What does a Quality Manager do?

What does a Quality Manager do?

A professional Quality Manager is typically responsible for ensuring top-notch quality across a wide range of services and products of an organization. They strive hard to check whether the particular product meets consistent standards or not. Apart from that, these experts make sure to learn if the services or products adhere to compliance and satisfy customer experience or not. By developing and implementing quality control tests, a Quality Manager generates desired outputs.

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In this article, you can uncover some of the roles and responsibilities of an expert Quality Manager. Stay tuned till the very end for more insights and details. Dig deeper!

Roles and responsibilities of a Quality Manager

Let’s pave the way toward checking out these pointers at a quick glance:

  • A Quality Manager is responsible for understanding the expectations and needs of their loyal customer base. Keeping the product’s quality intact is their core aim.
  • These professionals focus on developing quality control processes.
  • They tend to design product specifications in order to avoid mistakes.
  • They design their products in such an exclusive manner, thus adhering to safety and legal standards.
  • A Quality Manager makes sure to supervise monitoring production standards.
  • They examine the raw material’s quality before using them in the production procedure.
  • One of the primary aims of these experts revolves around evaluating and monitoring internal production processes.
  • A Quality Manager evaluates the product’s final output. It enables them to determine the overall quality of the product.
  • These professionals don’t work with products that fail to meet quality standards.
  • They engage with customers with an approach to gathering product feedback.
  • These industry leaders produce statistical reports, thus meeting quality standards.
  • If they identify any standard quality issue, getting in touch with the upper management is one of their important responsibilities.
  • They focus on evaluating product recalls.
  • A professional Quality Manager manages waste and improves production efficiency.
  • They perform statistical analysis and store accurate documentation.
  • They seek new opportunities to develop efficient processes.
  • Without compromising on quality, these professionals make cost-effective decisions.
  • They conduct audits and make improvement plans.
  • They get in touch with a product development team regularly.
  • They possess excellent numerical skills.
  • They have proper knowledge related to MS Office and databases.

Skills required to be a Quality Manager

Check out the skills of a professional Quality Manager stated below in this article:

  • Planning and Organizing

A Quality Manager doesn’t necessarily rely on implementing short-term initiatives or achieving a small goal. Instead, they pay attention to understanding and comprehending the long-term objectives of the organization. Their organizational skills enable them to plan execution strategies, set goals, review outcomes, and ensure proper implementation. As a result, these industry experts successfully identify different areas of improvement.

  • Leadership

Leadership qualities are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after skills. Thanks to this specific skill, leading a team and deriving proper outputs is as smooth as a cakewalk for them. Under their guidance, the entire team slays like a well-oiled machine. As a Quality Manager, you must focus on incorporating work delegation, negotiation skills, result-orientedness, decision-making, conflict management, and adaptability to technologies and changing times.

  • Communication

By honing my communication skills, a professional Quality Manager will be able to convey details and information in an efficient manner. Conversing with business stakeholders and team members has always been challenging. Excellent communication skills build good relationships and lead to better negotiation.

  • Problem-Solving

Problem-solving skills make it easier to determine the reasons behind an issue. It helps them to reach the core of the particular problem, thus resolving it objectively. In no time, these professionals gauge the fine effectiveness of sorting out the given concerns.

  • Statistical Analysis

Statistical skills of a Quality Manager help them to collect, explore and present a massive volume of data. As a result, they can take a step toward locating hidden trends and patterns. In Quality Management, internal testing and auditing generate huge amounts of data. It allows them to improve the overall quality of the service or product.

  • Project Management skills

The field of Quality Management is often influenced by Project Management skills. It comes with a great impact on Quality Assurance. Thanks to these plethoras of Project Management skills, adapting to newer protocols and processes is extremely smooth now. You can opt for various training sessions to hone your Product Management skills. Several online Bootcamps such as Simplilearn, offer certification courses to aspiring candidates.

  • Attention to detail

Quality Managers are required to keep themselves updated with the performance of different services and products of an organization. They strive to maintain top-notch accuracy while looking after their team member’s work and dealing with quality control tasks. If an employee doesn’t meet the required standards, the quality manager must fix the bug. By devising strategies and suggesting methods, these experts succeed in eliminating pitfalls.

  • Software and Computer Literacy

Extensive knowledge related to data analysis tools, presentation software, and spreadsheet programs enables these professionals to stand out among the huge pack. With the help of their software and computer literacy skills, the Quality Manager learns to construct informational modules. They need to possess some comprehensive knowledge related to the protocols, processes, best practices, and functions of an organization.

  • Team player

A Quality Manager needs to act as a team player. He/she must cooperate with their employees and clear all their doubts and queries.

The bottom line

This is about a Quality Manager and his/her roles and responsibilities. This is one of the highest paying jobs that allow you to earn nearly 11 lakh/year. All you need to do is opt for certification, and that’s it.


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