Top Tech Hacks to Stay Connected with Your Favorite Sports

Top Tech Hacks to Stay Connected with Your Favorite Sports

It has never been easier to follow your favorite sports around the world. There are so many high-quality apps and websites available today which allow you to keep track of scores whether you are at home or on the move.

Here is a look at some of the best and what makes them a must-have on your mobile device if you are a sports fan with a keen interest in a number of sports.

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NFL and NBA Apps 

The NFL and NBA are two of the biggest sports leagues in the world. Many football and basketball fans turn to the official websites and apps for the latest scores, news, and highlights.

These two brands do a great job of providing all the latest stats from their league, whether that be for individuals or a team. They are reliable and are on a great platform, which ensures the user journey is smooth.

When games are taking place, scores are updated in real-time. There is also a lot of information with regards to where the team is on the gridiron or court. If you are unable to watch the game on television, this is the next best thing in football and basketball.

In the video section of the site, highlights from games such as the Super Bowl in the NFL can be viewed after they have taken place. There is also some great daily content that is supplied by the NFL and NBA Networks.


For those who have a strong interest in international sports such as cricket, Parimatch is a great way to stream the action on your mobile device. The online bookmaker offers live streaming on a number of competitions in the sport.

Once you place a bet on the action, you can either choose to watch the game or follow the live scores through their betting in-play page. The top cricket betting app in India is reliable, quick and you won’t need to leave the site if you want to place a bet at any point during the action.

Cricket takes place throughout the year and often in different parts of the world, which means if you are a fan of the sport, there aren’t many days where you can’t find a game at the highest level.

Parimatch also offers live streaming on horse racing from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and the UAE. The bookmaker allows you to watch replays and you can find a comprehensive results service on all the racing around the world.

Soccer is another sport Parimatch streams live on their in-play offering. Like cricket, there are matches on most days of the year and these come from various regions of the world. Regardless of your time zone, there should be some game about to kick off somewhere across the globe.

PGA Tour

One of the best ways to follow the action from golf’s PGA Tour is through the tour’s official app. During a live tournament, as well as being able to view a real-time leaderboard, you can follow each hole on the course to see where the ball has landed after every shot.

The app allows you to track individual players or groups on the course. You will get a good idea about what each player is faced with in terms of their yardage to the pin or distance to the hole on the green.

Golf is a unique sport in that there is so much going on at the same time in a tournament, particularly across the opening two days when the full field remains. The PGA Tour app allows you to go back across a player’s scorecard to see how they did at every one of the 18 holes.

Another big benefit of using the PGA Tour app is they have highlights of all the big plays at a tournament. If you see a video icon next to a player’s score, you are able to watch back the key shot from that hole.

Outside of tournaments, all the latest news and interviews from the PGA Tour can be found in the app. It is the perfect place for every golf fan.

All of the above apps can be found in your App or Google Store. They are free to download and, hopefully, they will help you follow your favorite sports much closer.

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