Why Is Tiktok Asking For My Birthday? | 3 Hacks To Fix The Glitch Now!

Why Is Tiktok Asking For My Birthday? | 3 Hacks To Fix The Glitch Now!

If you have ever created a social media account then you must have filled in personal information in that. It’s a standard procedure but if I already have an account why is tiktok asking for my birthday now? It has come in the wake of some incidents that were reported where young TikTok users were seen participating in adult trends and getting seriously and fatally injured.

It resulted in outrage against the platform and its safety guidelines and in response, TikTok decided to revamp its process to verify user age. So, this is the real answer to why is tiktok asking for my birthday, the app is just trying to protect its user base by monitoring the different age groups.

If you see a TikTok message where the app is asking you to confirm your age then simply put in your age and move on but if it is constantly creeping up on the screen then you can logout out of the app and log back in, uninstall and reinstall the app, or contact customer support for help.

Why Is TikTok Asking For My Birthday?

why is tiktok asking for my birthday

So, why is tiktok asking for my birthday? Recently TikTok faced a lot of backlashes after two young girls lost their lives while trying to attempt a TikTok challenge. Usually, these challenges are harmless but sometimes some users take it up a notch and go the extra mile to get a few more likes.

These trends are then followed by all kinds of users and when young children who have no experience or guidance while doing these challenges try them out the results are usually serious and sometimes fatal. The same thing happened when two girls tried to do a TikTok challenge and ended up losing their lives.

Their parents sued TikTok and asked the app to take responsibility for the content on the app and in a snowball effect, many users protested against TikTok with some asking for its ban. So, why is tiktok asking for my birthday? Because it’s now trying to be more strict with age verification on the app.

As of now, it has restricted users who are 13 years old to upload anything on the app and their accounts are also private along with other privacy and safety rules.

How To Fix TikTok Asking For My Birthday?

why is tiktok asking for my birthday

If you are an adult user of TikTok who is caught asking yourself “why is tiktok asking for my birthday” then here are some easy solutions that you can use to avoid answering that question. Just follow these simple methods and you will be free in no time.

Reinstall The App

If you are being bugged by the app constantly and they are asking for your birthday then just uninstall the app and then reinstall it again to see if the problem is fixed. Generally, this solution works.

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Log Out/Log In

You can always try the logout and login method, just log out of the app and wait a few seconds before logging in again. Your problem will be fixed within no time.

Contact Customer Support

If nothing works then there is only one solution to be done and that is contacting TikTok customer support directly. You can email them and tell them about your problem in detail and attach your relevant account information along with the message. Then just wait for their response.

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Wrapping Up!

TikTok has seen many glitches throughout the years and has seen its fair share of controversies but sometimes some controversies force it to change its policies. They are mostly for the good of the app and to make it more safe and more fun. This new controversy and the question arose that why is tiktok asking for my birthday also did the same thing. It made the app safe for young users.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How is TikTok verifying the age of users?

Ans. TikTok can verify a user’s age by matching their public records with their TikTok identity.

Q2. What is the age restriction on the app?

Ans. Anyone who is 13 years old and above can create an account on TikTok.

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