result of “EZCLOUD LIMITED” acquiring its domains and brand. In essence, it is a torrent service that only offers TV series.

This well-known torrent service is still in operation and now has its own torrents available. Numerous torrent sites have prohibited these ‘fresh’ releases because of their contentious past. There is a sizable selection of TV shows that have previously been broadcast, as well as a few notable ones that are now airing.

This torrent might not be for you if what you’re looking for is every single trending, on-air, and popular show. There is a sizable selection of TV shows that have previously been broadcast, as well as a few notable ones that are now airing. This torrent might not be for you if what you’re looking for is every single trending, on-air, and popular show.

For example, we were able to locate excellent television programs like Silicon Valley, Fringe, and Orange Is the New Black. The website offers access to Sex Education, which is shown on television. Many nations have prohibited EZTV, and it even offers fewer TV shows than its rivals. Its continued presence on the list of the finest torrent sites is unaffected by this, though. The last one among the 20 best torrent search engine sites that work is EZTV.

Note: Please be advised that this content should only be used for educational reasons as it is unlawful and forbidden in many nations. Any consequences are not the responsibility of Americbuzz.

Torrent Search Engines: What Are They?

Torrent search engines, as their name suggests, let you look for a specific P2P file. These often index a large number of distinct torrent websites and display search results in various ways. For instance, using this method, you can restrict search results based on their age, size, or health. In other words, torrent search engines enable you to search across a huge number of torrent files simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

So, here are the 20 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites That Works. We really hope you like this article and you will get each and every piece of information regarding the 20 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites That Works. Do let us know your views by commenting in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share and comment.

Till then stay safe and healthy.

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