Best Fan Control Software For Windows

In the long run, you need to make sure your hardware is still performing well. Performance drops off if your laptop overheats. As a result, make sure your laptop’s fan is functioning properly and adjusting to the demands of any workload, no matter how light or heavy.

This is why many manufacturers now include fan-control software in their notebooks. But there are still plenty of notebooks out there without this pre-installed software. The question then comes is how to regulate the operation of the fan in your laptop.

Can’t find the fan-control software on the manufacturer’s website? Cancel your worries! If you want to reduce your laptop overheating and boost its performance, try these 13 best fan control software for windows. 

What Is Fan Control Software?

Amazingly, the computer can tell on its own that its internal components are overheating and that cooling them down is necessary. Because of the motherboard’s built-in sensing components. In contrast, the sensors have no control over the computer’s fan speed.

If you want to manage the speed at which your computer’s fan spins, you can do so with the help of special software with the appropriate name. The electric fan’s rotational speed is controlled by this device. When a laptop fan becomes abnormally loud, the software used to manage its speed can help us determine if there is a problem with the fan or not. We have discovered the trigger for a computer’s fan to activate.

13 Best Fan Control Software For Windows

13 Best Fan Control Software For Windows 1 1

Before we can adjust the fan’s speed, there are a few pieces of software we should be familiar with. Below we have mentioned the 13 best fan control software for windows. Do have a look:

1. Speed fan

speed fan crop

SpeedFan, available for no cost, is a popular tool for regulating fan speed. With its built-in sensors, it can determine the hard drive’s and other hardware’s temperatures and present that data to you in an understandable format. In addition to monitoring hardware temperature, it can also report fan speed and voltage.

SpeedFan makes use of this data to put the user in a command.  and it is one of the 13 best fan control software for windows. To get the most out of your laptop, you can adjust the speed at which the fan spins.

2. Easy Tune 5

easy tune 5

Windows users can download EasyTune 5, a useful program developed by Microsoft that comes at no cost. As far as computer programs go, it’s incredibly basic and takes up a whole lot of space. Altering the fan speed outside of BIOS is now possible with this program.

The system health can be monitored conveniently with this software that adjusts the fan speed, and it is recommended that the fan be kept at 60oS (full speed).

The CPU fan and the NorthBridge Chipset’s cooling fan can be tracked with the included SmartFan feature. The software allows the user to adjust the settings to achieve the desired level of fan performance.

3. NoteBook Fan Control

note book fan control. jpg

The software fan control service NoteBook FanControl is available for free on multiple platforms. It lets you choose a model from a library of available options on your laptop and then apply it.

Notebook FanControl’s interface is uncomplicated and easy to use. Those working with Linux can make their own setup, even though it comes preconfigured only for the most recent Windows releases. View the list of compatible notebooks and laptops.

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4. Argus Monitor

argus monster jpg

Argus Monitor is an incredibly reliable tool that is one of the 13 best fan control software for windows. Using this program, you can set the fan speed to whatever you like. It’s a lightweight and simple-to-operate piece of software. The 30-day trial period is the program’s only drawback. After that, a license key is required to keep using all of its great functions.

The primary function of this program is to monitor the status of the hard drive and provide information about the HDD’s temperature. Using it, you can fine-tune the system fan’s speed and performance.

5. Zotac Firestorm

firestorm spectra main jpg

ZOTAC Firestorm is free software for Windows that allows you to manage the speed of your computer’s cooling fan. Even though it’s not the most sophisticated program out there, it does the job of controlling the speed of your fans. This free program allows you to adjust the speed at which your computer’s fan spins.

There are some drawbacks to this program, but they are minor and hardly noticeable. The final product of this software does not live up to the lofty expectations set by its creators. This program is compatible with Windows 7 and later.

It does a system check and reports back data like temperature, clock speed, fan speed, etc. As was previously stated, the fan’s speed can be adjusted to your preferences. Nvidia graphics card fans can also be monitored and adjusted with this software’s help. When it comes to freeware, this computer fan controller is among the best you can find.

6. HW Monitor

HW Monitor jpg

HW Monitor is yet another excellent free program for managing fan speeds. This program was developed specifically for Windows and is a straightforward method of controlling your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) fans. One can monitor the CPU fan speed in addition to the speeds of three cabinet fans. Maximum and minimum speeds for the aforementioned central processing unit fan and three cabinet fans are displayed.

The results of the fan’s velocity can be saved as a TXT file, just like in Open Hardware Monitor. The greatest benefit of this fan speed controller is that it allows us to monitor the voltage of the motherboard as well as the temperatures of the hard drive, graphics processing unit (GPU), and other processor cores.

