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Do you aspire to earn a medical degree abroad from a recognized medical school? Caribbean medical schools might be the best choice for you. 

But wondering how to make sure that you are looking at the best Caribbean medical schools? Read on to find out the basic criterias to look out for when you are choosing your school. 

  1. Find out about the certification of the school 

There are many schools in the Caribbean, but not all of them are qualified to make it to your list of excellent educators. Several of them do not hold the necessary accreditation that is mandatory for a credible medical education. Without the right accreditation, students cannot seek residencies during their medical education, or even earn a medical license at the end of the program to work as a physician in the U.S. 

After students graduate from a Caribbean medical school, they need to earn certification from the ECFMG, also known as the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. This is the most popular and trusted path for seeking a residency for medical students in the US because it allows students to partake in the National Residency Matching Program. 

For most Caribbean medical schools, certification requirements include taking examinations as well as obtaining a degree meeting the standards of the ECFMG. To know more about it, look up the World Directory of Medical Schools and take notes. 

  1. Are there any specific prerequisites for studying in Caribbean medical schools?

Applying to any school on an international level is definitely a long and challenging process. However, applying in Caribbean medical schools is very different from their counterparts in the United States. 

Most medical schools in the Caribbean offer rolling admissions, meaning that admissions are not limited to only one time per year, but quite a few times during the year. 

There is no right way to answer if you are looking at the right school or not. Focus on the course of your choice and make a selection considering that as well. However, don’t go for schools who accept unusually low GPAs. 

  1. How to ensure that I am looking at the right medical school?

The best way to answer this question is simply through research. Make sure you research as much as possible before coming to any decisions. Reaching out to school help desks and asking them about their programs is a good place to start. When the basics are all checked, look deeper into important areas like residency match rates, how many students qualified for the USMLE exams in the past etc. 

Spend a lot of time on the school’s website and take notes to remember everything. Some schools even list residency appointments right on their websites. Not just that. They also include exam performances etc. If you are looking for some very specific information, contact the admissions department directly. 

  1. Does the Carribean medical school accept federal loans?

Medical school expenses are not only limited to its tuition fee. It’s a long and heavy loan requirement, which is why most students try to seek federal funding or federal loans for their medical education. 

The Federal Student Aid List offers a list of all international medical schools that are recognized by the American Federal Students Loan Programs. Even though this list will offer you a clear outline, make sure to look up each school’s program thoroughly regarding its funding schemes. Another very credible sources to rely on are grants and scholarships. 

If your research has answered these basic but crucial questions, then you may put your search to an end. Select what’s best for you and enroll yourself today!

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