What does WSG Mean On Text Messages | Here’s An Answer

What does WSG Mean On Text Messages | Here’s An Answer

Have you any idea what WSG means in text messages? When someone writes WSG to you what do they mean by that? Is it a good statement or bad? If not then you are at the right place. After reading this whole article you will get to know all about WSG. Yes, exactly so let’s start now without wasting any time.

WSG means in text messages “What’s good”. Yes, you heard it right. It works as an effective and attractive replacement for what’s up and how’s it going ?. This phrase is generally used as a salutation in the black community, comparable to “what’s up?” For example, if someone texts you and says, ‘hi, WSG? This means they are wishing you and are saying hey, how are you? However, if they said ‘lol WSG…’ or this kind of stuff this might mean they are laughing at you and calling you a weird strange person. Just be patient and think once about how it is used before replying to something.


So, What does WSG Mean On Text Messages?


WSG is an acronym. There are some acronyms out there that are well-known or you can guess easily. For example, a lot of people know that ILY stands for I love you, as well as TBH stands for, to be honest. Even BTW and WYD are being used by a variety of ages on social media. But, some of the new slang and acronyms are not so easy to guess and they are not that known yet that you will recognize them. WSG is one of them. It is a new slang word.

The acronym is mostly made-up of the starting letters of the words that are being shortened. These are being used more and more these days because they can be easily written in texts. It’s just the same as when we use LOL, OMG, ILY’TUL kind of slang in our text messages. Acronyms are mostly used in informal conversations. More often, it serves social purposes: to identify members of a group, to change the level of discourse in the direction of informality, etc. Sharing and maintaining a constantly changing vocabulary aids group solidarity and serves to include and exclude members. It is a vocabulary that is used by people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well or from ages. It can hurt someone’s feelings if it is used about other people or outside a group of people who know each other well.

“Here’s An Examples Of WSG In-Text Slang”

Example 1

Robby– Hi Jasmine, got a minute?

Jasmine – Yo Robby, Wsg, for sure…

Example 2

Lilly – Hi Jimmy, haven’t talked in a while, how have you been?

Jimmy – Wsg Lilly, pretty much standard, what about you.

So these were a few examples from which you can have an idea about WSG.

What does WSG Mean On Text Messages

Here Are A Few Chat Starters With Which You Can Use WSG

  • WSG with you bro?
  • WSG at the restaurant?
  • WSG on the menu?

What Does WSG Mean In The English Dictionary?

WSG was known as Washinton Avenue Man, in 2006. It was designated for a good-looking and shirtless man who works on his automobile.

The acronym Wsg meant Warsong Gulch, aka World of Warcraft – the favored survival online game.

The brand new meaning for WSG lastly began popping on the web, in 2020. The pioneer of slang contributed to the Gen Z tradition.

Other Commonly Used Acronyms

‘nd’ – and‘FYI’- for your information‘TWD’- texting while driving‘POV’- point of view
‘TUL’- talk to you later‘HMU’- hit me up‘LOL’ – laugh out loud‘WU’ – what’s up
‘w’- with‘HRU’- how are you‘bussin’- really good ‘2nite’ – tonight
‘B4N’-bye for now‘btw’-by the way‘CYA’ – see yaa‘DM’- direct message

There are many acronyms like this that people do use in texting while having an informal conversation because it sounds cool. In today’s era acronyms are very commonly used by everyone. People do create their own as it sounds interesting and cool. Today’s generation is very much into this thing and all because they want to sound cool and chill all the time. As people do like shortcuts too so it’s just another way of saving time by creating acronyms.

WSG is just a common way to greet someone. It is mostly used to start a chat between two people. It gives chill pill vibes as it sounds cool.WSG can simply be used as a statement like ‘hey, how are you?’ It can be asked as a question too as in “what’s good?” meaning do you have anything good going on in your life right now? like “what’s up” (WU, sup) and “how are you” (HRU), “what’s good” is used to ask somebody are doing good and how they feel. For example, somebody who needs to know what their friend is up to may send the text message “WSG bro.” Unlike “what’s up” and “how are you,” however, “what’s good” can have an alternative meaning.

Slang language took place much before texting and Social Media platforms ever came into our lives. Yet the kind of status that they enjoy in this day could not have been possible without their importance in daily texting. Acronyms are moving forward with every generation that enters Social Media and it’s becoming harder and harder to detect what some of these short forms actually stand for. It’sundoubtedly trouble for those who want to be connected with current lingo as a new acronym popping up regularly and yet one may have to or simply want to learn for the sake of learning.


That’s all there is to know about WSG and what WSG  actually means. So we hope by now you know what WSG means in text messages and how can we use WSG on text messages. Do use these kinds of slang and acronyms in your daily life to make it more interesting and fun. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment section and if you have any queries you are always welcomed by us with open arms. Drop your queries there in the comment box. we will be happy to help you!

Thank you for reading…!

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