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7. CAM

CAM is limitless software that monitors fan speed and displays other system data. The chipset, motherboard maker, chipset name, and CPU model can all be seen. It is one of the 13 best fan control software for windows.

Furthermore, CAM can be used during gameplay to monitor parameters like CPU speed, CPU temperature, and GPU temperature in real-time. Features like screencasting and a night mode are just two examples of the unique functionality that this fan speed control software brings to the table.

8. Wise System Monitor

wise monitor 1.0

The intelligent system monitor isn’t just an easy-to-use tracking app, but it can also be used to regulate the CPU fan’s rotational speed. The Wise system Monitor has benefits and drawbacks just like any other device.
The software has a flaw in that it cannot monitor or adjust the cabinet’s ventilation. But it can be used to monitor the temperature of the GPU.

System processes, CPU frequency, temperature, voltage, etc. Besides regulating fan speeds, this software can be used to inspect a wide range of hardware parameters, including thread count, sound card information, graphics card memory, random access memory (RAM) frequency, and more. Don’t overthink it; just use this program without shelling out any cash.



HWiNFO is an all-inclusive freemium program that analyzes, monitors, and reports hardware data, making it ideal for controlling fans. The interface is flexible and allows for constant tracking.

Beyond advanced analysis, monitoring, and report generation, HWiNFO Pro provides even more useful tools. The Pro license allows for commercial use, as well as access to a plethora of automation features.

HWiNFO makes it simple to modify the CPU and processor fan speeds. All of your hardware’s vital statistics, such as CPU/GPU temperature, fan speed, processing power, RAM usage, etc., are easily viewable.

10. Easy Tune


Gigabyte Technology’s EasyTune software manages your hardware and is available at no cost. It’s Windows-based and provides access to a wide range of hardware settings for fine-tuning performance and it is one of the 13 best fan control software for windows. 

Overclocking for increased performance, an intelligent accelerator for the central processing unit (CPU), an intelligent booster for the RAM, Smart-Fan control for regulating the speed of the fans on the CPU, and North-Bridge Chipset, health monitoring, etc., are just a few of its many features. You can choose between Easy Mode and Advanced Mode depending on your skill level and needs.

11. Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control is a good choice if you need software to manage your Mac’s fans. Macs Fan Control is an easy-to-use app that displays the current CPU temperature and allows you to adjust the fan speed. It comes in the list of 13 best fan control software for windows.

The software can be used to adjust the speed of your MacBook’s fans regardless of whether you’re running Windows or Mac OS X on your Mac. You can adjust the speed of the CPU fan and keep an eye on its temperature alongside sensors for tracking the temperatures of your hard drive, solid-state drive, and main processing unit.

12. TG Pro

Best Fan Control Software For Windows


If you’re using a Mac, TG Pro is a must-have for managing your fans and keeping tabs on your hardware.

You can check the temperature of your CPU or GPU, the speed of its fans, the condition of its batteries, how well they perform, and more. Controlling the speed of the fans can be done either manually or automatically with TG Pro. Automatic fan control and rapid cooling are included.

Performance alerts and reports can be emailed to you. Also, for optimal cooling and performance, you can optimize your MacBook by setting a specific RPM value for the fan. Macs Fan Control is the best free option for controlling fans on macOS because there aren’t many other options.

13. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor 2.0

When it comes to controlling the speed of your computer’s fans, Open Hardware Monitor is the non-proprietary option. In addition to monitoring the speed of the fans in your cabinet, you can also keep tabs on the temperature and clock speed of your computer’s inner workings, including the central processing unit (CPU), memory (RAM), and hard drive. Surprisingly, if you are a gamer, your PC probably has a graphics card.

This CPU fan control also displays the temperature of the graphics card. Though this program couldn’t track the speed of the graphics card’s fan. When you’re done tracking the speed of each essential component, you can export your data as a Text file.

Not only is this program simple to operate, but it can also be used with a variety of the current tracking chips found on modern motherboards.

So, these are the 13 best fan control software for windows.

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Are Laptop Fans Running at Full Speed Bad?

Limiting your laptop’s useful life by constantly cranking up the fan speed can be harmful. If your fan isn’t doing its job, excess heat isn’t being removed from the chassis as quickly as it needs to be, which can shorten the life of your device.

The lifespan of a laptop is largely determined by the amount of force applied to it and the quality of its support system. Purchasing quality laptop fan control software is a surefire way to increase their longevity.

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Wrapping Up

Numerous excellent applications exist for managing fans. All of them have their own set of benefits and methods of use. The main goal of any fan controller, however, is to regulate fan speed for maximum efficiency. So, that is all about the 13 best fan control software for windows. We really hope you like our work.

Do share your views with us. Don’t forget to comment below. Till then stay safe and stay healthy.

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