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Online gambling took the entertainment industry of the world by storm, and the enthusiasm of Filipinos for it holds a chunk of the credit.

According to the modern history of the Philippines, we observe that people in the Philippines have loved to gamble since the pre-colonial era. There were never short of physical casinos in this country. And later, Pinoys accepted it with all their charm when online gambling was introduced, and it rose to greater heights during the pandemic. In recent times, the Philippines ranks high on the list of countries that play and enjoy the most in both land-based and online casinos.

The games and casinos in the Philippines have a wide variety to offer. It suits the interests and preferences of gamblers who visit their legalized online gambling platforms. They are regulated by the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, allowing players to gamble in a safe and secure environment. The best online casino in Philippines offers every popular online casino game and its different variants.

The Filipino casinos are best to play with real money as it offers lucrative payouts, and deposits and withdrawals are swift.

Below is the list of the top games played in the Philippines.

Online Slots

Online slots are greatly enjoyed in the Philippines. Not only in that particular country, but slot machines are also hugely popular worldwide among gambling enthusiasts. Most online casinos offer free demo versions and the real money option so players can get used to the rules and gameplay before trying their luck in real money. There are various types of slot machines with chances to win mammoth jackpots, such as classic slots, progressive slots, and multi-paylines slots. Players quickly get attracted to slot games in Filipino casinos as their bonuses set them above the rest. The new players are flooded with prizes and bonuses upon signing up for a registered Philippine casino. Slot players may get an immediate welcome bonus that they can enjoy while real money gaming if the conditions are fulfilled. Alongside that, other bonuses such as no deposit bonus and free spins are applicable to various slot games.

The most famous slot game in the Philippines is the three-reel classic slot that features some fantastic games such as Scatters, Wilds, bonus games, and fruit-themed symbols. Netent’s Blood Suckers and Play’n Go’s Book Of Dead top the list of slot games’ popularity among the modern slots.

Online Blackjack

It is impossible that a hardcore online casino gamer has not tried their luck on blackjack ever. It is a universal favourite online game among online casinos worldwide, and the Philippines are no exception. The main reason blackjack is so popular is that it is easy to play with the simplest of rules. And to add to that, it offers better odds and a high return to player percentage. It is one of the most traditional and classic games of gambling, which requires almost no particular strategy or skills and winning relies mainly on chance. The rules say that you must create a hand value exceeding the dealer’s value without surpassing the score of 21.

Live Dealer Games

No matter what, live dealer games are always packed with intensity, thrill, and passion. And as it is the most engaging and authentic game, Pinoy gamblers love to bet their money on live gambling games online. Here, one can play with professional live dealers and enjoy similar to the real casino experience. The betting procedures and gameplay are identical to the other type of games. It allows a gambler to bet their money on a real-time roulette or blackjack game from the comfort of their home.

Now to speak of some of the most famous live dealer games, live baccarat, live roulette, and live blackjack expectedly top the list. The leading software providers for these games are Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming. The Philippines also have their own version of live blackjack. However, the rules are the same as the classical version of the game.

Sports Betting

The online casinos in the Philippines have a lot to offer sports connoisseurs as well. Sports betting can not be assessed as a casino game technically. Still, the best online casinos provide an online sportsbook for the players to bet on their favourite sports, sporting leagues, tournaments, Olympics, friendlies, World Cups, etc. The versions of betting can be distinct such as the match winner, points spread winner or the event or tournament winner.

The top sports preferred by Filipinos to bet on are horse racing, boxing, tennis, football, and PBA tournaments. One must know proper market terms such as Total Score, Correct Score, Asian Handicap, Winner, In-Play, etc. With every passing day, newer sports betting options are being introduced to Philippine casinos so that no sports better feel left out.

Online Roulette

Just as online blackjack, roulette is also enjoyed grandly in the world of online casinos, including the Philippines. The best part of playing online roulette, particularly on Filipino websites, is that they provide different varieties of online roulette, various features, wheel layouts, and bets. The famous variations of online roulette are European, American, and French roulette. The difference between them primarily relies on the table layouts.

Roulette is a simple game with easy rules to play. One only must know the rules to play, odds on distinct bets, and roulette variants, and they can win big even without any beforehand experience in this game. Choosing the outside bets for roulette will be a better option than the inside bets as winning chances increase that way.


The Philippines and their endless love for casinos and gambling never lessen. We have listed the top games and the broad categories that the Pinoys play the most. Going through the list, one can get an idea of the top 10 online games in the Philippines. The options to play are huge, and the wide variety of bonuses and promotions offered in these online casinos will surely attract anyone who enjoys online gambling. So, whether anyone is a Filipino or not, they can indeed be a joyous part of the online casino wave all over the country.

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