Where to Watch 365 Days For Free Other Than Netflix (2022)

Where to Watch 365 Days For Free Other Than Netflix (2022)

You might be wondering about Where to watch 365 days for free. In 2020, Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Biaows produced the sensual play 365 Days. The 2020 release of the Polish movie 365 Days has already spawned two sequels. The film has generated controversy since some critics have claimed that the erotic thriller glorifies rape.

The Welsh singer Duffy criticized Netflix in an open letter in 2020, claiming the movie “glamorizes the awful reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape.” Duffy had previously spoken out about her personal experience of being kidnapped and raped. A young woman that finds love with a wealthy Italian man is the subject of the tale.

He imprisons her and makes her become obsessed with him completely for a year. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information about where to watch 365 Days for free. You can watch the movie on other streaming websites in addition to Netflix. Now let’s get going.


 Where to Watch 365 Days For Free – Everything You Need To Know

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365 Days made its cinematic debut in Poland on February 7, 2020. After its June 7, 2020, premiere on Netflix, it quickly gained popularity across the globe. Around the world, including the US, 365 Days rose to the top spot for most views.

Given its popularity, reviewers have panned the film for its overuse of sex scenes and apparent support of the Mafia. A new version, 365 Days: This Day, debuted on Netflix on April 27, 2022. The Next 365 Days was once again made available on the platform on August 19.

You may watch the third movie at this moment because it was released on Netflix on Friday, August 19, at 00:00 PT. You’ll witness what transpires after Laura was shot because it’s set to start picking up precisely in which the second left off.

Because of the fact that the third movie was shot immediately after the second, it came out barely 4 months after the first. The Third Book, titled The Next 365 Days, is the literary work on which the films are based. It was created by Polish novelist Blanka Lipska.

365 Days The original follows Laura Biel’s life as she travels with a friend and is taken hostage by an Italian mafia lord. As implied by the book’s title, he offers her “365 Days” to make him find love with her.

Italian mafia leader Don Massimo Torricelli is portrayed by Michele Morrone, and Laura Biel, his love interest, is portrayed by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Currently, Simone Susanna’s Nacho is Laura’s potential new love interest, and she is split between him and Massimo.

A woman must choose between a vicious gangster and a Mafia rival who is ready to make one last play for her heart in this sensual thriller, according to the Netflix description of the third movie.


Where To Watch 365 Days For Free Online


1. Telegram

where to watch 365 days for free | telegram

Do you know that you can watch high-quality movies on Telegram? Without having to pay a costly subscription fee, you may stream any of your favorite movies on Telegram. Just download the Telegram app, choose the channel from which you want to download a movie, and then tap the download icon.

The movie will therefore download to the Telegram folder. Now, you may access any of the movie channels on Telegram and watch your favorite film. Additionally, Telegram movie channels feature 365 Days.


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2. 123Movies

where to watch 365 days for free | 123movies

Everyone seems to desire to watch the most popular and seductive movies and TV shows that are now on the market. With the aid of 123Movies, you can view the movie without charge. The most recent films and TV programs are available to watch without cost.

Additionally, 365 Days is free to view. You can stop worrying about streaming speed thanks to 123Movies. Without any buffering issues, you may enjoy the movie. You can find a huge selection of films and TV shows on 123Movies.


How To Stream 365 Days On Netflix?

where to watch 365 days for free | netflix

The Next 365 Days mysterious finale suggests that Laura and Massimo may return, however, Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed 365 Days 4. To tell its own interpretation of the trilogy’s central love story, the sequel diverged from the book’s plot.

The trilogy was based on books by Blanka Lipiska, & although the first film was a near-exact adaptation of the book, the second film deviated from the plot. This was maintained in the third film, which, in contrast to the book that was very loosely adapted, effectively told its own plot.

All of this culminated in a finale that resembled more an ellipsis than that of a complete stop and was completely unrelated to the events of such a trilogy of books.

Because of this, it’s tough to completely rule out the possibility of a fourth 365 Days movie appearing on Netflix, specifically if The Next 365 Days ends up being as well-liked by fans as the first two 365 Days films the streaming service broadcast.


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365 Days Storyline

where to watch 365 days for free

Massimo belongs to the Sicilian Mafia family, while Laura is a manager of sales. She did not expect Massimo to kidnap her and give her a year to fall in love deeply with him while she was on holiday in Sicily.

The film’s next-level interactions between its two characters were sprinkled throughout that time, and a carefully chosen soundtrack added to the tension.

With equally intense characters, this movie masterfully illustrates how falling in love may lead to unthinkable heights.

We are subjected to witnessing events occur in accordance with the plot as the film goes on. The two protagonists’ friendship, however, has been a constant throughout the story.


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Wrapping Up!

So the main topic of discussion was where to watch 365 Days for free. For a very long time, there won’t either be a video for 365 Days 4 because filming hasn’t yet begun and Netflix has not really confirmed it.

Even the trailer for the third film wasn’t made available until just a few weeks when it was set to be released. This article should be helpful to you, we hope. Please feel free to forward this information to your contacts. Thanks for reading!

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