What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat? | Here’s An Answer For You!

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat? | Here’s An Answer For You!

Are you getting curious to know What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat? Well, Snapchat is full of symbols and has a very different and unique way of telling your activity on this application. And this is one of the reasons it is getting so popular among youngsters these days because they are always finding something new in everything and they get bored of things easily.

Other than symbols Snapchat also has some other features like Snapchat streaks well this is my personal favorite feature of this application because I’m so hooked to this feature whether I’m going out or eating something or doing a new activity it is always convenient to share it with my friends through snaps and videos.

Also, there are many other features like Snap map which is very intriguing and it is very convenient to check your friend’s locations and also I’m using this to know where my friends are and it can help you to see the snaps of people across the world.

Well, An Hourglass appears to remind you that your snap streak is going to end soon send a snap before it ends. To know more about this hourglass symbol and what does the hourglass mean on Snapchat? How you can remove it from your chat feed? Please keep on pursuing this article.


What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat has a very different language of its own and all may be aware of that. These acronyms got so much hype because of Snapchat and people are using it way more than they used to. Some of the acronyms like IMR, ISTG, and ONB make sure you are aware of these latest and trending acronyms.

Well, we have discussed some of the most common symbols like the yellow heart which appears when you and the other person are each other’s Bff on this social media platform. A grey arrow appears when you haven’t added the next person to your friend list or if they haven’t added you.


What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat

The hourglass emoticon is related to the Snap streak and it appears when you have forgotten to send a streak within the last 24 hours so basically it is a reminder for you to send a snap before it ends. Well, it appears on both the person’s chat screens in case you’re wondering this.

It usually lasts for 7 hours if you and the other person have a snap streak going for too long and if you have a snap streak that is just going on for a few days then it will last for 2 hours. And if you’re thinking that you just opened the app and saw this hourglass emoji then it doesn’t mean it has appeared so don’t wait for so long and send a streak whenever you see it.


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How To Remove The Hourglass Emoji On Snapchat?

What Does The Hourglass Means On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|

Now the question arises how you can remove this hourglass emoji from your chat screen well there are 2 ways to solve this problem one is just sending the snap back and it will be gone in some time and the other one is to wait for some hours so that the snap streak will end and it will be removed automatically.


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Other Symbols Related To Snapstreak

Are you wondering what are the other emoji’s related to the snap streak? Well, there is another symbol that appears on the chat screen and it is a 100 icon which shows that you and your friend have an ongoing snap streak for 100 consecutive days there is also a fire emoji that appears next to the no. of days you had an ongoing snap streak with the other person.


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the main topic of discussion about What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat? Well, it is always fun and interesting to talk with your friends on social media platforms, and what’s a better way to understand your friendship? With these emoticons, it is always fun and interesting.

So, this is all about What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat? If you think this article is of any use to you then make sure to share it with your loved ones also. Keep visiting Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Till then enjoy reading and have fun. Thank You!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the meaning of TG on Snapchat?

Ans. Well TG on Snapchat is “Thank God” most of the time but it also has some other meanings like “That’s Great” “Too Good” and “Transgender”. And is often used to express positive emotions or an expression of relief.

Q2. What is the meaning of HY on Snapchat?

Ans. HY on Snapchat stands for “Hell yeah” or “Hell yes” and is usually used to show excitement or agreement.


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