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Your high school math teacher probably taught you the essentials of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, but mastering these disciplines requires lots of practice — especially if you want to keep up with your peers in college admissions tests.

Fortunately, there are plenty of high school math apps that can help you get ahead on your homework and boost your scores on these tests. Here are five free apps that every high schooler should check out!


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Math Master

If you have trouble with math, MathMaster is perfect for you.  Easily convert fractions, add & subtract fractions, and more. A simple interface allows you to easily tap and slide numbers across to complete equations.

Use standard or scientific notation for calculations; switch between degrees & radians when needed. Great for checking answers with its built-in calculator. 

  • It shows step-by-step solutions to your math problems of any type and level.
  • Experts in the app explain each step so you can understand math better.
  • It includes an extensive graphing tool with instructions on how to use each function of a graph from dot plots to scatter plots and much more.
  • It is perfect for calculating derivatives, finding intersections, and much more.
  • It is perfect for high school students who are studying Algebra 1/2, Trigonometry, Geometry, or even Pre-Calculus.
  • It helps improve your math grades in no time. Just try this app, it’s worth it.


One of our favorite free apps out there, Aplia is an online educational resource that provides videos and guided practice to help you learn faster. And while most apps only offer solutions to problems. This feature may not seem like a big deal, but it’s one that we always appreciate as students.

  • Aplia also provides explanations of how problems were solved.
  • Videos are organized by subject area, so you can easily see what high school concepts they cover.
  • It helps us truly understand math concepts on a deeper level and makes it easier to relate new knowledge to old knowledge to create more connections within our brains.

Overall, if you’re looking for great free resources for tutoring or test prep, then check out Aplia. 


A free geometry app that includes features like graphing and a calculator. Users can also create or import their graphs, so if they have a custom graph that isn’t included, they can use GeoGebra to help them out.

  • This app is also great because it allows you to convert fractions into decimals and vice versa.
  • This is helpful when solving geometry problems on your own because it makes your work more organized. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to solve geometry, check out GeoGebra. It’s available in both Android and iOS versions. 

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos is a free graphing calculator app that lets you input an equation and graph it. You can also solve equations using their solver feature, which allows students to see how solving problems step by step and visually affects how they find answers.

  • Desmos’s browser extensions also allow students to add graphs directly into Google Slides, making it easy to incorporate math problems in group projects or presentations.
  • It is free and student-friendly.
  • Desmos is one of the best math apps available.


This app is an absolute must-have. It allows students to search their math textbook by concept or chapter number, or they can search based on how they are feeling (e.g., confident, confused, etc.). Once students find a concept that they need help with, they can take advantage of several different learning tools within the app: drill mode (with either timed or infinite options), step-by-step solving examples, tip videos, and quizzes.

  • This app is ideal for high school students who want to learn math concepts at their own pace and in a self-directed manner.
  •  There are also videos on how to use specific tools within each section
  • It is easy to navigate if you have never used it before.


All of these tools make homework easier so that you can finish your assignments faster and get a better grade. When choosing an app, you should consider what format is most helpful to you; some people prefer text while others may find video more beneficial.

You should also check whether a new version will be available soon so that you aren’t using outdated technology and getting outdated information. The Internet is an invaluable resource when it comes to finding information — use it.


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