What is Snapchat Ray Tracing Technology?

What is Snapchat Ray Tracing Technology?

Have you heard that Snapchat has introduced ray-tracing technology? Now, the question arises what is Snapchat ray tracing technology? Well, you don’t have to be worried about this. Snapchat keeps introducing new features like the Snapchat plus feature where you have to buy a subscription plan for a month to enjoy additional features like customizing Snapchat icons, pinning someone as your BFF, etc. Also, Snapchat keeps introducing new lenses and filters like kids with glasses, my new twin to make sure they keep their audience entertained.

Snapchat has introduced ray-tracing technology to the Ar lens studio. In a blog post, they said ray-tracing technology will make their augmented reality, look as real as possible. So, if you are wondering about what is Snapchat ray tracing technology then keep perusal this article till the end.

In case, you are pondering what is ray tracing technology then,  Snapchat has recently launched a technical advancement called ray tracing in their Ar lens studio which makes it possible to try on products like clothing, jewelry, etc by stimulating the behavior of light.

What is Snapchat Ray Tracing Technology?

What is Snapchat Ray Tracing Technology?

Snapchat launched the first lens using ray tracing technology in collab with Tiffany and Co. Ray tracing technology is a technical advancement that allows the depiction of light in reality and Ar artifacts to shine. The Tiffany and Co. Ar lens helps you try Tiffany’s lock bracelet on the app and also you can make a purchase within the app.

The new technical advancement, ray tracing helps any lens which features objects like metal, glass, and stone and enhances its quality. Ray tracing technique is used to stimulate the behavior of light in a surrounding to create realistic images and effects. Ray tracing technique is more popular in offline apps but Snapchat is turning the pages and is the first one to introduce the concept of ray tracing in augmented reality.

Snapchat is currently focusing on improving shopping lenses and they are trying hard to give users more real lenses and try-on effects of jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc. In the past year, more than 250 million people have used Ar shopping lenses.

Snapchat has recently made a partnership with Amazon to give virtual try-on lenses for a variety of eye wears and they are soon going to expand it to clothing, accessory, etc. This ray tracing technology with augmented reality lenses makes it easy and fun to virtually try on products.


Wrapping Up!

Lastly, Snapchat is the first one to introduce the concept of ray tracing Ar lenses to give their users the best experience. So, this is all about what is Snapchat ray tracing technology. If you find this writing useful for you then make sure to commune. Keep coming back to Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Thank you!

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