Why Do American Students Use Writing Services?

The data shows that many American students use writing services at least once during their
education process. It’s unclear how many of them actually answer honestly even when
questioned anonymously because some feel as if they’re doing something wrong, but the reality
isn’t harsh. We’ve decided to make this review to explain many motivations behind using such
services and why it’s sometimes a good option.
Individual Reasons to Use Writing services
This list is by no means a comprehensive one, but it can show why students are interested in
finding companies offering such assistance.
● Problems with understanding the material or format. Yeah, most students buy such
samples because they just don’t get it. And it’s not surprising: you must be a genius to
read a few books for several disciplines and compose complex essays from scratch for
all of them. In addition, most universities and colleges in the USA use a large number of
formatting styles that can be unknown to students worldwide. Even for those who have
been living and studying in the typical English-speaking country, the scope of new facts,
commas, and bold and italic fonts can be extremely confusing.
● Health-related or family issues. When a person enters college, life doesn’t stop. It
continues rolling. If that rolling involves a health problem, severe mental breakdown, or a
loss of a family member, well, nothing can be done. In such situations, it can be not only
difficult to be at the top of the class but even remain afloat.
● Need to combine learning and work. Since education is getting more and more
expensive, it isn’t strange that many students are also at least part-time working.
Combining professional and academic life is a burden in itself. And if you’re one of such
people, you can easily imagine your learning attempts transforming into an effort not to
fall asleep before writing your papers.
● A desire for better quality and results. Most services that offer customers to write
samples propose a chance to enhance one’s knowledge and skills. Even the best writers
had to get their guidance from somewhere, and if there aren’t any places to get
adequate feedback, people will opt for a place online.
External Factors that Motivate Students
The problem isn’t always related to the student: in fact, most students find themselves lost
because of the society they live in or the university itself. Ideally, a college is a place that offers
personalized service and helps learners. Unfortunately, many educators don’t have time for that:

society doesn’t pay professors enough while constantly bombarding them with additional tasks,
which makes them unable to provide more attention to each individual. Thus, students seek
attention from a professional writing website they consider trustworthy and try to develop a
better understanding of their educational tasks there.
Furthermore, although some might disagree with this statement, the growing number of
educational institutions without proper accreditation has also led to worse educational standards
on a higher level. So it’s hard to get the best service, especially for those who lack confidence or
experience in the past. If you feel like struggling with your essays and assignments, you may
need help writing a paper from a company such as Custom Writings. Get the academic help you
deserve in no time, and you’ll finally receive your custom-made sample for any requirements,
deadline, and academic level. Colleges are also very demanding: they can require a lot of time
and effort, not really understanding how difficult it is to live in today’s environment.
Benefits Students Get
Unsurprisingly, a learner receives a large range of advantages after he or she decides to
become a customer of a writing service.
● A calmer mind. Show us a person who isn’t worried about learning at all, and we’ll say
that isn’t true. Students need a person who can understand what their professor
requires, what part of the instructions was the most crucial to focus on, and what the size
of the essay is. Having someone behind one’s back is something most students would
dream of: someone non-judging and understanding who would realize the value of each
written piece.
● Personal treatment. When analyzing responses of students who remained satisfied
with the writing services, we’ve found that most admit that they enjoyed an original,
customer-oriented approach. These people don’t feel abandoned or lost because their
professor doesn’t have time for them.
● Better time management. Many dread the deadlines, but they don’t disappear from that
moment. Since students have to place an order within a specific deadline, they also put
themselves in a specific position when, once they have the sample, they have to work on
their assignment and hand it in.
● Greater self-development options. Not all career choices can be determined by a
good essay, but some skills can really help you get promoted. After all, there are
numerous positions that require the knowledge of resume, PR, advertising, email, and
other types of writing. Many admitted that a desire to become an expert in formal or
informal writing pushed them to seek such a platform.

Some Things to Consider

Even though writing services can seem like a gem, some things should be cleared out
nonetheless. If you want to become a great writer, you have to invest in the work yourself as
well. People providing writing help will aid you in your journey, but it is you who is responsible
for your own growth and success. It is vital for a learner to complete their own research, make
drafts, compare with the ordered samples, and consult with the people whom they ordered from.
Another essential aspect is that not all services are good, so it’s important to find reliable
reviews and compare the pros and cons of the proposed websites. If a student knows peers
who also use the writing services that made them quite satisfied, it’s better to ask for links and
make a detailed analysis. It’s best to know who can make a paper well and who’s simply
interested in the revenue without professional assistance.
Finally, some may find themselves disappointed that writing services can be expensive, and
that’s actually a great issue for those who expected a cheap and fast option. After all, behind
every sample on such websites is a person who spent hours, days, or even weeks completing
all the work, and it’s impossible to imagine this person doing it for free. In fact, if you see
something that is extremely cheap, chances are it’s a scam.
Making Life Easier
Although the reasons for ordering papers from writing services vary, all students asking for help
definitely deserve it. Most of the time, combining hard work and guidance from others can lead
to impressive results. Whether you’d like to follow the example of such students depends
entirely on your needs, but if you’ve read until this point, you’re at least


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