10 latest and Upcoming Anime Movies List To watch in 2022

10 latest and Upcoming Anime Movies List To watch in 2022

10 latest and upcoming Anime Movies in 2022-

Anime is a term for a style of Japanese comic book and video cartoon animation in which the main characters have large doe-like eyes. Many Web sites are devoted to anime. Anime is the prevalent style in Japanese comic books or manga. In Japan, a comic book is a popular form of entertainment for adults as well as for younger audiences.

Storylines are often very sophisticated and complex and extend into episodic series. Typical anime themes or genres include Ninja and other martial arts; supernatural or horror stories; romance; and science fiction including robots and space ships. Foils for the main characters, including robots, monsters, or just plain bad people, often lack the doe-eyed quality.

Anime is very famous among every age group and everyone is just ready to watch these and some of them might have thought of movies based on Anime themes and stories. And, if you are one of them, then, in this article I have mentioned the 10 latest and upcoming Anime Movies in 2021-22.

“Here is the 10 Latest & Upcoming Anime Movies List in 2021-22”

S.NO.Movie NameRelease Date
1.Yuru Camp Movie2022
2.Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop2021
3.Aria The Crepuscolo2021
4.Shika Nou OuSeptember 2021


Detective Conan Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet

April 16, 2021


Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash

May 2021
7.Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The King Of TennisSeptember 2021
8.Slam DunkTo Be Announced
9.Black Clover MovieExpected In 2022
10.Jujutsu Kaisen: Jujutsu HighIn Between 2021-22

Let’s Understand Briefly ABout these latest and Upcoming Anime Movies


1. Yuru Camp Movie

Yurucamp Anime Movie Visual Cast Staff Revealed

To end on a cheerful note, MAPPA is presenting to us the Yuru Camp  Movie.

The fans are reluctant to know what the movie can be about since a single camp trip isn’t enough to create an interesting plot. Nobody is getting his hopes up just yet but MAPPA may have a plan to surprise us.

We will just have to sit tight and wait since we have very limited information on the subject.

Released Date: 2022

2. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is the only Romantic movie on this list and reflects teenagers’ struggles in society.

It will cover the story of a young boy with a communication disorder and a popular girl who tries to hide the shame of wearing braces with a mask.

This movie is unique in terms of visuals and music choice.

Released Date: 2021

3. Aria The Crepuscolo


Even though Aria is not a very popular anime, it already has under its belt OVAs and Movies. It’s a slice-of-life anime that talks about the life of a group of girls living on the planet Mars.

The upcoming movie will follow the story of Anya and the relationship troubles the group is currently facing. The visuals are very pleasing and everything about this anime is somewhat smoothing you.

Released Date: 2021

4. Shika Nou Ou

TDK Select 02 1000x600 1

A large Kingdom made way to conquer a small land under the protection of Van, the head of the troops. Greatly outnumbered, they were all ready to sacrifice their lives to defend their home. And as expected they were defeated, but instead of killing Van, the empire took him as a slave and threw him in a salt mine.

A decision that they will soon deeply regret. The movie is based on a bestselling light novel that will move your heart as you follow unique characters trying to escape their fate and fight against the odds.

Released Date: September 2021

5. Detective Conan Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet

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Our not-so-young detective is back with his 24th movie. The author isn’t going to stop surprising us with his elaborate skims and prodigious deduction skills any time soon.

The “Japanese Bullet,” the world’s first vacuum-tube superconducting linear train is having its opening ceremony. An event much anticipated all over Japan. But the event will not go as the hosts had hoped since the top executives are being kidnaped one after another. It falls on Conan to find the culprit in the limited time that he has on his hands.

Released Date: April 16, 2021

6. Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash

mobile suit gundam hathaways flash 1024x576 1

Gundam just celebrated its 40th anniversary. To celebrate with all the fans of the iconic series they are producing a Trilogy. Yes, you read right, this movie will be the first out of three. The project should’ve been released in 2020 but was delayed to the COVID-19 crisis. But production is looking to make up for the lost time in 2021.

The upcoming movie is said to be very different from the other, in a good way.

It will follow the spiritual successor Amuro and Char of the original series but a new protagonist will make his entrance, we have yet to determine if he will be on to the good side or the evil one.

Released Date: May 2021 

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7. Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The King Of Tennis


The prince is back! Everyone, I’m sure, you were waiting for this since the last movie of the series was kind of a disappointment.

The anime left us on a cliffhanger and all the fans were hoping for a sequel. But this movie is not what we expected it to be. The author added a Sci-Fi element: Time travel!

The time travel will bring back Ryoma to a time where his father was still actively playing tennis and was trying to achieve his dream of becoming the number 1 professional tennis player. All the action will be set in America, not Japan.

Released Date: September 2021

8. Slam Dunk

https hypebeast.com image 2021 08 new slam dunk anime movie fall 2022 announcement info tw

It’s already been 25 years since the anime and manga of the series has ended but it’s coming back in force with a movie produced by Toei studio.

Slam Dunk is now one of the most famous sports anime and everyone is hyped about the news. No one expected the release of a movie after so many years, it came in as a real surprise. But we are still not sure if the movie will be a sequel or a reboot of the anime series.

Released Date: To Be Announced

9. Black Clover Movie

upcoming Anime Movies

Black Clover has been a hit in the anime world and is now getting its first movie! Every single one of us was dreading the day the series would end and knowing that it’s not totally over yet gave us something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, the details of the movie are still draped in mystery. Only a short video is available on Youtube giving us an idea about the design and art but nothing concerning the plot. The release date is also unknown. The producers I’m sure are having a blast bottling up the excitement of the fans waiting to see their reaction when the suspense will end.

Released Date: Expected in 2022

10. Jujutsu Kaisen: Jujutsu High

upcoming Anime Movies

Jujutsu Kaisen blew the minds of the watchers when it was first released. Studio MAPPA gave honor to the manga by reproducing it as an anime following perfectly the designs and the scenes depicted in the original manga.

Now MAPPA officially announced the production of a movie based on Volume 0 of the manga. If this movie is anything like the anime version, it is sure to become a masterpiece.

Released Date: 2021-22

End of the line:

In the above article, I have mentioned the list of the top latest and upcoming Anime Movies in 2021-22. If you liked the article then please comment and tell us your thoughts about the article and also let us know how we can improve in future articles. Till then cheers!!!!

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