What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|

Are you also getting anxious while thinking What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? Snapchat is one such social media platform with its own acronyms and slang language and a different symbol language that tells your activity on this app. Have you ever seen an hourglass symbol next to your friend’s name?

Well, it appears to remind you that you have forgotten to send the snap streak within 24 hours. Also, have you ever encountered a yellow heart that means you and the other person are each other’s Bff on this app you send a lot of snaps to each other.

A grey X symbol appears when you’re not friends with the other person or they haven’t added you or they have removed you from their friend list. And there are plenty of other symbols like the grey arrow and many others also and the Snapchat filters available on this app are too intriguing that they will keep you hooked.

Well, OPS on Snapchat stands for “Opinions” and it is used when you are asking someone to give their views or reviews. So, if you’re thinking about how you can use OPS in your stories or texts then keep reading this writing to get the right information about what does OPS mean on Snapchat? So, without delay let’s get started.


Here’s What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat

What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|

Well other than the acronym and slang Snapchat is also popular for its various features of Snap map and its premium version also includes a ghost trial where you can check the recent travel activity of your friend on Snap map and a yellow dotted line appears to show that.

Also, Snapchat icons, Snapchat badges, Pinning a person as your best friend, story rewatch count, and many others this list goes on. Also, if you’re not that familiar with acronyms and this slang language then make sure to check our previous articles like IMY, FW, GNS, and plenty of others.


What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|

OPS on Snapchat stands for “Opinions” and it is usually used when you wanted to take someone’s judgment or their viewpoint. If you have to give an opinion about any object that is non-living then tell them what you think about that particular object and if it is a living thing then try to explain the characteristics. Look at the example below to apprehend it:

  • OPS about what you think of money?
  • OPS on drinking and driving?
  • OPS on the internet as a boon?


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Where To Use OPS?

What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|

Well, if you are thinking about where you can use OPS then I would say don’t think too much because it has the same meaning on all the platforms including Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Also, you can use OPS in your stories to ask about other people’s opinions and it is usually used to ask questions regarding something. People also use “TBH” which means “To Be Honest” and it can be used as an alternative to OPS.


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How To Revert Back To OPS On Snapchat?

What Does IMR MWhat Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? |Here's An Answer For You|ean On Snapchat? |Here's The Right Answer|

You might be getting anxious to see OPS on your mobile screen and thinking how should I respond to this text well it’s not that difficult you have to give your views regarding the context of your conversation and I hope next time when someone says OPS you won’t get anxious to see that.


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the main topic regarding What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? These acronyms are always fun and entertaining to use it in your conversation they will add spice to your boring conversations So make sure to use them while conversing with your loved ones.

So this is all about What Does OPS Mean On Snapchat? I hope you find this information useful and a fun read. Make sure to share it with your close ones and also keep visiting Amricbuzz for more informative articles. Thank you for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the meaning of WTV on Snapchat?

Ans. WTV on Snapchat stands for “Whatever” and it is usually used to show that you have no interest in what the other person is saying or you don’t agree with what the other person is saying or you can end a conversation using WTV and you won’t look rude.

Q2. What is the meaning of ATP on Snapchat?

Ans. ATP on Snapchat stands for Attend The Phone or Answer the Phone. It is usually used to tell the tell person to pick up the call or even video call so that you can talk to them. Else, it also stands for “At That Point”


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