Also known as gel balling, gel blasting is a shooting sport similar to paintball. It is a fun and friendly sport with minimal impact on the environment.

No heavy chemical guns or ammo here! The fluid you fill in a gel ball becomes a gel-like substance as soon as it hits the target. This process prevents any harmful pollution from guns, minimizing its effects on our natural world.

To play this game, you will need gel ball guns, gel balls, and opponents. The game is a lot more entertaining if you have team members.

This sport is fast-paced and easy to learn; you’ll be blasting in no time! Two teams of as few people as one or two can play simultaneously, but it’s recommended for more than six players for better gameplay.

Gel blasting has been increasing in popularity over the years and is becoming more popular among teenagers. It’s easy to find a place near you that centers around this sport.

Its popularity has a lot to do with its ease of use. You don’t need any special skills or experience, just a good aim and an open field where you can experience the thrill of gel shooting.

As already mentioned, the rules are similar to paintball. The last team standing takes it all. If the rules are similar to paintball, what makes it different?

Gel Blasting Is Environmental Friendly

Paintball involves rubber bullets which are harmful to the environment, polluting our cities and towns. The ball’s rubber bullets are not biodegradable and take decades to decompose if they ever do.

On the other hand, gel balls are made of a membrane soaked in water to increase their size, which leaves them with mostly water as the constituent. They are therefore non-toxic. The outer layer of the balls is a biodegradable material that, even when left lying about, can quickly decompose.

Gel Blasting Is Non-Violent

Unlike other shooting sports, gel blasting is not violent. This sport has a huge following and is a fun way to spend a weekend. Its simple rules easily accommodate individuals of all ages and interests, which makes it an exceptionally welcoming sport for persons with little interest in violent sporting activities.

Gel Balls Don’t Hurt

That’s right. They don’t hurt unless shot at close range. The guns shoot a non-toxic fluid that squishes as soon as it hits your skin. Lack of pain makes them the perfect shooting game for all ages and genders.

Unlike Paintball, Gel Blasting Doesn’t Require Any Specialized Gear

If you have played games before, you might have had challenges regarding what you should wear. In gel balling, it is very different.

This sport doesn’t require any protective gear. This is because it involves low amounts of pain. The absence of the necessity of gear makes this game more friendly for beginners and more exciting for experienced players.

Gel Blasting Doesn’t Have Legal Limitations

There is no law against playing this game. You can go to your local field and enjoy yourself without legal limitations.

In most countries, there are common questions and conflicts of opinion regarding shooting games. This is because of their potential to cause bodily harm or injuries even when it was not intended. However, for gel blasting, no legal questioning exists. This is because there is no use of real firearms.

However, before getting yourself a gel ball gun, do some research on gel blasting. There may be legal constraints in some areas. That’s why it is a good idea to check first with your local field to ensure that the area is open to anyone.

Gel Blasting is a fun and safe sport that all ages and genders can enjoy. It doesn’t require any specialized gear and is easy to learn. This sport can be done in places with rules governing shooting sports and morose environmental regulations.

Gel Blasting is a safer way to spend your weekends or anytime with friends and family. If you want to get involved with a sport that’s not scary or violent but still helps you get exercise, this is your sport.

The next time you have some buddies over and want to play a sport that won’t negatively impact our environment, give gel blasting a try. You won’t be disappointed.            

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