What Does NRS Mean On Snapchat | Here’s An Answer For You

What Does NRS Mean On Snapchat | Here’s An Answer For You

Do you know what NRS means on Snapchat as it is trending nowadays very much on Snapchat? If not then you are at the right place. After reading this whole article you will get to know all that NRS means on Snapchat and what kind of slang it is? Btw we have already discussed many other acronyms in our previous articles too like What is YWA on Snapchat? What is TTM on Snapchat? What is WTV in Texting? What is WSG on Snapchat? you can also have a look at them too. Snapchat is famous for its trending things there is no doubt. So, let’s start this now without wasting any time.

NRS simply means on Snapchat ‘No replies’.It is mostly used when people are feeling low and do not want to talk to anyone and they’ve just “had enough” of their tough, ticky tacky lives. It can also be used when you are doing something very important and you’ve run out of data or for any other reason, and you want everyone to know that now you can’t be replying to their messages, then adding ‘NRS’ to a snap was the way forward. This is an easy, short and quick way to let everyone know that you cannot talk right now.


So, What Does NRS Mean On Snapchat



  • I’m very fatigued and I’m gonna go sleep now NRS.
  • Going out NRS.
  •  I have a night shift today so NRS.
  • I’m going on a long trip so NRS from now.


You might be thinking that do we use acronyms only on Snapchat? But to clear your doubt, no we can use acronyms on any social media site or anywhere in our daily routine life to make it more fun and interesting. Many more, you must check how can you use NFS in your conversation on Instagram and what NFS means on Instagram?

We can use acronyms anywhere we want to unless it is an informal conversation. Because in formal conversations we are not allowed to use acronyms as they are not understandable to everyone and there it also not sounds good.

Some common terms really puzzle us. As if NRS means no replies in the world of Snapchat but outside this world, it means something different. For avoiding miscommunications you should know the basics of Snapchat terminology.  You should know what snap means, what story means, streaks, snapback, etc.


‘nd’ – and‘FYI’- for your information‘TWD’- texting while driving‘POV’- point of view
‘TUL’- talk to you later‘HMU’- hit me up‘LOL’ – laugh out loud‘WU’ – what’s up
‘w’- with‘HRU’- how are you‘bussin’- really good ‘2nite’ – tonight
‘B4N’-bye for now‘btw’-by the way‘CYA’ – see yaa‘DM’- direct message


  • PU: It means  “pop up” which means that the next person is asking you to talk to them on Snapchat.
  • SMH: This means “shaking my head” and is generally used to express disappointment or any kind of confusion.
  • SFS/S4S: This means “Snap for Snap”, which simply means that the user will trade shoutouts with another person on Snapchat
  • Snap score: Your Snap score is how much you’ve been using this application, the higher the number is the more you’ve used.

How You Can Create Your Own Slangs?

english internet slang

The slangs are mostly made-up of the starting letters of the words that are being synopsized. These are being used more and more these days because they can be easily written in texts and it also saves time. They are the same as  LOL, OMG, and ILY abbreviations we use in text messages.

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There are many slangs like this that people do use on Snapchat because it sounds cool. In today’s generation acronyms are commonly used. People do create their own acronyms nowadays because it sounds interesting and cool. Today’s generation is very much into acronyms and slang because they want to sound cool and chill every time.

People do like shortcuts so it’s another way of saving time too by creating acronyms. Acronyms existed much before texting and Social Media ever entered our daily livelihood. Yet the kind of status that they enjoy in this day could not have been possible without their importance in daily texting or using social media platforms. Acronyms are moving forward with every generation that enters Social Media and it’s becoming tougher and tougher to detect what some of these short forms actually mean. It’s undoubtedly a Lil trouble for those users and people who want to be connected with current lingo as a new acronym is popping up regularly and yet one wants to place that in mind for the sake of gaining knowledge.



That’s all there is to know about NRS and its uses. So we hope by now you know what NRS means on Snapchat. Do use such slang and acronyms in your routine life to make it more interesting and fun. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment section and if you have any queries you are always welcomed by us with open arms. Drop your queries there in the comment box. We will be glad if we can be of any use to you.



1. What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an American messaging application.

2. When was Snapchat released?

Snapchat was released on 8 July 2011.

3. Who are the original authors of Snapchat?

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

4. Is Snapchat safe?

Snapchat uses end-to-end encryption on pictures shared by its users.

5. What does MCM mean on Snapchat?

MCM on Snapchat means “Man Crush Monday.”

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