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Americbuzz Has Daily 1.5- 2.1k Unique Visitors. We are always in the search of Contributors to Join. if you are well experienced with Quotes & Captions, Entertainment, Travel guides and Want to Publish your article with us. You are Always Welcome. We would be appreciated to Hear From You.


The Given information Must Follow all your Questions related to the Submission Process and the Type of Content we Actually Want.

Our Topic of Writing categories:

We Accept Content Related to Given Categories Such as

1. Quotes & Captions
2. Entertainment 
3. Travel Guide

4. Technology


Americbuzz Guest Posting Guidelines

The importance of Submitting a Guest Post Depends on Quality Content. we will only accept those content that is informative. we won’t accept those content that is promotional. your content must be engaging and interesting also provide some value to our readers. The main goal of Updatepedia is to make the user stay connected with us.

Article Length:

The Article Length Must be 800+ words. it should be completely researched and written in such a way so our readers can enjoy and get some knowledge. your article should be optimized with keywords so that the search engine can understand it easily. make sure your article meets minimum conditions with maximum results.

Article Topic:

Choosing a proper topic that is related to the blog is a very important thing that will help your article publish faster. ensure that article is related to our given categories.

Please Don’t Send irrelevant Articles, They won’t be published.

External Link:

it will be fine if you put a link to your Own Blog if it is relevant. we only allow putting one Do-Follow Link and it must be Pointing to your Own Blog.

Sell Stuff:

if you are looking for a sponsored post opportunity, then please mail us at [email protected]


Your Article Should be Powerful and Engaging. if you want to look out for some examples please check out our blog for excellent examples.

Write For Readers:

Please write your article in such a way that shows your own character and experience. in this way, our readers can easily understand the subject.


images and videos are the most important part of the article. They can easily grab the attention of any viewer. don’t forget to include appropriate images or videos, infographics.

No Affiliate Link:

please don’t put any affiliate Link in an article as this is against our Guidelines.


Last but Not Least. Article Must Be Unique and Not Copied from Somewhere. the article should not have any grammatical mistakes. if we fount that your article is copied we won’t publish it.

How to Submit an Article?

Contact us at [email protected]

  • Subject (Guest Post or Advertising)
  • Topics Ideas
  • and Website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.