Who Is Lemon Lady On TikTok? | Here’s What You Need To Know About!

Who Is Lemon Lady On TikTok? | Here’s What You Need To Know About!

Have you also seen the video of the lemon lady on Tiktok? If yes, then you must be wondering who is Lemon Lady on TikTok. Well, Tiktok is a leading platform which is known for various trending and challenging videos. You must have heard about the blackout challenge on Tiktok where you have to hold your breath until you pass out and then post the result on Tiktok.

Recently, a Coconut challenge has also become a topic of discussion on Tiktok. In this article, we are going to discuss who is lemon lady on Tiktok’, then, keep on reading this article till the end. So, without frittering away, let’s get started!

There is no exact information on who is the Lemon Lady on TikTok, but netizens are speculating whether she is Estefania Venegas Pessoa or Anna Kendrick or Emma Chamberlain.

Who Is Lemon Lady On TikTok?

Who Is Lemon Lady On TikTok?

So, it happened that the trendy lady, popularly known as Lemon Lady on Tiktok, uses the lemon filter on Tiktok with her account handle @lemonladysecrets. She uses lemon filters to hide her face and she even changes her voice, so that, no one really knows who she is.

She makes videos about her dating experiences that are a little embarrassing and funny. She talks about going on a date with someone who starred on Netflix, so the natives are assuming she’s a celebrity or someone who has fame.

After watching her videos, we got some information about her that she is in her 20s, and currently not dating anyone. Popular who has a great sense of humour and is a social guru. She posted her first video on 4 August 2022.

People are so curious to know who is lemon lady on Tiktok is, but there is no exact information about this mystery woman. So, natives are assuming that she is a popular Tiktoker @hellotefi as she is a great storyteller and also has a great sense of humour.

But Lemon Lady denied it and said that Estefania Venegas Pessoa is a very popular celebrity with 1.5 million followers. She further added, Estefania is not so free to talk about her dating experiences behind a lemon face.

She also said that she’s honoured that you’re guessing her as Estefania. Some others thought her to be Anna Kendrick, but Anna does not appear to be the storyteller as well as she is in her early 40s. Another guessed her as Emma Chamberlain.

As she deleted her Tiktok account earlier with over 10 million followers saying “I’m wasting too much of my time on Tiktok”. Also, she is in her 20s, and hiding her face behind a lemon filter makes it easy for her as nobody recognizes her and she has no commitments time.

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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered who is lemon lady on Tiktok. We genuinely hope that the above-mentioned information is useful for you. Now, you have an idea about who a lemon lady can be. If you find this article informative for you then make sure you share it with others also. Keep coming back to americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Thank you for reading this article till the end!


Q1. Are the stories told by lemon lady real?

Ans. Yes, the stories that The Lemon Lady tells her followers are loosely based on real-life events. She also takes submissions from her fans and reads their story anonymously in her videos.

Q2. Is lemon lady secrets going to delete her Tiktok account?

Ans. Recently she told her followers that she is facing trouble finding the lemon filter so there are chances that she might delete her account. Her fans suggested her some other lemons filters that she can use. And one of them suggested she transform into a new fruit.

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