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Cats are extremely proud of their appearance and are often high-maintenance. They require a grooming routine which is important for their healthy development.

Pampering your cat may feel exhausting sometimes, but there are proven benefits to it. Grooming can help enhance their circulation, smoothens their fur to provide better insulation, keeps them cool and fresh in high temperatures, etc.

As cats are becoming popular pets, more and more people are adopting better techniques and essentials for their cat’s grooming. To support this statement, research claims that 17% of cats are insured in the USA. Now that already tells you how important their pets are for their owners.

Further, people are also investing in products that can help them with this process. If you’re one of them, you can explore some and buy cat supplies at PETstock – their products are extremely reliable and are also cost-friendly!

Now, let’s dive into 6 essentials required to groom a cat:

1. Begin with the grooming routine when they are young

Cats have a habit of getting pampered by their mother cats when they are of tender age. This makes them more accepting of getting groomed by their owners.

You can accustom your older cat to these grooming sessions by putting in more effort, but it’s easier and more adaptable when you begin with these sessions while they are young.

2. Use brushes to keep their furry coats neat and tidy

Brushing should be done on a regular basis, as part of their pampering routine. This step is all the more crucial if your cat has long fur.

Apart from keeping their bodies clean, brushing also helps remove dirt or any other unwanted organisms from their body. Further, it also helps in untangling the knots in their fur and in the circulation of healthy oils throughout their coats.

There are various ways by which you can carry out this tip like you can employ a metal comb for loosening the dead hair. While brushing their body, be gentle around their face, chest, and belly.

3. Use bathing materials for a good bath

Fill a tub with water at a shallow level. Barring their face and head, pour water gradually over their body. Begin with lathering the neck, with a safe shampoo specially manufactured for cats. Thereafter, pour water over their body and thoroughly remove the froth.

Make sure to dry them properly with a towel. Some cats dislike water touching their bodies, so make sure to bathe them when they are calm and composed. You can also use a dry shampoo to give them a bath.

4. Cleanse their ears with a cat ear cleanser

While bathing your cats, examine their ears and ear canals for any redness or unwanted secretions. For clearing the ear canals, use a cat ear cleanser and properly follow the directions that come with it.

Use cotton balls to remove the cleanser and other particles, but watch out for the Q-tips to avoid any damage to the ears.

5. Clip their claws with a nail trimmer

Overgrowth of nails can lead to serious mishaps and cause injuries. So, it’s always important to have your cat’s nails leveled and clean.

Before you try to trim their nails, make sure that you make them comfortable with you touching their paws over a couple of weeks.

Once you feel they are ready to have their nails clipped, using a nail trimmer gently push their paws out and carry out the process.

6. Employ positive reinforcements

Before you embark on the journey of grooming your cats, make this experience a happy and fruitful one for them by giving them treats and rewards.

They will gradually start grasping that these treats are making the grooming difficulties bearable. Thereafter, it will be easier for them to go through all the processes willingly.

Over to you…

While employing the above-mentioned essentials for their pampering, make sure you check their bodies for any signs of infection or skin issues. In case, you come across something unusual, make sure to get it checked by a veterinarian.

As overwhelming as all this might seem, it’s also equally fun. So, follow all the directions safely and enjoy grooming your cats!

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