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What’s The New Technology Driving the Growth of Online Casinos in Canada?

Online gambling has come by leaps and bounds since the first, very primitive online casinos appeared on our screens 20+ years ago. From the simple games of online blackjack and 2d slots, gamblers back then would never have been able to imagine the amazing online casino games and features we have nowadays – This is all down to the amazing new technologies that are constantly being developed.

Thanks to changes in the law, gamblers in the different provinces of Canada can now experience some of these changes and find new Canadian online casino sites to play on. Many of these sites will be absolutely chocked full of some of the features we’re about to talk about, along with great bonuses and plenty of different games to enjoy.

Let’s move onto the list of the 3 biggest developments in tech that have boosted the growth of online casinos:


Live Casino Gaming

The implementation of live casino games has been nothing short of revolutionary for online casinos. The one thing they were sorely missing was the real-life element of brick a d mortar casinos – staring at a computer-generated image of a roulette table just doesn’t quite cut it.

Thankfully, software developers managed to find a way around that with the creation of live dealer games. The main technology behind this software is video streaming software, which allows a player to stream high-quality table games right to whatever device they’re playing on.

Played can communicate with the dealer and watch the action unfold in real-time. Live casino games are the closest you can get to real casino action, and this simple fact has made these styles of game one of the most popular around.


Virtual reality and augmented reality

Both of these technologies are still in their infant phase when it comes to online casinos. Even though it’s still early days, many experts in the gambling industry feel like these two technologies will become the next big thing in online casino tech.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to add virtual elements and objects into the real world. There’s a lot of potential to integrate augmented reality with casino games and it would also be a great tool for big-brand online casinos to merge with their land-based counterparts if they have one, adding augmented reality casino elements to their venues. 

The big developments will come with virtual reality. By wearing a VR headset, players could be transported to playing in the most realistic online casino experience yet. They could be virtually playing in Las Vegas, Paris, Monte Carlo or anywhere else in the world, whilst actually being in the comfort of their own home. These VR headsets can catch every detail, from the chips on the blackjack table to the sea views outside of the window. 


Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the unsung heroes of the online gambling industry, its implementation into online casinos is one of the key parts of the whole casino. AI plays a number of important roles and is prevalent in almost every aspect of online gambling.

The first thing AI does is to make the casino games work – the code behind the AI of any casino game will dictate almost everything. From what the result will be, to whether a player wins or not as well as checking for any sort of fraudulent behaviour.

Next, AI will also keep both players and the casino safe. This intelligence can help with the security of the site, again checking for any sort of fraudulent or shady behaviour from players that could be deemed harmful to the casino or to other gamblers.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence can also be used as a customer service bot to help players in need. These bots can guide players if they have a problem, pointing them either to an answer for their problem or to another, human customer support team member who can get to the root of the problem.

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