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Health requirements change and evolve as we age, but as our bodies slow down, it doesn’t mean we’re destined for a life of ill health. Taking an active interest in personal health once you hit your seventies ensures you can make the most of your golden years. Even if you feel you’ve not been the best at self-care in past years, it’s never too late to start. Here we’ll take a look at ways to look after your health beyond 70 to get you on the right track.


Here are the 7 Ways To Look After Your Health Beyond Your 70th Birthday


1. Exercise

The media loves to report stories of people in their 90s doing things like weekly rock climbs or doing their first parachute jump, which is terrific. However, the reality is most people aren’t physically able to be so adventurous late in life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate gentle exercise into your daily routine and take advantage of the associated health benefits. Walking is wonderful, while swimming is an excellent no-impact option. Keep an eye out for senior exercise groups and classes and make it a social occasion.

2. Stay Social

It’s hard watching a friendship group dwindle in numbers as the years go by. Pushing yourself to find new social circles and activities feels hard, but the benefits of staying actively social far outweigh the discomfort. Isolation can sneak up on people of any age, leading to feelings of sadness, depression, and loneliness. Pushing through impending isolation to stay social and meet new people will keep these negative feelings at bay and improve mental health.

3. Personal Medical Alert System

The thought of not being able to stay in your own home can be a scary thought; after all, it’s your comfortable place. If you feel your health may be beginning to impede your independence, but you’re still otherwise capable, a personal medical alerts system gives peace of mind. Should something happen when you’re alone, help is the press of a button away. There are options for in the home and when you’re out, ensuring usage is tailored to your individual needs.

4. Diet

Turning seventy isn’t a blank cheque to forget eating well. As we age, our required daily calorie intake reduces, making it essential to avoid empty calories in sugary foods. Opting for an environmentally friendly plant-based diet has several health benefits, such as reducing the intake of harmful saturated fats. If you’ve always eaten a traditional meat-heavy diet, reducing your consumption to a few days a week is still beneficial without being a shock to the system. 

5. Vaccines

Common viruses that are easier to shake off for younger people become harder to overcome with age; as such, it’s vital to get annual boosters of vaccines for things like Flu and Covid-19. Even with boosters, where possible, avoiding places with known breakouts will help contain the spread and protect you from the possibility of transmission. The inconvenience of a slightly sore arm far outweighs a prolonged hospital stay for a preventable disease.

6. Hearing

More people over the age of 65 experience some form of hearing loss than not. Regular hearing checks to monitor for changes to hearing will identify anything before it becomes problematic. If significant hearing loss is detected, ignoring it won’t prevent it and will be detrimental to life and relationships. Instead, talk to your audiologist about suitable hearing aids. Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically in recent years, meaning most people with hearing loss now benefit from their use. 

7. Eyesight

Early research suggests a link between vision loss from conditions such as cataracts and the onset of dementia. It’s postulated that the cause is less natural light being able to filter through the optical nerve to the brain, disrupting the circadian rhythm. Even without this risk, looking after your eye health is essential to continued overall health, but with age, these factors become more relevant. Regular eye checks will allow for early identification and treatment of issues, as well as ensure that any existing glasses prescriptions stay current. 

8. Enjoy Life

One of the best things anyone can do for themselves is to find joy in their lives. Try to do something every day that brings you joy and happiness. Your outlook on life will stay positive, making difficult periods easier to deal with and mental health to remain good.

Turning 70 years old doesn’t mean you now must sit in a recliner and watch the world go by past the window. Taking steps to look after your health later in life will make those years happy and fulfilling. 

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