Top 8 Latest And Upcoming Anime Movies In Theatres (2022)

Top 8 Latest And Upcoming Anime Movies In Theatres (2022)

Want to know about the Upcoming anime movies in theatres? Due to a record-breaking amount of new anime series being made accessible for streaming, American fans now have access to more anime than ever before. The wealth of anime is quite impressive. To keep us entertained this summer, the big screen is also getting its fair share of anime films.

This year, there is an anime film for everyone at your neighbourhood theatre, whether you need a break from the most recent Marvel release, don’t think Tom Cruise is as fascinating as a Ghibli classic, or just want a rocking, animated alternative to Elvis. The two main categories of anime are television programs with numerous episodes and one-shot films.

Every year, hundreds of new anime series and anime films are released in Japan, which is home to a veritable treasure trove of contemporary pop culture. Here is a list of the best anime movies in theatres in 2022 for both newcomers and ardent fans of the genre, including both recently released films and those that are expected to be released in the coming year. Users who wish to sit on their couches and don’t want to go to watch anime movies in theatres can watch them on free anime streaming sites.

Here’re The 8 Latest And Upcoming Anime Movies In Theatres In 2022

It has been revealed that there is a ton of anticipated anime films, both brand-new films and sequels to well-known anime series, that will be released in 2022. Check out the newest anime movies in theatres and their release dates right away!


1. Revue Starlight: The Movie

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

Starlight the revue is back. The Seisho Music Academy students have returned four years after the TV show’s conclusion in an effort to become stage stars. The narrative centres on Karen and Hikari, two college students who stumble across a peculiar stage where girls settle their disputes through clandestine conflicts that take the form of revues, or theatrical shows.

The anime initially appeared to be just another idol program, but it gradually established itself as something unique, sharing many similarities with the popular show Revolutionary Girl Utena. A gift for franchise enthusiasts and an engaging entrance point for novices, the film features singularly breathtaking action alongside a sense of theatricality and musicality.


2. One Piece Film Red

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

One Piece Film Red is one of the most eagerly anticipated anime films set to hit theatres this summer. It is the fifteenth instalment in the One Piece anime film series and the third entirely created by Eiichiro Oda, the original series’ manga artist.

One Piece Film Red is revealed to be closely related to “Red-Haired” Shanks and a new female character depicted in the opening key visual, who turns out to be Shanks’ daughter. It is going to be released on August 16, 2022.


3. The Deer King

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

What happens when you combine a former Ghibli animator, a former Ghibli director, and a former Ghibli writer to create a fantasy movie about the battles between nature and progress and between humanity and the environment?

Of course, you have Princess Mononoke and the Deer King! This movie manages to present a lived-in fantasy world, spectacular action, and a sad political drama of rebellion and bigotry, as expected given its impressive talent pool.


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The movie centres on a once-proud warrior who is tasked with guarding an orphan girl as a war involving mysterious curse rages throughout the whole country. The movie also contains a touching subplot about the value of medicine in the face of superstition that comes crashing down in 2022.

Ghibli lovers should see The Deer King while we wait for the studio’s next major blockbuster. exclusive fan screenings on July 13 and 14, followed by a general cinema release on July 15.


4. Suzume no Tojimari

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

Every time Makoto Shinkai, one of the hottest animation directors, releases a new anime movie, many anime fans eagerly anticipate it.

After the release of his previous popular film Weathering with You in 2019, he made the first announcement of his upcoming anime film, Suzume no Tojimari, which will be released this autumn.

It is centred on a 17-year-old girl who lives in the Kyushu Region and is situated in abandoned locations in Japan. The publication date is set for November 11, 2022.


5. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

Kiki’s Delivery Service, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best films, is a charming and whimsical tale of a young girl who sets out to make her way in the world and establish her value.

Although she finds friends along the way, she struggles with gaining independence while still needing others, which causes an identity problem that is oddly relatable to both children and adults.

One of Ghibli’s most straightforward yet emotionally nuanced pictures, it also stars Kiki’s pet cat, Jiji, who is one of the studio’s best-supporting actors.

This film explores the challenges of growing up, the wisdom of slowing down, burnout, and the loss of the passion that made one’s passions worthwhile and will be in theatres from 31st July to 3rd August.

6. Inu-Oh

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

Masaaki Yuasa, the director of superb experimental, odd, and bizarre anime like Devilman Crybaby, Mind Game, and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, is ready to take a hiatus from directing movies. But he bids farewell with the head-banging, thrilling rock opera that is his most rocking movie to date.

One of Japan’s most well-known performers from the 14th century, Inu-Oh is a Noh performer, biwa musician, and playwright whose life has gone almost entirely undocumented in the years since. As a result, he has become a legendary figure who is almost more myth than fact.


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Inu-Oh engages in historical fiction to tell the secret story behind him. Yuasa keeps the plot in the 14th century while reinventing Inu-Oh as a contemporary rock star.

This entails opulent musical pieces with backup dancers, pyrotechnics, and complex sets, but with 14th-century attire and instruments, an out-of-time but absolutely thrilling event worth thumping your feet to. The movie will be in theatres starting on August 12.


7. Dragon Ball Super

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

What else can be said about Dragon Ball? This anime franchise not only ranks among the most well-known and enduring of all time, but it also contributed to the Western youth market’s acceptance of the genre.

With a singular fusion of action, camaraderie, world-building, and a captivating hero’s journey, Dragon Ball is one of the pinnacles of what battle Shonen can be and has enthralled spectators for more than three decades.

The Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization that has plagued protagonist Goku since the original manga and anime, will make a comeback in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Super Hero, following the huge success of that film.

However, Gohan, his oldest son, and Piccolo, his former foe, are highlighted in the movie rather than the renowned hero. If you’ve been following the tale or want to experience some nostalgia, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is ready to Kamehameha it’s way into theatres.

However, if you haven’t, this definitely isn’t the ideal place to start. Beginning on August 18, in theatres everywhere.


8. Only Yesterday

Topmost 8 Upcoming And Latest Anime Movies In Theaters

The real ones are aware that Isao Takahata, the creator of Pom Poko and Grave of the Fireflies, was Studio Ghibli’s truly misunderstood brilliance.

Only Yesterday, a more slice-of-life drama compared to the whimsy of ’90s Ghibli, but an equally enchanting and moving story, sits between those two wildly different films.

It centres on a Tokyo woman who travels to the countryside and recalls all the choices and regrets she had as a child. It is comparable to Everything Everywhere All at Once sans the multiverse-related material, yet it is just as meaningful, life-affirming, and endearing.

It is one of the most mature Ghibli films, a moving examination of women’s roles in Japanese society, and a movie about the struggles of getting older.

Although Pom Poko has enormous tanuki testicles, this Ghibli film is still among the greatest. The film will be shown in theatres from August 28 to August 29.


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So we’ve listed the Top 8 Latest and Upcoming anime movies in theatres in 2022 in the article above. Feel free to comment on the article in the comments if you liked it. Additionally, if possible, let us know in the comments how we may make our articles better in the future. Thanks for reading!

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