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TikTok is an increasingly popular social media platform that allows users to create, share, and discover short videos. These videos max out at 15 seconds although they can be extended to 60 seconds by merging four 15-second segments. The Tiktok app runs on both Android as well as Apple phones and tablets. You need connections like Spectrum internet services or others to be able to access the TikTok app on your mobile. However, the videos can be created in offline mode as well.

In today’s age, TikTok videos play a significant role in social media marketing. According to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, the platform beats all other social networks when it comes to user engagement. But in order to yield the desired results, you need to know about what it takes to run a successful TikTok campaign. Here are some pointers.


Here’s Are The Ways to Improve Your TikTok Campaign



1. Use the Right Hashtags

To make your content easily accessible on TikTok, you need to understand how TikTok SEO works. It is the process of optimizing your content so that people can find it easily when they use the platform’s search feature. And the easiest way to achieve this is to use relevant and
interesting hashtags whenever you upload a video.

To reach a broad audience, use generic hashtags and for a specific audience, use focused hashtags. Remember TikTok allows a limited number of hashtags for a video. Also, your hashtags appear in the caption of your video. These captions can be as long as 100 characters. Given this equation, you should ideally use two to three hashtags per post. This
would leave enough space for you to write your video’s description.

2. Follow TikTok Trends

A very effective way to keep your TikTok campaign relevant and interesting is to keenly follow the trending hashtags. Choose to make and post videos that are related to the trending videos. Remember, TikTok is a very fast-faced social platform. So you should always be prepared to modify or change your content to keep up with the trends. Also, make sure to create unique versions of a trending video type. Don’t make it look like a copy of all the other videos present on TikTok. Check out some ideas with this TikTok trends in 2022.

3. Encourage Comments on Posts

If you intend to make your TikTok video viral, start commenting on it right away. Post a question or follow-up information that would help initiate conversations. When viewers enjoy reading your comments/questions, they are more likely to comment and answer. Furthermore, remember to respond to each and every comment on your video. Bringing prompt in your replies would help build credibility and trust within the community.

4. Optimize the Video’s Length

The one thing that’s common among the top TikTok viral videos is that they all pack highly valuable/interesting content in the shortest time. Although the platform allows you to create videos up to one minute long, you should ideally stick to 10-15 seconds (because that’s what
works on TikTok). However, if your content demands a video of a longer duration, you need to ensure that it has a catchy intro, interesting story, and poignant ending. Try your best to break up the piece into smaller TikTok videos.

5. Post Frequently

TikTok highly rewards frequent posting. The higher the number of video posts on your account, the higher your follower rate. Thus, post as many times as possible. In this way, people would be able to find you easily on the platform, and if you have worthy posts, they will follow you as well.

6. Evaluate Video Analytics

With the pro account of TikTok, you have access to analytics that can help you create better video content. If you don’t have a Pro account yet, then switch to one by going to ‘Manage my Account’ and selecting the option of ‘Switch to a Pro Account.’ You will then need to enter details regarding your industry/niche following which your TikTok page will be refreshed to provide you access to the analytics. You will now be able to view the figures of the content, followers, and overview. All this would give you a thorough understanding/insights of how well your videos have performed over a week/month. You can use this information to plan and create better videos in the future.

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