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The good news for enthusiastic audiobook fans is that you don’t have to constantly buy audiobooks from the shop because they are significantly more expensive than e-copies. You can download audiobooks for free from a variety of torrenting websites, however, some of these don’t function properly.

Thus, this post offers the 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks.  To download your preferred audiobooks. We all know that books haven’t lost their significance or their status as trustworthy information sources in the 21st century’s digital age. Despite the fact that we can now carry thousands of e-books on smartphones and tablets.

So, if you’ve been hunting for book torrents, this is the article for you and we provide exclusively for you only the 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. Therefore, these are the 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks.


Here Are The 13+ Best Torrent Sites To Download E-Books And AudioBooks


We have mentioned below the 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. The majority of torrent websites prioritize video content. Audiobooks and e-books are given significantly less consideration. Because of this, it can be challenging to identify a quality website.

A good book torrent site should also fulfill the following three requirements:

1. a good range of books.

2. enough participants (seeds) to allow for a rapid download.

3. opposition to blocking

The first two requirements are typically mutually exclusive and are always satisfied on well-known torrent sites. Additionally, only the greatest websites with experience in blocking-busting may fulfill the third requirement (as a rule, this is done by government agencies in the fight against piracy). Such websites display their addresses on partisan grounds and feature one or more backup addresses (proxies or mirrors).

1. The Pirate Bay:

the pirate bay

The first site among the 15 best torrent sites for e-books and audiobooks is The Pirate Bay. One of the first and most reputable sources for book torrents is The Pirate Bay. The homepage of this well-known BitTorrent site for books merely contains a search bar with a few basic criteria.

On The Pirate Bay, most torrents are confirmed. Consequently, it won’t be difficult to find the ideal e-book. It is important to note that The Pirate Bay is blocked in numerous nations and areas.

2. AudioBook Bay:

One of the most popular torrent sites for audiobooks is AudioBook Bay. It primarily concentrates on audiobooks, making it simple to find audiobook torrents that aren’t offered by other websites of a similar nature. Its information is clearly arranged and may be sorted by age, language, and genre.

This website has a fantastic community that directs visitors to the greatest torrents. Additionally, this website enables you to share your high-quality audiobook in a secure manner.

3. Bitport: 

Bitport Review. 1 1

You may securely download audiobook torrents to your cloud with the aid of Bitport. You don’t need to download a torrent client because it operates in the cloud, and the downloading speed is incredibly fast. You can also access everything from any device. You can download your preferred audiobooks with just an Internet connection.

4. Torlock:

Torlock 1

Another trustworthy torrent book website with a clear and straightforward user interface is Torlock. Torlock offers a separate section for ebooks, just like 1337X. It is one of the top book torrenting websites available.

One of the very few websites that solely lists verified torrents is Torlock. It’s simple to search for and download your favorite ebook. Overall, Torlock is the ideal site for downloading ebook torrents. As for drawbacks, some users could find Torlock’s adverts annoying.

5. Torrent9: 

torrent9 alternatives 1

Torrent9 is the following ideal torrent book website on the list. Torrent9 offers verified torrents, just like Torlock does. To make searching for torrent books easier, Torrent9 provides a section specifically for ebooks. The website’s user interface (UI) is visually appealing, and the content is divided into many categories.

You may download other items from Torrent9 in addition to ebooks, like movies, television shows, games, music, anime, and apps. This is one of the popular sites among the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks.

6. Booksyard: 


In the sixth spot, we have Booksyard which is among the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. BookYards is another well-developed best torrent site for books. This popular website has an extensive collection of more than 7000 ebooks and audiobooks. In addition to that, downloading these ebooks is completely free. All ebooks on BookYards are very well organized into different categories like Art, Fiction, Religion & Spirituality, Parenting, Biography Memoirs, Economics, and much more.

Every ebook on BookYards is available in pdf format. Overall, BookYards is a reliable book torrents site and you can definitely get some good content to read on BookYards.


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7. Rarbg: 

rarbg home page

RARBG is also really excellent for downloading audiobook torrents. It is cost-free and has a very user-friendly layout for the finest experience. In addition, torrents for movies, TV series, music, and other content are available.

8. Free 

free ebooks net 02

Another reputable source for reading free ebooks is Free-content is expertly segmented into categories like fiction, science fiction, fantasy, business, technology, and much more. only offers ebooks in pdf format. The website also shows the size and quantity of downloads for each ebook available on the marketplace. Lastly, before obtaining free ebooks, you must register for the service.

