What Does Post To View Mean On TikTok 2023? Is It Like Bereal?

What Does Post To View Mean On TikTok 2023? Is It Like Bereal?

How can you tell that you are becoming successful in life? When others start copying you. This stood true for TikTok when Instagram introduced Reels and is now standing true for Bereal with us asking what does post to view mean on TikTok. Yes, it’s true, it’s time for Bereal to be proud of itself because one of the world’s biggest video creation platforms has just started copying its feature.

Now, I know why my brother was so happy when I started his old bike when we were kids. You might think what the big deal here is and it is that TikTok is trying to evolve itself and doing everything to keep its user base intact. So, what does post to view mean on TikTok?

The Bereal app was introduced in 2020 but gained immense popularity this year with many users praising it for introducing the concept of uploading live and infiltered photos. Many users shunned the typical social media apps and signed up for Bereal.

When TikTok saw that its user base is in trouble it introduced the “post to view” feature that asked users to upload a 10-second video of themselves to view a particular content. Here is more on that.

What Does Post To View Mean On TikTok?

What Does Post To View Mean On TikTok

Now coming to the main question, what does post to view mean on TikTok? It’s rightly said that “if you can’t beat them, make friends with them” and that’s exactly what TikTok did here. When the platform saw that Bereal has come up with a new way of mingling on social media, it understood that the user base can shift in that direction.

Hence to keep them from leaving TikTok and trying the new app, it introduced the “post to view” feature which works exactly like Bereal. What it does is that TikTok shows the user a blurred video and they won’t be able to see it even if they tap on it.

TikTok puts a condition in front of the user and asks them to post an impromptu 10-second video of themselves if they want to see the blurred video. Now, you may think that people will not take the bait but avid TikTok users know the joy of finding a great TikTok video that can make their entire day.

So, many of them have already taken the bait. With the introduction of this new “post to view” feature TikTok is trying to kill two birds with one stone. One, TikTok is increasing its video upload percentage by giving users another reason to post on TikTok, and two, it’s retaining those users who feel social media is all about creating a fake image of ourselves for likes and views.

It is doing so by allowing them to post a live and unfiltered video of themselves and keeping it real without any editing. Just like Bereal. In this way, once TikTok users know the answer to what does post-to view mean on TikTok and see that they are getting the same benefit here on the app, they won’t leave to try the Bereal app now.

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How Does The TikTok Post To View Feature Work?

What Does Post To View Mean On TikTok

Now that we are done with what does post to view mean on TikTok now let us shift our focus to how this feature work. The “post to view” feature is a part of the new TikTok Now feature that enables users to upload a 10-second impromptu video and share it with their friends.

It works exactly like Bereal, at a random time during the day TikTok will send a notification to its user to share whatever they are doing at that time in a 10-second video. And just like Bereal, TikTok has kept a timer to complete the task, the users get 3 minutes to upload the video. The idea is to share more and connect more with their friends on TikTok.

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Wrapping Up!

And that’s a wrap on what does post to view mean on TikTok. TikTok is a very creative app, it creatively takes the best features of other apps, enhances them and includes them within itself. It took inspiration from Dubsmash and created a new way of video creation and now it’s tapping the market of shunning social media standards and showing off your real self to everyone by uploading unfiltered videos.

Bravo! That’s called utilizing the best of the market to give an overall experience to the users in one place. Today we ask what does post to view mean on TikTok and who knows what the future will bring for us. Let’s just hope for the best and for now, let’s check our phones to see if we have gotten the post to view notification yet.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is TikTok now?

Ans. Before asking what does post to view mean on TikTok you should ask what TikTok now is because the latter will answer the former question as well. TikTok now is a new feature introduced by TikTok that sends users a daily notification to upload a live video or photo of themselves and what they are doing using the front camera and the back camera and share it with their friends. Just like Bereal.

Q2. How to get TikTok now?

Ans. TikTok Now is available within the TikTok app in certain countries and needs to be downloaded separately in others. Users who get the app inbuilt into TikTok will be able to see the “post to view” notification automatically.

On the other hand, the users who don’t get the feature automatically have to first download it, create an account or log into their existing account and then tap on the start button to use the account.

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