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The show we’re going to talk about today is everyone’s favorite and much-awaited season. Stranger Things Season 4 is available in two parts. The first volume premiered on July 1, 2022, and was available all over the world on May 27, 2022. Being an original production by Netflix means that in order to watch the show, a membership to the streaming service is required.

Stranger Things is a coming-of-age science fiction horror drama. The Duffer Brothers are not only the show’s creators but also its showrunners and executive producers. In charge of production are Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

The story of stranger things season1-3 circles around a group of friends who, after meeting Eleven, unravel the mysteries of their hometown of Hawkins and the supernatural forces that haunt its citizens. The first season premiered in July 2016, the second in October 2017, the third in July 2019, and the fourth as a two-parter in 2020.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is available on Netflix. The highly successful Netflix series is returning to our screens after an absence of nearly three years.

If we talk specifically about Netflix then it has a number of tremendous shows to watch some of our personal favorites are a terror on the prairie and when time got louder, stranger things, and many more on the list. People always say that the strangest part of finishing a new season of Stranger Things is trying to move on with your life. Although the fifth and final season of the Netflix hit has been confirmed, fans may have to wait a while for new episodes.


Stranger Things Season 4: Everything You Need To Know About

Season four takes place in the year 1986. Following Hopper’s death or disappearance at the end of Season 3, the gang has been divided in two, with Joyce having relocated to California with Will, Jonathan, and Eleven, whom she had taken under her care.

The bullying she endures at her new school and in her new environment makes it difficult for Eleven to adjust to life under her birth name, Jane. Will tries to assist her, but he is powerless due to their current location being far from Mike and Hopper. Eleven has been powerless throughout this entire ordeal. Season 4 has nine episodes that have been divided into Part 1 and Part 2. On May 27th, we received the first instalment. After that, on July 1st, we get the second half of Season 4.

Season 4 ended with a pair of feature-length episodes, so if you’re feeling lost in the wake of the finale, you can always transition into the long break by watching another show or movie with a similar vibe. There are many available like Elvis movie 2022 and baddies south online.

Will there be Season 5 Of Stranger Things?

On Tuesday, the writing staff of the Netflix series tweeted a picture with the caption “Day 1,” indicating that they had just begun working on Season 5. Showrunners the Duffer Brothers announced in February that Season 5 would be the last of the retro horror-thriller series streaming on Netflix.

They wrote, “Within the world of Stranger Things, there are still many more exciting stories to tell: new mysteries, new adventures, and new unexpected heroes.” According to Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr., when the Duffer Brothers pitched the final season to Netflix executives, the finale’s final 20 minutes primed the tear ducts of the executives.

Relatively recently, the brothers “Characters are going to be active, they’re going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel really different,” continued Matt Duffer. I expect the conclusion to be much more extensive, along the lines of “Return of the King,” with perhaps as many as eight possible resolutions.

Meanwhile, in its first 28 days on Netflix, Stranger Things Season 4 was viewed for a total of 1.352 billion hours. Even though the Korean epic Squid Game racked up 1.65B hours in its first 28 days, this is the most time anyone has spent watching an English-language show on the streamer. So although Stranger things season 4 Volume 2 only has two episodes, each is a full-length feature: The grand finale lasts 2hr:30 minutes, while episode eight is 1hr:20 minutes long.

Where To Watch Stranger Things season 4 other than Netflix

So,  let’s forward further and let us share with you Where to watch stranger things season 4 other than Netflix.

stranger things feature

Seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix for anyone who wants to relive the nostalgia or catch up. Here we are sharing with you some platforms where to watch stranger things season 4 other than Netflix. Do have a look below:

 1. Telegram

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We can watch movies of the highest quality on Telegram with such great ease.  Any movie you want to watch is available on Telegram, and the most important thing is there is no pricey monthly fee required. Getting a movie download from Telegram is as easy as installing the app, choosing a channel, and tapping the download button.

Thus, the Telegram folder is where the movie will end up being downloaded. Any film you want to see is now available on one of the many movie channels offered by Telegram. Aside from that, you can watch the latest episode of Stranger Things on any of the available Telegram channels.

2. MyFlixer

You can watch a wide variety of movies in high definition on MyFlixer. On any of the platforms, you don’t have to pay a penny to watch it. MyFlixer is the place to go if you want to watch the most recent movies.

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 3. Cmovies HD

Cmovies hd images

If you’re looking for a place to go to watch free movies online without having to sign up, CmoviesHD is your best bet. Watch the newest movies in stunning high definition on CmoviesHD. I can tell you can’t wait to see First Kill. Therefore, why delay? Test out the streaming service now.

That’s all with where to watch stranger things season 4 other than netflix.

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Is Stranger Things season 4 Streaming on Netflix?

stranger thing

Netflix is a video-streaming service that, for a monthly fee, gives its subscribers access to a library of movies and television shows. Simply link your device to Netflix, then download and save your shows to watch later when you’re not online. Netflix hosts the second disc of the fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

Oscar Movies, India News National, and a slew of other channels can be accessed through it. If you’re thinking about signing up for it, here’s some information.


  • The monthly cost of a Basic subscription is $9.99.
  • A monthly fee of $15.99 is required for a Standard subscription.
  • Monthly premium memberships cost $19.99.

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Stranger Things Season 5: The release date of Stranger Things 5

Well, there is no official announcement till now regarding the release date of stranger things season 5. We can assume that it will surely be announced soon by the makers of the stranger things. Till then stay tuned.



Q1. Is stranger things available anywhere other than Netflix?

Yes, we have mentioned above some platforms where to watch stranger things other than Netflix.

Q2. Is Stranger things available on Disney plus?

No, Disney plus does not include stranger things on its list of shows.

Q3. How many long stranger things season 4 episodes?

The video for Stranger Things 4 will run for 60 minutes.

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Wrapping Up!

We hope this guide has been helpful in knowing where to watch  Stranger Things season 4 other than Netflix. we really hope you like our work. Do share your views with us and comment in the comment section. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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