Why choose video surveillance as your security measure?

Why choose video surveillance as your security measure?

Video surveillance is a topic of great controversy due to privacy issues. However, at the same time, the significance of surveillance cannot get undermined in business due to the importance of ensuring the safety of valuable possessions and employees. The most common form of surveillance is CCTV monitoring.

A study shows that there are more than twenty-five million CCTV cameras globally. You may avoid sixty-seven percent of burglaries in businesses by adopting real-time security solutions such as CCTV monitoring.

A comprehensive and integrated security solution is always a prerequisite regardless of whether the business consists of commercial properties like office buildings or retail outlets. Typically, CCTV cameras are not easy to maintain but, at the same time, relatively cost-effective compared to other security solutions. CCTV cameras have the added advantage of being placed at any chosen location, and no extensive modification is required to install them in the already existing infrastructure.

When investing in a CCTV camera, some vital points to keep in mind are sharpness, resolution, infrared for night time and angle of coverage. Keeping in mind all the benefits of video surveillance, it is essential to consult the existing laws in the state country regarding administration so that no privacy violation occurs while implementing a CCTV monitor.

Closed-Circuit Television cameras, better known as CCTV cameras, use advanced modern technology and recording processes, allowing businesses to protect valuable assets while simultaneously saving the cost of additional security personnel. You may learn more about Mammoth Security Inc. Old Saybrook of Connecticut by referring to the numerous benefits those businesses avail when they install video surveillance security systems:

  • Prevention and reduction of theft and improved employee productivity

Acts of vandalism, including theft, break-ins, and other serious crimes, may be prevented by strategically placing CCTV cameras throughout the business’s entire operating area. Many non-retail companies also suffer from thefts from less apparent culprits. They face theft in the form of intellectual properties and company property, where typically their employees are responsible for it. Placing CCTV cameras in strategic locations helps deter these culprit employees from advancing, creating a safe work environment. Additionally, employees work more earnestly when they get monitored. Thus having video surveillance as a security measure of choice also improves the efficiency of the business.

  • Video surveillance in real-time with lowered security costs

As per Chiang Rai Times, a primary benefit of CCTV video surveillance is that real-time footage is remotely available whenever required. Traditionally, such video surveillance processes used to require additionally hired staff to monitor the real-time footage remaining on the premises. But with technological advancements, you may remotely monitor the footage using devices and screens. It is possible that footage from different cameras can be viewed in a single window while ensuring that all the cameras continue to record output.

  • Criminal evidence 

CCTV footage holds exceptional importance as criminal evidence if a crime is committed either within the office premises or nearby. Hence, CCTVs are also beneficial for the community along with being helpful for the owner and their employees.

Although commercial surveillance remains an ethical issue, the presence of CCTV cameras maximizes security levels for both customers and employees.


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