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Recycling is a must-do in today’s time due to global warming and climate change. Most of us are well aware of what we need to recycle and how to recycle it.

Over the years, our planet earth has been the victim of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions due to our unhealthy and harmful activities.

It is time we play our part in restoring our planet’s health. Here are some tips on how to recycle more effectively.

1.  Print on both sides of recycled paper

Whether you are at your university, home, or office, you should buy recycled paper and print on both sides of the paper. By recycling paper, you can save up to 18 trees and 8000 gallons of water.

Water and trees are valuable resources that should be carefully used. In today’s technological world, you can use electronic devices to help you out. You can take notes on your tab, send out e-invites, and much more.

2.  Recycling bins should be readily available

Make sure your property is equipped with proper recycling bins for metal, plastic, and paper.

Keep the bins properly labeled and open. Keeping them open makes it more convenient for people to recycle.

3.  Recycle your empty toner and ink cartridges

Instead of throwing out your ink cartridges, recycle them by having them refilled with ink. You can also reuse your makeup plastic bottles for other purposes instead of throwing them out.


4.  Purchase recycled toner and ink cartridges

Every recycled cartilage can save up to 3 pounds of metal and plastic from entering landfills and saves about one gallon of oil.

5.  Recycle newspaper

Newspaper isn’t just good for reading the news but can also be used for other purposes. Once you have read the newspaper, leave it for someone else to read to throw it away in the paper recycle bin. There are companies that manufacture pencils using newspapers.

6.  Invest in companies that recycle

Supporting and investing in companies that recycle is an indirect way of promoting and encouraging recycling.

There are many companies that have switched to renewable energy sources such as solar energy to power their business.

You might wonder, is natural gas renewable? The answer is no. Natural gas is not renewable, and companies should consider other alternatives in order to make their business more eco-friendly.

7.  Buy rechargeable batteries

One rechargeable battery is equal to 1000 regular batteries. Buying recharging batteries is an effective way of saving resources used to make batteries.

8.  Buy rewritable CDs

Rewritable CDs allow you to reuse them from one project to the next.

9.  Use glass plates instead of paper plates at a party

Throwing a party is not an easy task and cleaning up the mess afterward is more difficult. In order to make the work easy, more people ditch glassware and go for plastic plates and cups.

That might be good for you, but it’s harmful to the environment. Thousands of trees are cut down to create paper plates and cups.

When you host a party, you should go for glass plates that can be washed later or plates from eco-friendly companies.

10. Recycle plastic bags separately.

Plastic bags are convenient ways of transporting your groceries in one go, but they are a nightmare for those sorting them to be recycled. Plastic bags filled with other materials such as aluminum cans slow down the automated recycling process.

This is because humans working at the plant have to open them up and then dispose of the bags, thus making the process difficult and lengthy. Plastic bags are a curse to our environment as they litter the landscape and harm the wildlife.

The bottom line

You can recycle in many different ways. You can start off with the basics and then give as much as you can to the community and the environment. The above-mentioned tips will give you a kick start on starting your recycling journey.


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