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In this article, we will let you know what does idle mean on discord. The use of acronyms and slang on social media platforms is normal and common these days. We can also say that it has become an addition to today’s trends, every day some new acronyms or some new slang is going viral on social media, like Snapchat.

But apart from the social media industry, there is another industry that is booming at this time, the gaming industry. Gaming platforms such as discord also use multiple statuses, with the main being four statuses; Do not disturb, online, idle, and invisible. There are only a few applications that allow people to connect with unknown people without sharing any of their personal information.

In case you wish to know what does idle mean on discord platform, then, let us tell you, this word actually signifies the user is away from keyboard, which is usually denoted by “AFK”. If you are eager to know more about this status, keep reading this article till its end, and will observe what does idle mean on discord. So, let’s get started!


What Does Idle Mean On Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

Like other popular applications, discord also allows its users and gamers to set status. Not only this, discord itself automatically sets the status of its users, which is based on the user’s activity on the application. One of these statuses is Idli status, which appears in a crescent moon-shaped icon.


What Does Idle Mean On Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

You will see a crescent moon icon along with the user’s avatar on the right side. Perhaps you have also seen this icon with the avatar of your friend or some unknown person and you cannot understand what that person is trying to say and what does idle mean on discord.

So let us tell you what is the meaning of this idle status in discord. The word Idli denotes away from keyboard- it means to say that the user or gamer, keeping his computer, is also logged in with his account but he has not been active for some time. This idle status indicates that this user has not looked at the messages for the last 5-10 minutes and was active some time ago.


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How Would You Manually Set Status In Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

Step 1: First of all, you need to open the discord server, where you wish to set your status.

Step 2: Next, tap on the profile picture at the down-left corner of your screen.

Step 3: After this, choose to select your status, idle/do not disturb/invisible/online, to activate your status.

So, this is how you will be able to know how to manually set status in discord as well as what does idle mean on discord. 


What Does Do Not Disturb Mean On Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

So do not disturb status means that the user does not want you to know about his activity. He doesn’t want you to meet him online or say that he wants to stay hidden. It will be online but you will not see it. You will see it in the form of a red circle.


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What Does Online Mean On Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

It directly tells that the user is online. Online status means that the person is currently online on discord and also indicates that he is ready to be engaged on the server so that he can read messages, reply to them and receive notifications.


What Does Invisible Mean On Discord?

what does idle mean on discord

With the help of this invisible status, you will appear offline to other Discord users even when you are online. This is the opposite of online status and you can also set it manually.


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Summing Up!

So we have covered what does idle mean on discord. So, basically, this word actually signifies the user is away from keyboard, which is usually denoted by “AFK”. We genuinely expect that you find this article informational and quite helpful too.

Don’t forget to share the guide with your discord squad and near ones. For more updates on gaming, technology, and other entertainment-based content, keep exploring back to americbuzz and stay tuned for its future articles. Thanks for reading this article till the end!



Q1. What does offline mean on discord?

Ans. The offline status means that the user is offline and that person will not be able to receive any kind of notifications.

Q2. What does streaming mean on discord?

Ans. Streaming status means that the user is currently on twitch and streaming a game.

Q3. What does custom mean on discord?

Ans. Discord also let its users, for setting up their custom status for a particular period of time.

Q4. What does phone mean on discord?

Ans. This phone status simply means that the user has logged in to their discord account via mobile. It appears as a green-colored smartphone icon right next to the avatar.


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