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A fantastic torrent site with a huge selection of media is LimeTorrents. However, BitTorrent Inc. has made it known that it will stop doing business in several areas by 2022. What happened to the Lime torrent?  What other options are there? Find out by reading the article on what happened to Lime torrents? Additionally, learn more about the various alternatives for lime torrents.  You are not the only person who is interested in learning what happened to LimeTorrents, after all.

A torrent website called Limetorrents provides music, TV episodes, and movies. Despite being operational since 2003, Limetorrents is sometimes disregarded due to the popularity of other websites like The Pirate Bay. But when you can just download from Limetorrents, who wants to deal with malware and pop-up ads? I’ll demonstrate how to utilize the website safely in this blog post so you never have to be concerned about catching malware again. But first, we are going to answer the question that you people searched what happened to Lime Torrents?


What Happened To Lime Torrents?


The torrent website was taken down by Canadian authorities on July 20. Up until October 18th, when the authorities made an upgrade that forbade VPN service providers from accessing its servers, users could still access their website through VPN services. They cited “Canadian law forbids people or corporations in Canada from delivering specific technology” as the justification.

Limetorrents, a well-known and reliable torrent website, is a verified torrent supplier with many different categories of movies, TV series, apps, games, audio files, e-books, and more. Due to concerns about copyright infringement, numerous nations, including the US, UK, Australia, and India, have outlawed the use of BitTorrent due to its gathering of both premium pirated content and free-legal content.

As a result, a lot of users are perplexed about what happened to Limetorrents and want to know what Limetorrents’ alternatives are. To learn more about the same, read this article about what happened to lime torrents? to the end. I hope now it has been clear to you what happened to Lime Torrents?

Various Alternatives For LimeTorrents:

What if something happened to lime torrent or what happened to lime torrents? exactly. Here are some of the top LimeTorrent alternatives you can attempt in case you’re seeking something other than its proxies.

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337X
  • EZTV
  • Kickass Torrents
  • Torlock
  • TorrentDownloads

Many users started hunting for LimeTorrents alternatives after Kickasstorrents shut down. 15 of the greatest torrent download websites have been compiled by us. These substitutes don’t have pirated content, have massive user populations, and loads of torrents.

When selecting a torrent site, each of these factors is crucial. Another excellent choice is to download while using a VPN. A VPN is suggested instead of a proxy. Your IP address will be concealed by a VPN, enabling you to access content that is prohibited by copyright holders. With the help of a torrent VPN, you may conceal your activities and alter your IP address.

If you wish to remain anonymous when torrenting, connect to a P2P-friendly nation. This is crucial for pirated content in particular since copyright holders may monitor your online activity and take legal action against you if they discover your real IP address. Another well-liked alternative to LimeTorrents that uses the same file-sharing process is RARBG.

This third-place torrent site is also restricted in some areas, but it’s still a great alternative to LimeTorrents. For people who are unable to access LimeTorrents, RARBG is a decent substitute due to its big database and straightforward user interface. You can download a file from RARBG in a number of ways.

EZTV is another website that’s worthwhile to visit. The community of torrenters highly regards this torrent website, which has been around for a while. It is a great substitute for LimeTorrents and offers the most recent movies and television episodes. EZTV was among the first unlicensed torrent sites, but it quickly rose to the top. It became a favorite among torrenters because of its user interface and fantastic selection.

How To Use A VPN For Torrenting?

As was already said, there are a few advantages to utilizing a VPN for torrenting, and in particular for using LimeTorrent proxies. Here’s how to use a VPN for torrenting to access any of these LimeTorrent proxy and mirror sites if you’re having trouble doing so:

. Join FastestVPN now

. Install a VPN client on your torrenting device.

. Register and join the ideal server.

. On your LimeTorrent proxies, enjoy endless content!

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Explaining LimeTorrents Proxies?


While proxy websites provide you with a cheap and convenient substitute for using LimeTorrents discreetly. Even so, we still advise utilizing a VPN, such as FastestVPN, in addition to these Limetorrents proxy sites. These proxy sites function by serving as a go-between for you and the website you want to visit.

However, using a proxy service does not necessarily ensure that you will be protected from websites that want to sell your online activity. Additionally, the money they make from their free proxy sites comes from adverts. Additionally, these obtrusive pop-up windows and adverts are removed while using a VPN. In order to enable you to torrent sensibly and safely, our sources additionally urge you to choose FastestVPN, the newest VPN service with all of these capabilities.


Why Are Proxies So Important For Limetorrenting?

While it is extremely rare that you would be caught and sent to jail for directly downloading torrents, it is preferable not to take the chance at all! Governments all over the world have ordered a crackdown on all pirated torrenting services, and Limetorrents is no exception. Proxy or mirrored sites will always be required as long as there is a significant demand for these downloaded torrent files.

If you’re still worried, a VPN service like FastestVPN should allay your concerns and enable you to easily and absolutely free download the torrents of your choice! Additionally, their AES-256-bit military-grade encryption should astound you. Additionally, you cannot go wrong when torrenting with a VPN thanks to peer-to-peer optimized servers and 99.9% uptime.

How Can I Download Movies From LimeTorrents?

Before you know how to download movies from lime torrents you should know what happened to lime torrents? and above we have mentioned that. The top torrent site for downloading movies is Limetorrents. How do you download them, though? Above we have mentioned what happened to Lime torrents? and now this blog will walk you through the process of downloading movies legally via Limetorrents.

Downloading movies requires a torrent client. Based on your individual interests and tastes, you can choose.

Step1. Install the BitTorrent client after downloading it.

Step2. Choose a torrent client and then download it.

Step3. Visit Lime Torrents and click here for the same.

Step4. Look for the precise and particular file you need, then click on it. Finding a torrent URL to input into your BitTorrent client is the next step.

Step5. To copy the URL while you’re on LimeTorrents, just right-click.

Step6. Set the BitTorrent client to active. When it opens, you’ll have the option to enter a URL to receive material; choose that option. Then click “Ok” after pasting the URL you obtained in the previous step.

Now, just wait for some minutes and then click to open the available material. 

Wrapping Up

Limetorrents is a well-known website where torrent downloads of movies, TV shows, music, and other media may be found. However, due to copyright infringement, the Limetorrents website has been restricted in a number of nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and India.

You’ll need a VPN to get past the restrictions if you live in one of these nations and want to use BitTorrent. In addition to unblocking Limetorrents, a VPN can help you stay safe while utilizing torrents in general. This is important given the numerous copyright infringement investigations that frequently target torrent users and may lead to fines or other legal problems.

Your data is encrypted by a VPN, making your online activities, including any traffic from torrents, private and secure. If you like this article about what happened to Lime torrents?  Then do let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We really hope you get all the details that you people might need to know about what happened to lime torrents? Till then stay safe and healthy.


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