Will Trapped Season 3 [2022] Be On Netflix Or Not? Checkout

Will Trapped Season 3 [2022] Be On Netflix Or Not? Checkout
The Icelandic series Trapped without any doubt is known to be one of the most successful TV shows in the entire history of Iceland. The mystery drama show has successfully managed to release two seasons. There are like 40 episodes in total 20 from each season. Each episode is about 50 min long. It was originally dropped on the RUV network but after achieving immense popularity the show was made available on  Amazon Prime, Netflix (Alice in Borderland), and other platforms. it was a considerable smart move in order to reach out to international viewers.
Trapped Season 3
The show is produced by Baltasar Kormakur, Sigurjon Kjartansson, and Magnus V. Sigurdsson. Indeed the series burns slowly and gradually but the more you watch it the more interesting you’ll find it.
The show revolves around the main character, Andri Olafsson (Olafur Darri Olafsson) who is head of police, and his attempt to solve a case of a man who was murdered in an entirely isolated city in Iceland. The body of the man was found in the remote area of Iceland by a few fishermen. The murder took place in the North region of Iceland on the property of a religious cult.
 Season 1 of the series ” Trapped” was released on September 20, 2015, and the second season was dropped after a three-year gap on December 26, 2018. By getting and 100% score from the critics on Rotten tomatoes, and successfully achieving heightened popularity and a dedicated fan base after the 2nd season of the series it was but natural for the fans to eagerly wait for the 3rd season as season 2nd ended on an inconclusive note.

So Trapped Season 3 Airing on Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed that Trapped season 3 will be airing on Netflix. The show originally produced by RVK studios was picked and given the broadcasting rights to BBC.
One of the three producers Komakur said that he believes that the show’s release on Netflix would take it to another level and heights.

Here’s the Release Date Of The Trapped Season 3

The thriller murder mystery series aired in Iceland state on 17th October, Sunday on the RUV channel. It is confirmed that it will be running as entrapped later on at Netflix.

Director of Co-Productions and Acquisitions Netflix Northern Europe Lina Bronéus, also said that they are thrilled to join hands with the team of the show for season 3 and believe that the show deserves to reach across the globe fully. He also appreciated the show and its caste and how strongly they’ve gripped viewers all around the world.

“Filming Of Trapped Season 3”

One of the casts, Olafur Darri Olafsson announced the filming of the show through the social media platform Instagram in September 2020. The filming was majorly done in Iceland only. All the covid protocols were followed as the country handled the pandemic very seriously.
The viewers will be spoiled by various breathtaking scenery as the shooting took place in between Siglufjörður and Hafnarfjörður for season 3 of trapped.

“Checkout All About Trapped”

In Trapped season 2, we saw the attack on the minister, while the main lead Andri struggles to handle numerous problems all at once.
The show revolves around two groups fighting on the island as they have different religions and entirely different belief systems. One group of Icelander bikers wanted to take over the island as a land of backup for the bikers and the other group considered the land as sacred and we’re peaceful enough.
Both The police Andri and Hinrika get to take over a remote island in an attempt to solve the war. The inconclusive ending in season 2 makes it obvious that in season 3 we will most likely watch the continuation of the similar plot focusing on the duo Andri and Hinrika and how they tackle the difficulties around them. As season 2 is full of political drama we are more likely to see a similar pattern of trill drama and revelation the season 3 of Trapped. 

Who Will Play In Trapped Season 3 | Cast Of Trapped Season 3

Without any doubt, we will be seeing the previous cast of seasons 1 & 2 in season 3-
  • Olafur Darri Olafsson as Andri Olafsson
  • Ilmur Kristjansdottir as Hinrika
  • Aron Mar Olafsson as Vikingur
  • Stormur Jon Kormakur Baltasarsson
  • Steinn Armann Magnusson as Ketill
We will surely witness new faces in season 3. Even though there is no official statement from the sources but we will be seeing some fresh faces making this entire show more interesting and thrilling.

What Was In Trapped season 2? | A Quick Recap

Icelandic murder mystery Trapped was a super hit in its first season,   the political tale of murder greed, corruption, an immortal a past, and a number of murders. It impressed many viewers around the globe. The second season is indeed full-filling for the viewers as well.
The storyline of the second season of Trapped is complex and highly political. It includes all the issues and problems related to today’s socio-political issues.  Be it be an abuse of power or money, be it nationalism or anti-capitalism. The show also highlights gay rights, Norse mythology, and Iceland sagas.
Three years after the blockbuster Season 1, the second season of the award-winning mystery thriller Trapped (Ófærð) opens with a brutal attack on Iceland’s Minister of Industry outside Parliament in Reykjavik.
The commendable performance by lead actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson is worthy of applause, the relationship between Hinrika, Ásgeir and Andri was the reason to root for the show. The beauty of Iceland was portrayed efficiently without any doubt. It is an eye-pleaser. We can say trapped is a well-written show it is a slow burn but with dark mysteries and deep characters, it makes it worthwhile. How things happen in an isolated place of a small town and how political as well as national dynamic comes into play.
Also, the father/daughter relationship was portrayed beautifully. Thórnhildur Andri’s daughter is written amazingly. It is much deeper than the usual teen character. The rebellious character surely affects the subplot of the entire show.

So Where Can We Watch Trapped Season 3?

We can watch Trapped season 3 on one of the most famous OTT services Netflix. The show originally produced by RVK studios was picked and given the broadcasting rights to BBC with its immense success the show will now be airing on Netflix. You can watch Trapped season 3 in the USA and UK on Netflix this year.

Trapped season 3 Netflix release date?

It is confirmed by Netflix that the season 3 of the thriller series Trapped will be releasing soon in UK and USA on Netflix soon this year. According to our assumptions Trapped season 3 will be airing on Netflix in the fall of 2022 or the ending of 2022,so let just hope for the best.

Wrapping Up!

Trapped is a well-scripted show it includes drama, suspense, and crime. It includes a nail-biting mystery that is uniquely cold and obviously the shooting location ties everything beautifully. With the release of Trapped season 3, we can strongly say that showcases a mystery that has never been told before with surprising twists and turns which makes watching the show a nail-biting experience.
Comment down your episode of the show so far. And which character is your favorite?
Thank you for reading.

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