Hacks To Check Who Recently Followed You On Instagram

3 Hacks To Check Who Recently Followed You On Instagram (2022)

In this post, you will get to know How can you see that who has followed you on Instagram recently.

On this site also you can connect with your friends and family and can transmit your messages. You can also post, like, share, and comment on the videos and photos you share on your feed. Yes, you heard right, here we call an account as feed. Some people use this site for entertainment purposes or to watch the content that they love to binge.


Sometimes you want to see who has followed you recently on Instagram, so continue reading this post.

Many people use Instagram as their source of living, some people have started running their small businesses in this pandemic period as they had nothing to do in that free time so they started doing something productive through which they could earn some amount. It has been bliss to many people who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some small businesses like candle making, bakery, and much more and they’ve become popular in a very short span.

Here are the Hacks To Check Who Recently Followed You On Instagram (2022)

If we talk about knowing who has followed us recently on Instagram, as such there is no specific tool to know that it is just that Instagram allows you to sort or differentiate your own following list by date so you can get to know who followed you latest. Instagram doesn’t give you any clue of which accounts they followed most newly and when.

In the end, there is no specific way to detect who has followed you recently on Instagram.

You can compose your followed accounts in sequence by going to your profile and clicking the “Following.” You’ll observe a line that says “Sort by” and to the right, you’ll see a button that has an up and a down arrow. Tap the arrow button and then click Date Followed: Latest or Date Followed: Earliest. This can give you a comprehensive idea, but it won’t show you precisely when you followed each account.

3 Hacks To Check Who Recently Followed You On Instagram


There must be many reasons to check who has followed you recently. You might check your children what they are doing on the social media platform to ensure that they are age-appropriate and safe. It will help you to monitor with whom your children may develop friendships or not.

Besides personal reasons, there can be some business reasons also, to check who has followed you recently, through which influencers and marketers can check their target crowd members in which they are more interested.

 Methods To Check Who Has Followed You Recently

The tool SnoopReport is an Instagram activity tracker that will provide you with weekly activity reports on any public account you want to track. It will show you every new account that the person has followed each week and exactly what day and time they followed them.

SnoopReport also shows you want posts they’ve liked, who broadcasted the posts they’ve liked most of the time, standard hashtags in posts they like, and common topics in posts they liked.


Steps to check-

  1. Create an account on SnoopReport.com.
  2. Select and buy your SnoopReport plan, minimum plan starts from $5 per month and varies upon the number of accounts you have to check.
  3. Click add profile and enter the name of the account holder, and voila it’s done. You will get the weekly reports of who has followed recently and other data.

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End of the Line-

So, this was the trick you can use to check that who has followed you recently on Instagram. This post was all about this.

Till then Happy Learning!

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