Upcoming Apple watch series 8 Release date & Leaks

Latest Upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date & Leaks (2022)

As we all know apple is the biggest tech brand at this time. And there is no introduction to this amazing company. Apple was founded on 1 April 1976 in Los Altos, California, USA. It was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple today is the world’s leading tech company which deals in many tech products such as Apple iPhone, iPod, apple tablet, I Mac, apple AirPods, apple watch, etc. Apple products in general are the highest quality products and the company provides many years of software updates in their products. That is also one of the reasons people love apple products.

Yes, Apple is not a cheap brand to buy but its surprising quality and features and easy-to-use design make customers buy from them. Each year when Apple announces its new product whole media turn their cameras towards them they just create a hype that everyone wants to hear about.

There is a one-of-a-kind apple product that we are gonna talk about in this article is the apple watch. Apple watches list one-of-a-kind products by themselves. It just created the standard of a smartwatch. This product is loaded with features such as a step counter, sleep monitoring, workout tracker, pulse counter, etc it even detects when you fall it calls the emergency numbers. Apple watches seamlessly connect with your beloved I phone and can be used as a phone too because it comes with an option of cellular one so that you can make direct calls on your watch. If you work out daily you must have an apple watch because it tracks your workout and recommends the best exercises and how it’s performed apple watch show it to you.

This year Apple is goanna show us a brand new apple watch series 8. And there are a lot of rumors regarding it. Let’s talk about them.

Here’s the Upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date (2022)

The last time Apple come up with its brand new watches is in September 2022. and Apple is a company with a lot of secrets. We honestly don’t know what’s coming next by apple but we surely know that Apple will surprise us in September 2022 with its brand new watches and many more products that consumers will love to buy according to rumours apple watch series 8 will be launched in September 2022.

Apple Watch Design

Credits:- Creative blog

Officially Apple hasn’t displayed their watch series 8 design yet, so everything we are going to discuss is inspired by all the big tech websites that might be giving the exact information.  So, Apple hasn’t changed the design of its apple watch very drastically but according to rumours apple watch series 8 is accepted to adopt a brand new design this year. According to the rumour apple watch series, 8 will have close to zero bezels. And will have the new flat design.

Apple Watch  work & Features

Apple hasn’t come up with new features in the apple watch series 7 but maybe this year will be big for apple as well as tech enthusiasts because the apple watch series 8 will be having some cool new features and software such as a brand new watch os 8, two speakers and microphone, Better display, much longer battery life, blood glucose monitoring, temperature sensors so that it can warn you before you feel sick. Wow, whole a lot of features it’s gonna be interesting this year I guess.

Some of the features that you would see in the Apple Watch Series 8

1. Car Crash Detection

Apple Watch crash detection
Credits:- ZEE5

Apple is developing a crash detection feature for the iPhone and Apple Watch that might be released in 2022. It will employ accelerometers and other sensors to detect automobile accidents by sensing a surge in gravitational force.

When an automobile accident is detected, the iPhone or Apple Watch will instantly phone 911 for assistance. This might be a feature built for the iPhone 14 models and the Apple Watch Series 8, although it’s not likely to be confined to those devices, given that this is scheduled for 2022. It will be an extension of the existing Apple Watch and iPhone models’ Fall Detection capability.

2. Sleep Apnea Detection

Sleep apnea treament diagnosed with a smartwatch min

Apple wants to employ the current blood oxygen sensor to identify sleep apnea, but obtaining many measurements without depleting the battery is a challenge.

3. Temperature Sensor

watchos5 series4 watch temperature social card

A temperature measurement function might be beneficial for fertility tracking and keeping track of sleep, as well as detecting whether a user gets a fever in the future.

4. Apple Watch Processor

This year apple may come with a brand new processor for its watches so that these lot of features can be used seamlessly and in every condition and it can come up with three different sizes for all people. So let’s hope that we will get to see what we heard this year.


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Wrapping Up!

Above we’ve mentioned some of the important information about the Upcoming Apple watch series 8  and we have also listed some of the cool health features which you would see in the next series version. If you really liked the blog do let us know your valuable review on the New Apple Watch Series 8.

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