Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram | Be Safe From Coronavirus

Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram | Be Safe From Coronavirus

LOCKDOWN when we hear this word we feel like a prison. But nowadays it feels like protecting a shield from coronavirus. The definition of lockdown is A period of time in which people are not allowed to leave their homes or travel freely, because of a dangerous disease. for example # coronavirus. So people if you want to live more or we can say wants to live a healthy life more Please Stay at home or else put yourself in the lockdown.

Do not wait for any government orders for lockdown announcement. You are I repeat again YOU Only responsible for your health or death. The choice is yours. So people to motivate you we come up with the TOP 40 INCREDIBLE LOCKDOWN QUOTES FOR INSTAGRAM. These quotes you can use anywhere or in any way. hope you will like these incredible lockdown quotes.

Here are the Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram


  1. “Who is the first person you will meet after Covid Pandemic?”.
  2. “It’s like my childhood dream has come true, be in home all day “#lockdown
  3. “So many day’s of lockdown you have survived, What if it extends”
  4. “To live let us stay in” #lockdown
  5. “The longer I stay locked the longer I live”
  6. “Day 7 at home, looks like walls are staring at me “
  7. “It’s better to be lazy, fat other than being dead “#lockdown #stay at home #stay safe
  8. “Lockdown:- A Sudden Vacation we will never forget”
  9. “Mitron Aatm Nirbhar Bane”
  10. “Wo Monday ka dukh Aur wo Friday Ki Kushi, Kaha Gaye wo din “


“Best Lockdown Funny Quotes”

Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram


  1. “Monday:- The day we used to wish never came, but now all days are equal”
  2. “It’s just a lockdown thing “#stay at home
  3. “I m kinda starting to understand why dog try to run out when the front door is open”
  4. “Time has stopped enjoying the movement as much you can “#lockdown days
  5. “I learned that working from home is much harder than working from school because you can get distracted easily. “
  6. I developed patience. I couldn’t wait to come out of lockdown as I missed staying in touch face to face with my friends. It wasn’t normal, so I didn’t like it
  7. “You are in a red zone be in your houses otherwise you will die “
  8. “Learning new recipes” #just a lockdown thing
  9. “Day’s of our life” #lockdown
  10. “Lockdown:- It’s like a dream be at home and do nothing”


“Top Pandemic Quotes”

Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram


  1. “Lockdown says:- Do whatever you want to do but just stay at home “
  2. “Hero are those who are staying at home and superheroes are those who are “protecting us outside “
  3. “These are home workout days “#lockdown
  4. “Lockdown has locked all our emotions, surpass our feelings to go out ….. but at the end to have an escapade from the pandemic. It’s requisite “
  5. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to pick up things that I was struggling on, that I would usually overlook. It gave me a chance to work on my own learning and time management, and personally, I think my learning has benefitted a substantial amount. Even though I missed my friends, it gave me a chance to not have distractions around me.”
  6. “I had time to do stuff I wouldn’t normally get to do, and I learned to love my family no matter how annoying they can be.”
  7. “I learned flexibility and the ability to study on my own terms, at my own pace and how I wanted to.”
  8. I learned the importance of staying in touch with my friends. Lockdown put a strain on my well-being, not being able to connect with my close mates. Benji
  9. “I learned not to over-train when working out. I got tendonitis from doing too much, which has meant no training for weeks now.”
  10. “I developed patience. I couldn’t wait to come out of lockdown as I missed staying in touch face to face with my friends. It wasn’t normal, so”

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“Best Safe From Coronavirus Quotes”


Top 40 Incredible Lockdown Quotes for Instagram


  1. “I didn’t like it. “
  2. “I learned proper time management skills. Having to learn online and manage me and my time more than I’ve ever done before.”
  3. “I learned to be thankful for every day. Losing freedom and privilege meant I understood better the things I had it easy with. I also learned to be diligent with my work and learn how to effectively manage my time and self.”
  4. “Corona is the most dangerous virus present on earth, It’s better to have a lockdown “
  5. “It’s better to be on the home bed than being on ICU bed “
  6. “Lockdown taught me that, I won’t be in a good relationship with others until I am in a good relationship with myself “
  7. “The tickling clock is a sign that the time doesn’t stop. This too shall pass.”
  8. “What has changed during this time of the year? I guess we have realized the value of the small and big parts of our daily routine.”
  9. “We are locked. Locked in a room. In a house. With our family for a quality time and a better tomorrow.”
  10. “Lucky would be the ones who’ll get to eat their favorite dish from their favorite restaurants, as soon as the lockdown comes to an end.”

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