Top 10 Reliable Torrent Movie Sites To Download Latest Movies In 2022

Top 10 Reliable Torrent Movie Sites To Download Latest Movies In 2022

Wondering about torrent movie sites to download? Several torrenting websites, notably Kickass, have been shut down recently. Finding reliable torrenting websites is becoming more and more difficult as various governments crack down on the practice worldwide. You could be excused for thinking that torrents are tough to find because The Pirate Bay itself is constantly being shifted to mirrors.

Despite the fact that movie streaming seems to be a thing these days, torrenting is still a common way for people to acquire their preferred movies, songs, or TV series. In essence, they provide consumers with an alternative to CDs, Blue-Ray discs, and DVDs. The majority of internet users are familiar with the useful technology of torrenting. Watching movies on torrent websites allows you to watch movies for free without paying for movie theatre tickets.

It is a distinctive method of file sharing that, regrettably, has developed a bad name in the media. Over the years, a number of torrent sites have come and gone, with many of them being forced to close. There are some who have managed to endure and are still well-liked, though. We’ll talk about the top ten still-functioning torrent movie sites to download in 2022!


Here Are The 10 Best Torrent Movie Sites To Download Latest Movies In 2022


uTorrent must be installed on your computer or mobile device in order to download files from movie torrent websites or websites. After installing this, you can browse torrent websites to find the files you want to download, then click the magnet link provided below to start the download.

If you’ve ever tried to download a movie from the Internet, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be if you don’t know which trustworthy website to use. Some websites feature numerous invasive adverts and pop-up ad links when clicked, download viruses or malware. So, below we’ve listed the Top 10 torrent Movie Sites to download movies online for free.





EZTV is one of the first movie torrent websites to be created and was launched in 2005 and is still operational in 2022. The EZTV UI is very archaic at first sight, but thankfully it has been improved over time.

On EZTV, finding high-quality torrents is simple, and the selection of programming is just overwhelming. A great substitute for the BitTorrent website Mininova is EZTV. Many nations and areas have blocked EZTV. However, it has been able to remain on the list of the top movie torrenting websites.


2. Kickass Torrents



Some of the former employees of Kickass Torrents founded Kickass. With Kickass, you can search for movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, and much more, just like on other torrent websites. The fact that this website switches to NordVPN after you click on one of its web pages, however, is a problem.

The provision of torrent files and magnet links as well as the ability to add torrents to personal RSS feeds and bookmarks are the main features of this website. They also provide a list of the top 100 torrents. and there is no need to register. It’s also free to utilize.


3. YTS

yts mx ads1


One of the best and most feature-rich websites for downloading movie torrents is YTS. YTS only hosts Full HD movies, in contrast to other torrent sites on the lite. The content of YTS is extremely effectively divided into various areas.

The most recent releases are simple to discover on YTS. Surprisingly, the service even provides 4K and 3D movies, and you can read reviews and user comments before downloading a film. If you enjoy watching movies, you should bookmark YTS.

Here, you may download movies via magnet links and torrent files. The majority of these movie torrent postings also include zip files with subtitles. You can obtain them by visiting the Yify subtitles website.


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4. Torlock

Screenshot 2020 12 28 Torlock The No Fakes Torrent Site 1 2


Torlock, a fantastic movie torrent site where you can download all kinds of movies, is the last name on the list. Similar to Limetorrents, Torlock only displays confirmed torrents, removing potentially harmful and time-wasting suspect files.

The website has a straightforward and basic user interface (UI), which makes it simpler to look for and explore content. For movies, TV series, anime, software, and much more, Torlock provides specialized areas. On its webpage, Torlock publishes the 100 most downloaded torrents.

Using these torrents to download recently released movies could be useful. Sadly, the website’s advertising and pop-ups are rather bothersome.


5. 1337X

1337x homepage 1024x487 1


Using the BitTorrent protocol 1337x is a torrent site that provides magnet links and torrent files. It was established 13 years ago, and once Kickass Torrents was taken down, its popularity grew. In addition to browsing torrents by movies, television, games, and anime, you can also browse by top 100 and trending torrents.

The primary advantages of this website are the availability of magnet and torrent links for movies. they now permit anonymous downloads and allow torrent file playback. Additionally, show some movie screenshots and links to additional torrent websites like LimeTorrents, Kickass, OxTorrent, The Pirate Bay, etc.


