how to do apple coverage check for iphone

Do you love using iPhone? If yes then you must be looking for how to do apple coverage check for iPhone. Apple iPhones come with one-year warranty coverage and 90 days of extended technical support from the company. Hardware repairs or a new battery are covered by this policy.

Starting on the day you acquired AppleCare+, this coverage is extended for an extra three years. Accidental damage is also covered by AppleCare+, up to a maximum of two incidents per year. AppleCare+ with Theft or Loss is an option if you’re concerned about your device being stolen or lost. With this package, you’ll have access to a new gadget.

You’ll learn how to do apple coverage check for iPhone,  in this article. In order to get coverage for your new, iPhone you must have evidence of purchase within 60 days of purchase. In addition to the option of purchasing AppleCare+, Apple products come with a one-year warranty that covers hardware repairs.

All Apple products come with a warranty plan; you may review the advantages of this plan for your specific device on the Apple support website.


How To do Apple Coverage Check For iPhone- 3 Best Methods To Check

Cover iPhone Coverage 1

All iPhones come with a one-year warranty as standard, per Apple’s policy. Here are a few ways to see if your iPhone is still covered by its original manufacturer’s warranty:

Method 1: Navigate Your iPhone’s System Settings.

 1: Open Settings and select General from the drop-down menu.

 2: Select About and scroll down to the section labeled “Coverage.”

 3: Select “Serial Number” From The Drop-Down Menu


Method 2: Using the Coverage Check Apple’s website for more information.

 1: Open Your Mobile Device’s Settings.

 2: Copy And Paste The Serial Number

 3: Enter the code and click on continue to complete the process.


Method 3: Through The Apple Support App

 1: Start by downloading the app and selecting “Device Details”

 2: Verify Insurance Coverage

These methods mentioned above will help you to know how to do an apple coverage check for iPhone.


How To do Apple Coverage Check For Airpods?

Cover iPhone Coverage 2

As long as the issue is covered by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, you won’t have to pay for any service.

A damaged battery is covered by the Apple Limited Warranty, but regular wear and tear are not. We’ll replace your battery for free if it has a manufacturing problem and is still covered by our warranty. The cost of replacing your battery if your service is not covered is available.

For an out-of-warranty cost, you can have your AirPods repaired or replaced if they are damaged in any way. If you’ve misplaced your AirPods, we can provide a replacement for a charge.

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What is covered under the iPhone warranty?

The one-year Apple warranty that every client receives covers manufacturing defects and issues with your device in the event that it becomes unusable during that time.

Accidental damage to the gadget and faults caused by external and internal modifications are not covered by this one-year warranty. Things covered under Apple’s guarantee include:

Deficiencies in iPhone battery production.

Flaws in the home screen, water damage, and manufacturing faults in the phone accessories.

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 How long can you purchase AppleCare after purchasing the product?

Within 60 days after your phone’s purchase, you can upgrade your protection plan to include AppleCare. Go to Settings to find out how much time you have remaining. You’ll see a message on the screen letting you know how many days are left until you need to buy AppleCare.

Does A Cracked Screen Cover Under AppleCare?

Yes, AppleCare will cover a cracked screen, but only if you have the AppleCare+ extended subscription. If your screen is cracked, you’ll have to pay a fee as well. Apple’s 1-year warranty service will cover any damage caused by a manufacturing defect.

If you don’t have AppleCare+ for two years, you’ll be on the hook for a costly repair bill if your screen gets damaged or breaks.

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Wrapping Up!

Here are a few methods for determining how to do apple coverage checks for iPhone. If you found this information helpful, please like and share it with your friends and colleagues. Other articles on Apple can be found by clicking on the following links. Keep an eye out for additional helpful hints and hacks in the future.

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