Where Was Bullet Train Filmed 2023? | Find Out The Shoot Locations!

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed 2023? | Find Out The Shoot Locations!

If you’re an action comedy lover then you must be pondering Where Was Bullet Train filmed? It is always fun to watch action movies mixed with a little bit of comedy to keep you entertained throughout. It is a fictional story of the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. Have you ever watched any action movies? if not then I think you should give it a try.

Nowadays the craze for watching movies and series got increased after the pandemic because that was the only thing that keep us sane during that time and eventually we become habitual of that. Every age group is interested to watch the action genre. Action movies are in great demand since the beginning of cinema.

In today’s article regarding Where Was Bullet Train filmed? We are gonna tell you about the two beautiful locations Los Angeles and Tokyo where Bullet Train was primarily shooted. After watching the movie one must be eager to know where are these beautiful places situated. So stick to this article for complete information.

Here’s Where Was Bullet Train filmed?

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed?

Bullet Train supervised by David Leitch an action thriller formed on the basis of a 2010 novel named Bullet Train in the UK and USA. The film revolves around Brad Pitt and has a running time of 126 minutes. The locations, used for the shooting of the film Bullet Train are discussed in this article below.

This film has a lot of scenes of bloodbaths and violent scenes with dark humor. So, if you don’t prefer such kinds of movies then I would say this is not meant for you. But it has received a lot of positive reviews from the critiques and viewers are pleased with the way how it turned out.

What Is The Plot Of “Bullet Train” 

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed?

Brad Pitt as Ladybug is assigned the task to bring back a suitcase from the bullet train which is moving from Tokyo to Kyoto, he was motivated to do so after failing in his previous jobs. On the train, he got to know there are other asian people also who are assigned the same task as him.

All of the assassins including Ladybug got into a fight with each other and everyone tries to kill each other to recover the suitcase. In the last scenes, it is seen that the train crashes in Kyoto. The story revolves around bringing back a suitcase.


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Here’s The Trailer For Bullet Train

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed?

Here is the list of mesmerizing locations Where Was Bullet Train Filmed. The shooting of Bullet Train began in 2020 on 16 November and got completed in March 2021 and it was theatrically released on 5 August 2022. Let’s begin with the locations where Bullet Train was shooted.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed. 

Tokyo, Japan one of the most mesmerizing and fascinating cities in the world. Many scenes of the film were shot in various locations in Tokyo. Akihabara station is the prime location used in the film, Bullet Train. Akihabara station is situated in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo and is famous for shopping malls, buildings, and cafes around it.

2. Los Angeles, California

Where Was Bullet Train Filmed. 

Los Angeles, California which is otherwise known as the Creative Capital Of The World. Lancaster and Barclay hotel in Los Angeles is used in many scenes in the movie. Many iconic movies are also shot in the same location and are home to many film studios.

3. Sony Pictures Studio

 Where Was Bullet Train Filmed?

Sony Picture Studio is located in Culver City in California. Many iconic scenes of the movie, Bullet Train are shot in the Sony Picture Studio and also many other sources present in the studio are also used in the filmmaking.


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the main topic regarding Where Was Bullet Train Filmed? and I wish that you got all the information about the beautiful place where it was shot. You can consider these places to visit if you are planning a trip.

Do share it with your relatives who are travel addicts and do let them know about these wonderful locations. Keep visiting Americbuzz for more such articles regarding entertainment. Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Where we can watch Bullet Train?

Ans. You can stream Bullet Train on Apple Tv, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video. Also, soon it will be available on  Netflix for streaming online.

Q2. Does Tangerine in the movie Bullet Train survive after it was shot?

Ans. No, as soon as he was shot in the neck he tries to warn Ladybug about the Prince but he wasn’t able to do so, and before that he died.

Q3. Is Bullet Train a kids-friendly movie?

Ans. I would say no, as it contains all the action thriller and crime scenes where one is stabbing the other to get the suitcase and there is a lot of bloodshed in the film. So, I would suggest children above 16 watch it.


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