6. LimeTorrents

limetorrents 1000x608 1


One of the biggest movie torrent websites, LimeTorrents, is listed next. The seeder/leecher ratio is great, and download speeds in the range of 3-5 MB/s are to be expected without issue.

Due to LimeTorrents‘ huge content library’s 20 million monthly visits, it is simple to locate the most recent releases on the website. You can examine a file’s size, seeders, leechers, date of addition, and health before downloading a torrent.


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7. The Pirate Bay



One of the most popular and controversial torrent sites is The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay’s creators received a one-year prison sentence after being found guilty of aiding in copyright infringement ten years ago.

The Pirate Bay contains a tonne of torrent files available online, including many different types of media, including movies, eBooks, audiobooks, software, games, and music. You may download torrent files and do a magnet link search here.

The website’s features include access to movies, audiobooks, games, and other content. Allow for the registration-free downloading of movie torrents. Permit commenting and uploading of torrents from registered users. Either the magnet link or a direct torrent stream are options.


8. Rarbg

RARBG Feature


The best website for downloading and streaming the newest movies online is RARBG. The movie torrenting website offers a sizable torrent directory and a thriving seeder community.

The website’s UI makes it very simple to navigate, and the majority of movies and TV series have preview links and thumbnails so you can see what you are downloading before you really download it. You can anticipate respectable download rates if your internet connection is strong.


9. Glotorrents

gt main page


A torrent search engine with almost a decade of experience is GloTorrents. Despite rarely making headlines, it is expanding gradually in space. Of all the torrent search websites, the search is one of the fastest.

Utilize the magnets link or the torrent files to directly download torrents from the results of a torrent search. For each result, you can view the top torrent tracker details. Dubs and dual audio movies are also options.

Your task of downloading movies might be made simpler by a number of well-known verified uploaders. The torrents page listing includes a list of backup trackers. To utilize every last bit of speed, combine them. Additionally, it features a lively community where you can ask for torrents, subtitles, and other things.


10. Torrentz2
torrent movie sites to download


The original Torrentz website was shut down in August 2016, and Torrentz2 might be seen as its rebirth. When it first launched, this torrent meta-search engine had 60 million torrent files in its index.

The torrent service is famous among audiophiles in addition to movie fans. On Torrentz2, download speeds can be between 1 MB/s and 3 MB/s. On Torrentz2, it’s simple to find movies, TV shows, music, software, and games.


What Is A Torrent Site/Link?

According to Wikipedia, a computer file that includes files and trackers is referred to as a torrent file. Although it doesn’t contain the content that will be transferred, it does contain a variety of names, sizes, folder structures, and cryptographic hash values.

Typically, it has the extension “torrent” in its name. Large files are usually distributed over the Internet via torrent files, which have a smaller file size, typically between 32 KB and 16 MB. Use MiniTool MovieMaker, which was developed by MiniTool, to minimize the size of your movie file.

However, because torrent users frequently download content from torrent websites without knowing it, this practice also creates a problem. Therefore, if you wish to download a torrent file, please be sure that it is free of copyright.


How can I watch a movie in a torrent?

Do you know how to stream movie torrents after receiving the torrent link? Have you read the summary of the top 10 torrent sites? Continue reading this page to find out how to stream movie torrents if this is your first time using torrent websites. The exact instructions for streaming movie torrents are listed below.

Step 1: “Download and Install Soda Player”, the greatest torrent player where you’ll get the option of downloading the movie and watching it offline using torrent software.

Step 2: Locate the desired movie on a site you enjoy using a movie “Torrent search engine”.

Step 3: Download the “Torrent file”.

Step 4: Launch the Soda Player after that, and then click “Open” a torrent or video file to load the torrent.

Step 5: At this point, you can watch the movie with subtitles online.


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Wrapping Up!

As I’ve mentioned some of the best torrent movie sites to download the latest movies you wish to watch.  Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and are our top picks for the best movie torrent websites. The other choices on the list, though, are great alternatives and some of them might have the specific downloaded content you’re looking for.

We hope you will find this article to be both useful and helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions about the content in the comments section. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this useful information as well. Gratitude for reading!

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