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Street Fighter is undoubtedly one of the most successful video game franchises ever. It first graced our screens back in 1987. Essentially it has been around since the dawn of gaming as we know it. It is the highest-grossing fighting game ever. More than that thought, it is one of the highest-grossing video games ever, regardless of genre. It is Capcom’s flagship title, and, as of September 2021, it has notched up worldwide sales of 47 million units. The titles released so far have grossed a remarkable $12.2 billion for the business.

If the game were human, it would now be tipping over into middle age at thirty-five. There may have been updates in recent years, but Street Fighter 5, the last entirely new game, was released back in 2016. However, there is definitely a new game on the way. In February, Capcom’s video trailer of game footage showed a bearded Ryu facing off against Luke Sullivan. Sullivan first appeared in Street Fighter 5. Capcom has promised more news about the release date this summer, but as yet, it’s all rumor and conjecture.

Capcom has made no bones about Sullivan being the future of the franchise. What we do not yet know is who his opponents will be other than Ryu. Will other favorites be brought back, and what will the new characters look like? There have been hints that Chun-Li and Guile will be lining up to fight. But how many other opponents will there be in the game? When Street Fighter 5 launched, there were sixteen fighters, but after updates and interim releases, there are over forty characters in that game.

A data leak from Capcom was published on leading video games and media platform IGN. That news suggests that Street Fighter 6 has a fall 2022 release date. This would be followed a year later by the release of a Super Street Fighter 6 game. That schedule could, of course, be outdated as it has not been announced officially. What has been formally announced, however, is that Capcom told their investors that they plan to release several new titles before March 2023.

That statement did not confirm what those titles are. However, they did say that they were major titles, and Capcom does not have a massive number of significant franchises. As well as Street Fighter, they produce Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry. So, the rumor says this Fall, but Capcom historically releases fighting titles in the first quarter of the year. So that would mean that fans will have to wait until 2023 for Street Fighter 6. 

Street Fighter is one of a handful of franchises that started out as a game but then took on a life of its own outside of the original format. Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario had similar crossover success, and it will be interesting to see if a game like Roblox will do so in the future. Lara Croft and Tomb Raider had a good run at it, but Street Fighter has an energy of its own and has outlived them all.

The franchise has seen collector cards, storytelling cards, and trading games alongside collectible miniature characters. In addition, NetEnt makes a slots version of Street Fighter II World Warrior, which can be found on WV online casino sites. As well as comic and manga titles, there have been animated Street Fighter films stretching back as far as 1992. 

The franchise even got the Stephen Spielberg treatment in 2018 when Ready Player One included avatars based on Street Fighter characters. An earlier live-action movie saw Jean-Claude Van Damme play Colonel Guile and Kylie Minogue played Cammy in the 1994 film.

So, with Street Fighter 6 currently in development, there is now a new rumor that there will be a new film. The next few months will be an interesting time for fans of the franchise; the only question is will the big news be in 2022 or 2023?

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