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College is a great time to start your own business, but it can be difficult to find the right opportunity. The good news is that you could be starting your own business right now if you know what to look for. This is crucial because as a college student there are obviously some limitations on the things you can do because of a time crunch, so for instance as a student you can’t just get into a wholesale business. This article will show you where to get started and how to make the most of your time as a college student.

1. Social Media Management

Social media has become an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small startups. As a college student, you can easily start your own social media management business by offering this service to your clients.

You can also become a freelance social media manager by building up your portfolio and landing clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. You can charge high rates for your services, depending on the size of the company, their budget and how much work is involved in each project.

2. Web Design and Development

The web design and development industry is ever-expanding as more people realize it’s an excellent way to earn income while still being able to spend time with friends and family. You can work from home or set up shop at an office space near where you live — whichever works best for you! If you don’t have any experience designing websites or apps, there are plenty of online courses that will help you get started quickly.

3. Indie animation studio

If you have a passion for animation, this is the perfect business to start as a college student. You can use your skills and knowledge of the art to create animations for clients or sell them on YouTube or other platforms. If you are interested in creating your own cartoons, consider starting with the cartooning series “Adventure Time” or “Regular Show” — both are created by a former Disney animator who now runs his own studio in Oregon.

4. Video Editing Services

If you are experienced in tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve you can start your own creative agency. To get your first few clients you can post your work on online platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.  However, if you don’t have experience with video editing tools or with the principles of video editing you consider taking one of these free online video editing courses offered by Udemy.

5. Indie game studio

This is one of the best business ideas for students, especially for the ones studying design or engineering. If you’re interested in making games, there are a couple of ways to go about it. You can try to get a job at a AAA game studio and hope for the best, but that’s not always possible. Instead, you can start your own indie studio. This will allow you to work with other like-minded people and create original IPs that are unique to the industry and hopefully profitable as well.

The first thing you’ll need is an idea for an original game or series of games that will be successful on its own merit. Once you have that, it’s time to get started! Set up a website where people can sign up for updates on your project (or even just send them money directly). Then get some friends together who share your passion for games and start brainstorming ideas together. It doesn’t matter if they’re completely off base — as long as everyone has fun, then they’ve contributed something useful!

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