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Top Instagram Marketing Tools In 2022

Instagram has great marketing potential to boost businesses. Small businesses and Big Brands are shifting their business profiles on Instagram. The data revealed that eighty percent of Instagram users follow business profiles on Instagram. About 200 million out of 1.2 million users projected in 2023 visit business profiles displayed and marketed on Instagram.

Instagram The World Second Largest Platform For Marketing

Small Business

The massive potential of Instagram from a marketing point of view has shifted the marketing efforts of small businesses towards Instagram. As a result, Instagram has become the second largest marketing platform after Facebook, according to Media Examiner’s Report 2021. Knowing the importance of Instagram for marketing, marketers need to be more vigilant about the marketing tools they need to run their campaigns.

Best Instagram Marketing Tools In 2022

To build the best experience for your user on Instagram, you need to be equipped with Instagram Marketing tools. Instagram has a significant focus on visuals and less emphasis on text.
Developing an impactful profile on Instagram requires you to use top tools for Instagram marketing. These tools will help you enhance brand engagement and grow your followers. Following are marketing tools for Instagram marketing available for free, or you can use the premium features for a low incremental price.

Categories of Instagram Marketing Tools

Insta Stories

IInstagram stories share the best moment of your life. The stories spread fun, and they are engaging and highly compulsive. Marketers use various tools that make the story more compelling.
Unfold: Unfold is available for iOS and Android; it allows you to customize, edit and share your templates to reuse and provide a toolkit for digital storytelling. It’s easy-to-use templates to help you to create pretty and engaging stories. It charges 1-2$ for an additional template package.

Storybeat: StoryBeat is available for iOS, and it is available for free. The story beat allows you to add music to your story. You can add your favourite music to the content and images you created for marketing. You can choose rap, pop, reggaeton, trap, country and many more. Storybeat updates its collection daily, and you can select the latest favourite song of your choice from here.

Discovery & Hashtags

Jetpack: Jetpack offers you the fastest way to discover and copy hashtags related to your business. It is available for a $1.99 one-time payment. Jetpack allows marketers to copy completely set and flawless hashtags to the clipboard with a single click instead of using a lazy workflow. Using hashtags is the most impactful way to grow your audience on Instagram. Jetpack facilitates you the best in discovering and setting the hashtags.

Content Creation & Photo editing

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express is available for iOS and Android. It is freely available to Instagram marketers. It is a fast and powerful tool for editing on mobile devices. Marketers use it for promoting brands and developing unbeatable photos. It gives the user ease and complete control over editing, colour, resizing, and text and help to apply effects over the images.
It also helps you to develop professional collages.
It also offers ready to use background and allows you to instantly share to your other platforms like Twitter, Whatsapp and many more.

VSCO: VSCO is available on iOS and Android. It is also a visual content-creating software. The photographers and community creators love to use it for taking pictures as it helps you connect and create. Instagram marketers and users love it for its photo editing features. It offers you the best editing features, such as highlights, saturation and many more. You can upgrade the free version of VSCO for just $19.99/ year. The premium version will allow you to apply a filter pack you like the most. In addition, you can give a remarkably different tone and style to your photos using the paid version.

Influencers Tools

Publicfast: Publicfast is one of the top-rated influencer tools for Instagram marketers and creators. It helps Insta-marketers to join and participate in the community of right creators using ideas, new content and campaigns. It allows you to find the right creators and advertise your content via influencers on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more. Research shows that more than 87,000 creators are members of this platform. It is available for free. However, you can use its premium version by paying $99 monthly.

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