how to use bereal app?

We have access to a sizable selection of social sharing apps, and BeReal is also one of them but they all share one characteristic in common: we may choose what we want to share with the world. Whether in a TikTok video or an Instagram photo dump, we may take our time and reflect on this. With the popularity going on among people regarding this app people are more curious to know each and everything about BeReal app like what is beReal app? how to use beReal app? how does it work, and more?

Alexis Barreyat’s creation BeReal asks people to stop curating and just, you know, be real. What if social media was different? Is the question posed in its digital ad? BeReal is still a social photo-sharing app, but it no longer offers features like likes, filters, and followers that the other social media competitors like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat prioritize. Here in this article, we are sharing with you how to use BeReal app? 

In order to encourage consistency and honesty, users instead take a daily photo of exactly what they are doing at a random moment (to a degree). According to the French business, the app prioritizes “no bullshit” and portrays itself as “uncontrollable”—however that may land with you. Perhaps it sounds complicated, but this is a guide on using BeReal. You can then decide if this sharing approach is the best one for you. keeping all these things in mind we decided to share with you details regarding how to use beReal app? and below we will discuss with you how to use BeReal app?


 How To Use BeReal App?

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Below we are going to share with you some steps about how to use BeReal App?  To start with how to use beReal app the first step is to create an account. Let’s get started.

  1. Create an account on beReal

The application BeReal is available for both Android and iPhone. To create an account on BeReal first download the app from the playstore and in case of iPhone from app store.  After the app is downloaded you can enter your phone number, birth date, Full name, and username to create an account.

The second step in the process of how to use beReal app is? Let’s have a look.

  1. Make Friends

The programme will ask you to access your contacts after you log in so you may add pals. You can select Don’t Allow to prevent the app from accessing your contacts if your friends do not use the app.

The third and most important step in the process of how to use beReal app? let’s discuss.


  1. Take a photo and upload it

As soon as you establish an account, the application prompts you to take a picture. You’ll receive a notice asking you to take a picture. Within two minutes, click the notification to capture two photos (with the front and back cameras).

Then, provide a caption and decide whether you want it to be visible to everyone or just your friends. To post it, click Send. The Memories section, which you can access by clicking on the user symbol in the top-right corner of the homepage, will contain all the photos you shoot.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that, despite what it might appear like, this app does not function like Snapchat. This implies that there is neither a streak to break nor a score to raise. You won’t be able to view your friends’ BeReals if you don’t upload a photo every day.

In the application’s Discovery section, you can view the BeReal of others. Click the emoji in the lower-left corner of the post to respond to them.

The fourth and another important step of how to use beReal app? is how to delete the beReal account.

  1. Get Rid of Your BeReal

Unhappy with the picture you posted? You can get rid of it. However, BeReal limits you to deleting just one image per day. To delete my BeReal, click on the image. Select the reason why you want to delete your BeReal in the following dialogue, then press Delete.

The last step in the process of how to use beReal app? is discussed below.

  1. See Where Your Friends Are

Finally, there is a map that resembles Snapchat and lets you see where your friends are around the globe. Your pals won’t be able to find you, though, unless you grant the app permission to see your location, as this function is optional.

That’s it with the steps about how to use BeReal app?

Who Is Using BeReal App? And What Is BeReal app Used For?

how to use bereal app?

Along with how to use beReal app let’s now share with you who is using beReal app and what is beReal app used for. The software fills a void where conventional platforms would have lagged behind by facilitating true expression and connection. BeReal has been downloaded 7.41 million times as of this writing. And the fact that Gen Z accounts for the majority of these downloads is not surprising to us.

The genuine and unplanned nature of the app is drawing the attention of a younger demographic audience, much to TikTok’s early days. In France, where BeReal’s headquarters are located, 80% of iOS users as of February 2022 are in the 16–24 age range. Furthermore, 30% of all downloads of the software are made by French users. The US, Spain, UK, Denmark, and Mexico account for a large share of the users outside of France who is driving the app’s Q1 2022 growth.

And despite the app’s December 2019 launch, word-of-mouth advertising on college campuses has helped it this year garner the majority of its lifetime downloads (65 percent, to be exact). BeReal is managing an ambassador programme made up of a group of college students in order to increase their brand awareness, reputation, and growth among Gen Zers in the US.

BeReal college ambassadors, per the app, “organise parties, manage a marketing budget, discover critical campus events for us to become involved, represent BeReal’s vision, and execute innovative activations.”


Q1. What is BeReal app?

Users of the social media site BeReal are required to post one unedited selfie each day. It is meant to inspire people to be more authentic, as opposed to trying to present their best selves. Due to the growing popularity of this software Though it took some getting used to, we decided to utilize the app BeReal and are now really enjoying it. BeReal, an initiative by Alexis Barreyat, urges people to stop curating and simply show up as they are in this moment. This picture-based app is Snapchat without filters and Instagram without editing.

For more detail click on the link: What Is BeReal? | What Is Bereal App? | Here’s Complete Details

Q2. Is BeReal app safe?

Yes, BeReal is a secure app that may be used by users of all ages. Even though this app’s functionality has a few bugs, it is typically secure and available to all users. The BeReal programme prevents you from sending or receiving messages from your connections, removing possibly hazardous aspects or harmful communication dangers from its operation.

Furthermore, BeReal does not allow you to communicate with any individual profiles or followers, relieving you of any security concerns or blunders. Because the application is solely for users who are at least 13 years old, you must use it responsibly and only allow your contacts and friends access to your account.

The app notifies your friends and connections if you intend to post images at a late hour while still at work or school. Sending your intimate images poses one of the biggest security concerns. It can be a little disconcerting because you must be unaware that you are revealing your whereabouts to your friends and connections.

Q3. How to post on Bereal?

First of all, the app will give you a time limit of 2 minutes when you first launch it. You must simultaneously take your image under the same two minutes. He will take a photo of you at that moment, regardless of how messy your hair is or whether you have thrown torn old garments inside the house itself.

Both the rear and back cameras on your device will be used to snap your picture. You will be prompted to decide whether or not to post the image after clicking it. Afterward, you post it.

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Bottom Line

BeReal is merely the most recent in a lengthy line of well-liked initiatives to escape the demands of social media…through social media. This software gives each of us the chance to present the real you without any reluctance in a society where there is pressure to be perfect.  Above mentioned article gives you complete and detailed information regarding how to use BeReal app. With this, we’ll put an end to our post on  how to use BeReal app? 

We sincerely hope you will appreciate our effort. Please let us know by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to comment, like, and share. Do like our article about how to use BeReal app. Stay healthy and safe until then.


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