What Is A Discord Virus 2023? | Fixes, Causes, And Preventions!

What Is A Discord Virus 2023? | Fixes, Causes, And Preventions!

For every good, there is an evil, every piece of technology that has graced this world has been contaminated with malignant viruses. Even Discord has been corrupted with viruses so that’s why today we tell you what is a Discord virus so that you identify these viruses, beware of them and can prevent them from creating havoc on your phone or computer.

These viruses have been known to damage many robust devices and destroyed the hard work of people. Now if you are a Discord user and particularly if you are a server owner then you must know about these viruses. As a server owner, you will have so many different data on your Discord server, so many contributions from your community and data about so many important topics.

What happens if you lose all that data? Losing that data is like losing your career. Everything you worked hard for will one day be gone without a trace if you aren’t careful and allow a small virus to creep up into your device. So, without further delays let’s learn what is a Discord virus and how can we be protected from it.

What Is A Discord Virus?

What Is A Discord Virus?

So, what is a Discord virus? Just like any other virus or a piece of code that infects any device, a Discord virus is a wrong code that is created in the form of a link, video, or any files shared by any user on Discord.

These viruses aren’t generated naturally due to an error in the server, they are designed properly to infect the devices of anyone to clicks on them. Once a user clicks on them the virus is spread throughout their device and can result in blotches, spots or errors in working on their devices.

Types Of Discord Viruses

What Is A Discord Virus?

Now that we know what is a Discord virus we should know what are the different types of viruses that can infect Discord servers and users.

1. Ransomware

It is a virtual kidnapper that is known to steal user data and then demand ransom for its release.

2. Trojan Virus

It is the most famous and the least suspecting virus, it disguises itself as proper software but is made up of malicious payload. Trojans act like the Greek horse that destroyed the city of Troy. It steals the personal information of users the minute it is installed by the user.

3. Adware

It is a well-known potentially unwanted application that bombards the user’s screen with advertisements.

4. Spyware

When someone asks what is a Discord virus this is the first option that comes to mind. Spywares steal user data like passwords, user activity and credit/debit card information.

5. Remote Access Trojan

As the name suggests, a Remote Access Trojan or RAT is a virus that gains access computer remotely.

6. NitroHack

It is malicious software that fools users by telling them that it would give free access to premium Discord subscriptions but in reality, it gains access to their personal information and uses it for illegal purposes.

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Ways To Get Infected By Discord Virus

What is discord virus

Did you finally understand what is a Discord virus and what are the different types of viruses that you must be aware of? Then now read about how hackers can cybercriminals use these viruses to target you.

1. Malicious Links

What these cybercriminals do is create fake links and send them to users in Discord chat rooms, the unsuspecting users might think that the links have some useful information and will click on them. Once they click on them malware is installed in their computer automatically.

2. Infected Files

Cybercriminals spread viruses by uploading corrupted files and luring users into downloading them, user might think that the file contains any important information about any game and download them. Once you download them your device gets instantly infected and criminals gain access to your device.

3. Infected Installation Files

Another way by which hackers gain access to your device and another reason for you to know what is a Discord virus is infecting Discord installation files. Corrupted JavaScript codes are infused in a device via corrupted installation files during the installation process. So, it’s always better to download Discord only from the official website.

How To Remove A Discord Virus?

What Is A Discord Virus?

1. Windows

Download a good antivirus to remove any corrupted software/programs or viruses from your Windows device. Once you download it then follow these steps to clean your system.

Step 1: Download and install a good antivirus, it’s better to go for a paid one instead of the free one on the internet.

Step 2: Run a full scan on your PC

Sometimes the entire app is infected and that’s why we need to remove the entire thing to protect our system. If instead of a small virus you find that your entire Discord app is corrupted then follow these steps to reinstall the app again.

Step 1: Click on the Windows start button.

Step 2: Go to the Windows settings menu and select Apps.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Discord app and click on the uninstall option.

Step 4: After deletion opens the official Discord website to reinstall the app.

2. Mac

Install a good antivirus on your macOS  to remove viruses from your Mac computer and then follow these steps to uninstall all malicious programs/software:

Step 1: Download and install a good antivirus on your Mac.

Step 2: Run a full scan to detect any Discord viruses.

Step 3: Thoroughly follow the guidelines given by the antivirus.

In case the Discord app is itself corrupted then you should manually uninstall/reinstall the app by following the process given below:

Step 1: Open Finder and select applications.

Step 2: Open the Discord app, and then move to the trash by right-clicking on it.

Step 3: You will have to enter your password to uninstall the app.

Step 4: Find open the official Discord website to reinstall the app from there.

3. Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the three dots.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings and then to advanced and then select the reset and clean up option.

Step 4: Click on the option to restore settings to their original default setting.

Step 5: Lastly, click on the reset settings option.

4. Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal lines.

Step 3: Open settings and then select home.

Step 4: Click on the restore defaults option.

5. Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal dots and select the Microsoft Edge settings to reset.

Step 3: After opening settings go to reset settings.

Step 4: Reset Microsoft Edge to default settings.

6. Safari

Step 1: Open Safari and then click clear history.

Step 2: Open Safari and select preferences

Step 3: Go to privacy.

Step 4: Open manage website data and then click on remove all.

Step 5: Clear all your cookies.

Step 6: Open the extensions tab and uninstall any doubtful add-ons.

Step 7: Uninstall any suspicious extensions you see on Safari.

Step 8: Select the advanced tab and then select the show develop menu.

Step 9: Click on the develop button and click on empty caches.

How To Prevent A Discord Virus?

What Is A Discord Virus?

Lastly, we come to that part of knowing what is a Discord virus where we tell you how you can avoid being a victim of these malicious viruses. If you follow these precautions then there is no need for you to go through these lengthy removal procedures.

Besides avoiding downloading infected files and infected Discord apps, and clicking on corrupted links follow these two precautions for a healthy life on your computer or phone.

1. Antivirus

What is a Discord virus? A malignant virus that infects your electronic device and compromises your personal information. What is a way to prevent it from entering your device? You install a paid antivirus on your device which monitors and protects your device 24 hours from these malicious threats and removes them if they find any in your system.

2. Updates

Make sure to always update your device and the apps in your devices because viruses find it easy to enter devices that use an outdated version of apps. Enable auto-updates so that your devices keep all your apps up to date before they become vulnerable.

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Wrapping Up!

Now, you know what is a Discord virus. We have given you all information regarding what it is, how you can spot one, how you can get rid of it and how you can prevent any of them from entering and corrupting your system.

As a responsible internet Discord user, it is now your responsibility to protect your Discord server and your app from getting infected. Spread the word around too so that others can also gain some knowledge and save themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What are some good antiviruses to fight Discord viruses?

Ans. Some of the best antiviruses that will keep your Discord free from malicious malware are Norton 360, McAfee Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security, Malwarebytes, and Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac.

Q2. What are some of the tips to prevent viruses from attacking our Discord?

Ans. Some of the useful tips that you must follow to prevent viruses from attacking your Discord are;

  1. Change your passwords regularly.
  2. Never download a cracked version of Discord.
  3. Contact customer support if you feel your Discord is infected.
  4. Install a good antivirus, it’s better if it’s a paid one instead of a free one.
  5. Never open an unknown link or download an unknown file.
  6. Avoid talking to strangers too much on Discord. Never give out personal information.

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