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Stranger Things season 4 was a hit, and we loved it too. There are several reasons to love Stranger Things, like characters, episode lengths, acting, and more. This season has an IMDb rating of 8.6.

You can watch it on Netflix officially, but there are several other ways to access it. I’ll tell you about some of them in this article, and hopefully, you will find them fruitful.

How to Stream Stranger Things Season 4?


You can use smartphones, TVs, laptops, or PCs to watch TV shows and movies. You can also use streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, or Chromecast to stream your favorite content. 

I have an Amazon Firestick that I use with my TV to stream shows and movies. I watched Stranger Things season 4 from Netflix because I had a subscription then.

However, you can also use add-ons and other apps to stream TV shows and movies for free. Torrent is another decent way you can use to stream content. You can use Torrent websites on Amazon Firestick by using a VPN. Try using a paid VPN, as they are more reliable than the free ones.

You can also use sites like pirate bay or get on other torrent sites to download your favorite content. There are several other reliable torrent sites available for Firesticks that can give you your favorite content.

However, always avoid streaming illegal and copyrighted content because it can lead you to legal trouble. Streaming, sharing, and downloading copyrighted content is a criminal offense, and you can get behind bars if you are that unlucky.


What Did We Like About Stranger Things Season 4?


1) Episode Lengths


All the episodes from the fourth season of Stranger Things are more than 70 minutes, which gives us more time with our favorite characters. You will also get a full-fledged movie vibe with the last episode, which is around 100 minutes.


2) Characters


The incredible star cast of Stranger Things is one of the best USPs of the show. The fourth season has all the characters from the first season and introduces some new faces like Eduardo Franco, Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Quinn, and more.


3) Storyline 


Stranger things was never a show which had sorted storylines. However, all storylines fall in place in the fourth season. Things start to make sense as you find the connection between stories and characters. For instance, we discovered more about Eleven, a mystery in the first three seasons.


 4) Pop Culture References From the 80s


The show gives an 80s pop culture vibe because of D&D, Kate Bush’s big hit, and easter eggs. It is a new and exciting thing for 20th-century kids, which holds people’s attention. Will’s haircut was a standout funny thing for me.


5) Darker, Bolder, and Scarier Than Ever


 The gang of Stranger Things tries to move on as they reel past events. However, moving on does not last long as a threat is brewing on mother Earth and Upside down. Darkness returns to Hawkins, and it ignites new terrors and disturbs memories. There is another ominous threat that is ready for all. 


Horror is another aspect where the show exceeds expectations by raising the bar for the level of horror. After the first episode, it becomes clear that these guys are not messing around. The physical gore leaves the audience wanting more, even if it is scariest than ever.


6) Hopper is alive


Jim Hopper survived the last season’s explosion and is living in Russia as a prisoner. It might not sound ideal that he is a prisoner, but we all know he will be back with everyone.


7) Sadie Sink Has Stepped Up


Max Mayfield/ Sadie Sink has stepped up in the Stranger Things season four. It suddenly becomes a treat to watch her in action. She finds the spotlight in the fourth episode, and her perfect performance makes her the star. It was an emotional but powerful performance by her as she was dealing with her brother’s death.


8) New and Scary Villain


A new and scary villain makes the fourth season of Stranger Things more interesting. His name is more than enough to know fear. Vecna ( the villain) is a threat in Hawkins’ world; and possesses unlimited power and tortures his victims. This torture was similar to 1984’s movie, A Nightmare On Elm Street. I will not explain the torcher, but it was the worst I have seen on the show. It was scary, but I could not stop watching it.


9) Plot Twists


Stranger Things season four was bigger and better because it had several unpredictable plot twists. There were so many twists that sometimes I found it hard to keep track. Several tracks were running simultaneously, which were perfect for binge-watching. The season ended with exciting revelations making it hard to stay calm.


Wrapping Up


This article was about two primary things; Stranger things season four and how to stream it. I gave honest feedback about the season and the twists, characters, storylines, plots, etc., which I loved about this season. It was not a promotional article but an honest review.

Secondly, I told you about the ways you can stream this season. Netflix remains the best way to stream the show as it is verified and official. However, you can use torrents, add-ons, and apps(on Firestick and other devices) to stream TV shows and movies.

There are two more things I would like to add. Never stream copyrighted and illegal content. Always use a VPN to hide your IP address, and avoid legal actions from the government or original/copyrighted content owners.

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