8 Reliable Websites Like Mathway (2022) | Mathway Alternatives

8 Reliable Websites Like Mathway (2022) | Mathway Alternatives

In my early childhood, I used to practice lots of mathematics problems, but later on, when I grew up, it became so tough to understand and solve. But one thing that makes me solve maths problems is my own choice and capability of solving any sort of problem. To do that I came to know many sorts of ideas on how to solve difficult problems, but the time that I need to solve any big problem is very little. So I thought why not search your problems online so that I can find an easy solution faster and correct.

So, I came to know that there are lots of amazing websites on the Internet where you can just ask for any sort of complex problems answers and they’ll help you to solve them in a quicker and smarter way.

Mathway is one of my favorite websites that I use to solve many problems and even the site response is too good and quite impressive. Not only maths but you can ask questions on chemistry too. At the top left corner, you’ll see a three-line option where you have to click and you’ll see the options. Pick one option and ask whatever you want to solve. You can also send pictures of your question and you’ll surely get the right answer on time.

So, today in this blog we are going to provide some of the best 8 websites like Mathway. So let’s get started!

Here’s The Best 8 Reliable Websites Like Mathway (2022) | Mathway Alternatives

Website NamesWebsite Links
1. Tiger Algebrahttps://www.tiger-algebra.com/en/
2. WolframAlphahttps://www.wolframalpha.com/
3. MathPapahttps://www.mathpapa.com/
4. PhotoMathhttps://photomath.com/
5. Chegghttps://www.chegg.com/
6. CyMathhttps://www.cymath.com/
7. MicrosoftMathSolverhttps://math.microsoft.com/en
8. WebMathhttps://www.webmath.com/

1. TigerAlgebra

pad screenshot1

TigerAlgebra is one of the best websites for solving complex problems with a very fast reply and this site really works well when it comes to the response of any sort of question. If you want to solve Problem just type the question in the search bar and search and wait for the answer or you can just upload your question that you’ve taken from your mobile phone.

You can also find TigerAlgebra Calculator at the top and around 30,491,310 Problem has been solved by Tiger Algebra and that shows how reliable they are in terms of solving problems.

2. WolframAlpha

download 2 2

Wolfram Alpha is one of the best websites like Mathway where you can solve any simple or complex problems easily. The best feature I like about this site is its layout that is so good and easy to understand.

As I looked through the site they not only work on maths problems but you can ask any questions on Science and Technology, Society and Culture, and Everyday Life. For better features, you can upgrade to pro.

3. MathPapa

mathpapa algebra calculator 1

MathPapa is one of the best apps when it comes to solving Algebra problems and this will also help you to learn quickly and also help to increase your capability of solving problems quickly.

At the top of the Site, you’ll get one algebra calculator and lessons on how to solve problems and pricing plans for you to get better features.

4. PhotoMath

math education powered by mobile vision photomath i1920

PhotoMath is one of the great alternatives of Mathway as it doesn’t provide you search option but you can scan your question and you’ll get the answer in very little time. Photomath solves problems ranging from algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and even statistics.  You can download this app on both the Apple store and play store and start solving problems.

5. Chegg

chegg 3tp5

Chegg is one of the best apps for solving maths-related problems and works quite well on both android and ios and the layout of this website is nice. You can solve any kind of algebra, calculus problem easily.

6. CyMath


CyMath is a well know site for solving maths problems and it does its work so well and with perfection. You can get your query in very little time. It focuses more on functions, logarithm, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, and a lot more. For more features, you can Upgrade Pro Later.


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7. MicrosoftMathSolver

Websites Like Mathway

MicrosoftMathSolver is also a great app for solving maths problems correctly and you only have to open your cameras and just scan the question and you’ll get the answer in a very well manner. As it’s an App from Microsoft so there is no such worry to think about your problems and it would work quite well if you start using it wisely.

8. WebMath


 WebMath is one of the best apps for solving maths-related problems and works quite well on mobile phones and Pc and the layout of this website is nice. You can solve any kind of algebra, calculus problem easily.


As I have mentioned above some of the best 8 Websites like Mathway to solve maths problems. In the end, I just want to thank you to make it through the end and if you really liked the blog do let me know in our comment section. Thank You!

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