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For any business to grow, it needs to attract more customers. This can only be achieved using an effective marketing strategy. A marketing mix is an essential component of any marketing strategy. It ensures that your customers know and understand why your product or service is better than your competition’s.

Here is everything you need to know about the marketing mix and how you can use it to attract more customers to your business.

What is a marketing mix?

While businesses and brands have always used different marketing tools to advertise and promote their products, the term marketing mix only existed in the mid-20th-century.

Marketing mix refers to different elements used by a business to ensure their product or service is displayed to the right audience at the right time and in the right price range. A marketing mix is also referred to as the 4P elements used in marketing: product, promotion, price, and place.

Why the marketing mix is important

A marketing mix gives your business a roadmap to get to your business objectives. It ensures you remain on track by keeping your customers at the center of your marketing strategies. The right marketing mix for your business ensures that you market the right products to the right people at the best price and time.

How to use the marketing mix to get more customers

To use a marketing mix successfully to attract more customers, you need to understand how to incorporate the 4Ps into your marketing strategy.

Before using the marketing mix, you need to ensure that your product serves the customers’ needs. Take time to understand your client base’s needs and ensure you formulate a product that addresses these needs. This data can be used later to develop a marketing campaign to tell potential clients what the product can do for them. You also need to ensure the speed of your website. It is an important element in building a relationship with the client. If the site is slow, a lot of people will leave the site with unpleasant memories. Therefore, consider optimizing your website, for example, you can move your website to a proven MySQL hosting which should make your website faster. This, in turn, will certainly translate into a good user experience with the website. As we mentioned before, fast website is a staple in today’s world.

Learning about your client’s needs is also important for developing the right marketing mix for your business.


You need to identify the service or product you want to market to attract customers. While this may sound obvious, it is crucial to identify one product or service to market to develop your marketing strategy around it. Even if you have a wide range of products under your brand, you need to apply the marketing mix separately to each product for maximum effectiveness.

For instance, if you supply 5 different products, they will appeal to different clients. Therefore, creating your marketing strategy for every product ensures you maximize your marketing by placing these different products in front of as many potential clients as possible.


Even with the best product, it is impossible to make profits if your customers and target audience do not know it exists. Once your product is in development, you should start setting up a promotion and marketing plan to create awareness of the product even before it launches. Your product marketing concepts should appeal to your target audience by communicating how the product seeks to serve them.

The primary goal of promoting your product is to create awareness and drive sales. While there are countless marketing strategies for promoting a product, sales promotion, advertising, and public relations are the most important ones.

Based on your target audience and product, your marketing strategy can incorporate different promotional channels, including methods such as direct marketing and digital marketing. To reach your customer base, Aweber is a great email marketing service that you can use to send out targeted ads and promotional material to your target audience. This is a good platform where you can send emails in bulk. The marketing methods you use should align with your business model and ensure balance through targeted marketing.


Part of creating an effective marketing strategy to attract clients is to know where to find your target audience. Learn the types of stores and social platforms your target market frequents and work to create brand awareness in these places. If you run an eCommerce business, ensure you list it on different retail platforms where your customer base usually shops. This will maximize brand visibility and ensure you market your product to the right demographic.


To attract customers to your business, you need to offer the best prices. To determine the best price for your product, you can conduct market research to set a proper valuation for your product or service. Your valuation should be based on collected economic data that includes target market spending habits and their ideal budget for such a product. If you are trying to build an exclusive and luxurious brand reputation, you can consider raising your product price to appeal to this clientele.


The elements in the marketing mix are not static. To ensure the continued success of your marketing strategy, you need to revisit it and make adjustments to meet current market demands. As your product market share grows, the promotion and place strategies you implement should change to ensure you keep reaching a broader customer base.

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