9. Abtorrents: 

The primary focus of BitTorrent is on offering audiobooks. To fully access the page and download any content, users must register and wait for an invitation from the developers. Additionally, you must be aware that your IP will be blocked if you miss your login attempt 5 times in a row.

10. Wikibooks: 


Wikibooks is the first-best source for book torrents. This well-known book torrent site offers a sizable collection of electronic books in English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, and five other languages. Wikibooks offer a basic user interface, and finding books is not too difficult. Simply choose your favorite language and do a search for the book you want to download from Wikibooks.

11. My Anonymous: 

Another one of the most popular websites is My Anonymous Mouse. It presently keeps track of over 35,000 torrents of audiobooks. Here you can download free audiobooks, both recently released and well-known classics. Since it’s a closed community, you must sign up and request an invitation. My Anonymous is also an important site among the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks

12. Books- share: 

books share 02

One of the top ebook torrent sites is Books-Share. The ebooks and book torrents are all meticulously arranged into many genres, including Technology & Engineering, Humor, Literary collections, Psychology, Religion, and many more.

This book torrent site lists the language, and the number of pages, and provides a thorough description for each ebook available. Users may more easily search for and download their preferred ebooks thanks to Books-clear shares and a straightforward user interface. It is important to keep in mind that before downloading ebooks, you must register for the service.

13. Zoogle: 

Zooqle 2 1024x508 1

Another fantastic torrent site for downloading TV series, games, movies, and audiobooks is Zooqle. The quality of everything there is quite great. Additionally, community members validate the content that is made available.

14. Rutracker: 


The Russian torrent website Rutracker has a fantastic selection of everything, including audio novels. This website’s primary drawback is that it is only available in Russian. However, if you are accustomed to other torrent websites, the layout is simple to use. Additionally, it has one of the best collections of torrents for audiobooks.

15. Audiobooks. cloud: 

audiobooks cloud

In the last list of the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks, we have Audiobooks. cloud in the last spot. A wide variety of audiobooks are available on Audiobooks. cloud and can be downloaded immediately through direct download methods or by subscribing to their Google Drive account. Books on a broad range of subjects, including history, science fiction and fantasy, romance, and classics.

So, these are the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. 

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Rules for safe torrenting

Now, you know the 15 best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. You should also know the rules for safe torrenting because copyrighted files can be found on pirate sites like 1337x and The Pirate Bay, sharing them without the owner’s consent can result in legal action and substantial fines.

How can I use 1337x alternatives and other websites like them safely?

1. Protect your ISP’s traffic.

2. A VPN is required to guarantee total anonymity.

3. Turn on the VPN app’s harmful IP address protection.

4. Activate the Kill Switch before launching the torrent client or opening any magnet links (see below in the description of VPNs).

Have you ever used torrent clients to download books or other files?

If so, you already know that the torrent client will start distributing the materials after they have been downloaded to your device. Other P2P network users are able to directly download them from you.

This implies that as soon as you download the book, you can begin sharing it. Is it possible to share items protected by copyright without the owner’s consent? No, is the response. This is the biggest drawback of downloading and using torrents for e-books. You unknowingly break the law.

In 2022, there is a substantial body of free literature. It is acceptable to download and share these files. Do you prefer to read solely works of literature from the past, though? Additionally, torrenting has other drawbacks. However, the only significant sources of links to shared book downloads for free can be found on pirate sites.

Cons of downloading book torrents

. High likelihood of copyright violations.

. Any form of torrenting is forbidden in various nations, including Germany, Belgium, and others.

. Installation of a torrent client is necessary.

Benefits of downloading a book torrent

. Absolutely free.

. A big assortment of books is available.

. Not registering.

. Format options for e-books.

. A huge variety of audiobooks is available in all languages.

Wrapping Up

These are the top 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. Any of them can be opened to download audiobooks. You may want to listen to Audible audiobooks on your MP3 device if you do so sometimes. In reality, Audible has applied DRM copyright protection to audiobooks in order to prevent unauthorized playback in addition to encoding particular AA/AAX. You can easily remove Audible DRM and convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 with Epubor Audible Converter. After then, you can play them on different devices or send them to friends.

We really hope you like this article regarding the 13+ best torrent sites to download e-books and audiobooks. Do let us know by commenting on your views in the comment section. Do like, share and comment. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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