4 Best Ways To Increase Your Snap Score More Faster by 1000

4 Best Ways To Increase Your Snap Score More Faster by 1000

Snapchat is a different social media platform where you can send photos and videos to your friends and family. This app was released on 8th July 2011 and one of its main features is the picture and videos that are received or sent are available for a very short period, it is only available till the receiver has opened the photo or video.

When Snapchat was becoming hype, everyone started focusing on the Snapchat score which is also known as the snap score. Till today it is in the hype and many people want to increase their snap score. Some people get connected with a third party to increase their snap score and end up caught in a fraud or scam. In this post, I will be telling you how can you increase your Snapchat score or snap score quickly. To know further details continue reading the post. Do you know How can we calculate a snap score?

How does snap score work?

There is no such rocket science in understanding how the snap score works. Your snap score can be increased by sending or receiving the snaps as much as you can in a day, it can also be increased by sharing stories regularly on your account for which you will also be rewarded with some extra snap score.

What is the Purpose Of The Snap Score?

What precisely is the purpose or motive of a Snap Score? Do users with a higher score have any unique or superior Snapchat features? Will, you miss anything special if you won’t have a high snap score.?

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How Can You Increase Your Snap Score More Faster By 1000 Without Spamming


1. Send more snaps

In this Trick, you have to send as many snaps as you can which will increase your sent score on Snapchat. Remember, sending Snaps in the group messages doesn’t appear to help your score at all.

Ensure that you send snaps to individuals and not just group messages. This method also does not apply to chat messages, oddly enough. So, make sure to send Snaps instead of texts.

Ways To Increase Your Snap Score

2. Make more friends 

The more friends you make more your snap score will be, although this is a funny method. Snapchat is a social media platform so making more friends will increase your Snap score automatically. If you are new to Snapchat and don’t know how to add friends, don’t worry I will tell you.

You have to go to the search bar and search for your friend’s name if you have any or you can search online to whom to follow on Snapchat which will help you a lot to know whom can you follow.

add friends1


3. Make sure you open each and every snap

 When another user or your friends sends you a Snap, respond to it and send them a snapback. Whether sending the snaps to your friends or receiving the Snaps from them, both will raise your score. So, with no issue with the content, review and open your Snaps daily.

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4. Watch more videos

Watching random videos from  YouTubers, content creators, publishers, and community members in the Discover section can also contribute enormously to increasing your Snapchat score.

Ways To Increase Your Snap Score More Faster


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Can You Lose Your Snap Score?

No, you cannot lose your Snapchat score. If you are not using Snapchat for a few days or some weeks your snap score will stop at one point. Neither it will increase nor it will decrease. Until and unless there are no installation bugs or glitches in the app.

If your Snap Score drops by some points, go to your device’s app store or play store and update your Snapchat to the latest version. This should fix the issue that you are facing. Otherwise, Report a problem in the Snapchat app to file a complaint.


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Here’s How To Find Your Snap score?

There are some steps that you will have to follow to get there-

  1. Download the app from “Appstore” or “PlayStore” on your respective device.
  2. Create an “Account” or Login to your existing account.
  3. Your “Camera screen” will appear
  4. Click on your “Bitmoji icon”, which is on the top left.
  5. After clicking that icon, you will see your “Bitmoji Profile icon” and below that icon, you will see your snap score.


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Wrapping up!

The more you interact or connect with other Snapchat users or your Snapchat friends, the speedier your Snap Score boosts. These are the Proven Ways To Increase Your Snap Score More Faster. Exchanging direct messages has no direct impact on your Snapchat score.

There is no other free way to increase your snap score, paid ways may cause any damage to your devices. I hope this information has helped you. If you have any queries post them in the comment section.

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