What Does WSG Mean On Tiktok | Here’s An Answer For You

What Does WSG Mean On Tiktok | Here’s An Answer For You

If you are a TikTok user then you are already knowing this thing that TikTok is famous for its trends, super cool filters, and new hashtags. Recently, a new hashtag ‘WSG’ is going on trending on TikTok. People do use WSG, and WTV in captions and messages too. So, in this article, we are going to discuss what WSG means on TikTok. Yes, exactly so let’s start now.

WSG means on TikTok “What’s good” according to the urban dictionary. Yes, you heard it right. It’s just another way of asking “How are you”. This phrase is generally used as a salutation in the black community, comparable to “what’s up?” One thing is for sure, TikTok has brought out its own language. There are a lot of slang words that have been created on the TikTok and this is something you have to try to keep up with as these . Again, it can be fun and interesting you can use them to communicate with other people out there.

It is as similar to other slang languages like what’s going on, what about you, etc. The usage of WSG on TikTok is so common nowadays as people do use WSG in captions, and hashtags to rank their videos. If you go and search on TikTok, the videos using the hashtag WSG  or any other trending hashtag like this have over a million views. Yes, this is true.

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Unclear Contradicting Official Meaning

You know what it is somehow unclear too what is the official meaning of WSG in TikTok because there are few other meanings of this too like “With special guest”, “weird strange girl “.One abbreviation that you might get mixed up with as it is pretty similar is ‘WSG’ which means ‘White Girl Status’.WSG is not very reply-able but yes it gives a very chill pill and cool vibes. WSG can simply be used as an expression of facts/general statements like ‘hey, how are you?’ It can be asked as a question too like “what’s good?” which means do you have anything or something good going in your life presently?

Well, How ‘WSG’ Is Used? | What Does WSG Mean On Tiktok?

If someone comments or dm you and says, ‘hi, WSG? This means they are wishing you and are saying hello, how are you? However, if they said ‘lol WSG…’ under your video, this might mean they are laughing at you and calling you a weird strange person. Just be patient and think once about how the next person placed a statement in front of you before replying to something.

Here are a few example phrases that include ‘WSG’

A: ‘WSG‘ fam?’ B: ‘heyyy’
B: ‘hey bro’ B: ‘WSG‘ man’
C: ‘how are you?’ B: ‘great thanks, WSG with you?’

Tiktok User’s Use ‘WSG

Wsg y’all!!” @dtx_keiraaa wrote in her caption.

@rowanxeldridge placed the caption “WSG” in his video.

@.trap8#facts #povs #fy #tiktok #whatitmeans #ayyaa #nallie #carl #wyd #hbu #brb #wsg #ngl #istg #wdym #wtt #likey #likee  #famous #viral♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

The user @.trap8 provides a very helpful lesson on different TikTok slang.

WYd = What are you up to?” Hbu = How are you? Brb is the short form for “be right back.” Wsg = What’s up? Ngl = Not going to lie. ISTG is the short form of “I swear to God.” What do you mean, WDYM? and Wtt = TikTok watching,” she referred.

Here Are Some Other  Acronyms On Tiktok

‘nd’ – and‘FYI’- for your information‘TWD’- texting while driving‘POV’- point of view
‘TUL’- talk to you later‘HMU’- hit me up‘LOL’ – laugh out loud‘WU’ – what’s up
‘w’- with‘HRU’- how are you‘bussin’- really good ‘2nite’ – tonight
‘B4N’-bye for now‘btw’-by the way‘CYA’ – see yaa‘DM’- direct message

About Slangs And Acronyms

You know what? There are some slang words out there that you are well-known with or you can guess easily. Like a lot of people know that ILY means I love you, as well as TBH is the short form of, to be honest. Even BTW (BY THE WAY) and WYD(WHAT ARE YOU DOING) are being used by a number of ages on social media platforms. But, some of the new acronyms are not so easy to guess and they are not that much known enough yet that you will acknowledge and keep them in mind. WSG is one of them. Slang is a very informal language.


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More often, slang serves social purposes: to identify members of a group, to change the level of discourse in the direction of informality, etc. Maintaining a constantly changing acronym aids group solidarity and serves to include and exclude members. Slang is vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well or from ages. It can hurt people’s feelings if it is used about other people or outside a group of people who know each other well.

How You Can Create Your Own Slangs?

The acronym is mostly made-up of the starting letters of the words that are being synopsized. These are being used more and more these days because they can be easily written in texts and it also saves time when TikTok users want to use multiple hashtags in their captions. It’s just the same as when we use LOL, OMG, ILY kinds of things in text messages.


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There are many slangs like this that people do use on TikTok because it sounds cool. In today’s generation slang is very commonly used by everyone. People do create their own slang as it sounds interesting and cool. Today’s generation is very much into slang and all because they want to sound cool and chill all the time. As people do like shortcuts too so it’s just another way of saving time by creating slang.



That’s all there is to know about WSG and its uses. so we hope by now you know what WSG means on TikTok.Do use this kind of slang and acronyms in your daily life to make it more interesting and fun. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment section and if you have any queries you are always welcomed by us with open arms. Drop your queries there in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.



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