4 New Upcoming Movies of Mark Ruffalo List Coming in 2022

4 New Upcoming Movies of Mark Ruffalo List Coming in 2022

Award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo was born on November 22, 1967, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, of humble means to father Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, a construction painter, and Marie Rose (Hebert), a stylist and hairdresser; his father’s ancestry is Italian and his mother is of half French-Canadian and half Italian descent.

Mark moved with his family to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he lived out most of his teenage years. Following high school, Mark moved with his family to San Diego and soon migrated north, eventually settling in Los Angeles.

Mark Ruffalo has gained a huge fanbase by playing the role of The Hulk and his fans are always waiting for the movies and news regarding the upcoming movies of Mark. If you are looking for the upcoming movies of Mark then, in this article, I have mentioned the list of upcoming movies of Mark Ruffalo:

“Here is the 4 Upcoming Movies of Mark Ruffalo List (2022)”

Upcoming Movies of Mark Ruffalo

S.No.Movie NameReleased Date
1.The Adam Project2022
2.Dry RunTo Be Announced
3.NewsFlashTo Be Announced
4.She-HulkTo Be Announced


Let’s know Briefly About These Upcoming Movies:


1. The Adam Project

the adam

The Adam Project is an upcoming American science fiction movie directed by Shawn Levy and written by  Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Catherine Keener, and Walker Scobell. The film is scheduled to be released on Netflix in early 2022. The movie centers around a man who travels back in time to get help from his younger self to confront their late father.

Movie NameThe Adam Project
Released Date2022
CastRyan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana
Genreaction, sci-fi

2. Dry Run

dry run

Dry Run is an upcoming movie starring Mark Ruffalo. The release date of the movie is not announced yet but it is expected in near future like in 2-3 years. There is no official confirmation or strong leaks about the plot and storyline of the movie but according to a news report, the movie is about a lawyer who took on the chemical company DuPont. This is all we know about the release date, plot, and storyline of the movie.

Movie NameDry Run
Released DateTo Be Announced
CastMark Ruffalo, Mare Winningham, Anne Hathaway, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Bill Pullman, Tim Robbins, Jonathan King, Victor Garber, Bill Camp
Genredrama, action

3. NewsFlash



In addition to his upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe reunion, Mark Ruffalo will also be sharing the screen with a DC Extended Universe star in the unspecified future on a film that is likely bound to get plenty of awards attention.

He will play CBS news producer Don Hewitt alongside Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine as Walter Cronkite in Newsflash – a historical, behind-the-scenes account of the famed reporter’s legendary announcement of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963. The biopic, which had originally cast Seth Rogen in the Cronkite role, will be directed by Halloween Kills helmer David Gordon Green from a script by newcomer Ben Jacoby and is currently in pre-production.

Movie NameDry Run
Released DateTo Be Announced
CastMark Ruffalo
Genreaction, mystery


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4. She-Hulk

download 6

Still in development more than a year after it was first announced at the D23 expo in 2019 is She-Hulk– a series profiling lawyer Jennifer Walters’ adventures as Marvel’s other green, hulking crimefighter.

Despite previous reports of Tatiana Maslany playing the lead, the Disney+ exclusive series has yet to cast the title role, who became a superhero after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. So far, the human side of The Incredible Hulk’s connection to the main character and a particularly enthusiastic tweet from the actor is all the evidence we have to suggest that Mark Ruffalo will make an appearance on the show.

Movie NameShe-Hulk
Released DateTo Be Announced
CastMark Ruffalo (expected), Jennifer Walters.
Genreaction, super-hero



In this article, I have mentioned the upcoming movies of Mark Ruffalo. If you find this article helpful then please comment on what you feel about the article and also suggest what would you like to see in the next articles.

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