Checkout The Widow Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Release Date

Checkout The Widow Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Release Date

 The widow is a British action-drama series created by Harry and Jack Williams. This show totally revolves around a lady named Georgia Wells. The lady who thinks that her husband who died in a plane accident three years back, hasn’t died yet and he is living in Congo. Widow first premiered on Amazon Prime on 1st March 2019 and officially released on ITV on 8th April 2019 and made a huge profit.

Widow’s shooting took place in  South Africa, Rotterdam, and Wales and was released in more than 200 nations across the world by All3Media International. If I talk about the ratings of this series it got rated by 6.9/10 stars on the IMDb.But if you are a new viewer of this series then you must be in so much curiosity that when will they going to release Widow Season 2.

Are they going to change cast? Which new characters are going to come in Widow Season 2? But the of all the questions are given below with proper explanation:-

Widow Season 2 Cast and Characters-

The Widow

According to Wikipedia, If the probability of shows coming back is seen so far then we’ll see some of the Characters given below:-

Real NamesCharacter’s Names
Kate Beckinsale Georgia Wells
Charles DanceMartin Benson
Alex KingstonJudith Gray
Babs Olusanmokun General Azikiwe
Shalom Nyandiko Adidja
Luiana BonfimGaëlle Kazadi
Louise Brealey Beatrix
Bart Fouche Pieter Bello/Hennie Botha
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Ariel


Howard Charles Tom
Réginal Kudiwu Djamba
Jacky IdoEmmanuel
Matthew Le NevezWill
Matthew GravelleJoshua

How will be the widow season 2 Plot will be If Released?

The Widow Season 2 Release Date

In Widow’s 8 Episode of the First season when she came to know that her husband died in a plane crashed accident. Her heart got broken and she took that news as a very big shock and every time she only thinks about him. But one day out of somewhere when she saw her dead husband comes in the news which causes a chain of unpredictable incidents.

As Georgia arrives at a clinic to clear out things about her husband, she gets a glance of her husband in a protest clip in Kinshasa where she came to know that her husband used to wear an orange cap and a man with the beard. The cap her husband was wearing is the cap known for assisting laborers for whom he went to Africa. So, after some time just to clear out this news whether her husband is dead or he is the one who is spreading fake news among them and hiding something big? Wells’s discovery to know the truth takes her directly to the center of Congo.

But if you want to know whether she will stop searching about her husband or will give her best to unleash the truth. To know the answer first you have to watch the whole series with your finger crossed. This show also shows how she copes up with all the things going in her mind and how she manages everything all alone and what gives her so much strength to go so far to search for the real truth which was hidden by her.

Production and the Editors of widow season 2?

Executive producers
  • Harry Williams
  • Jack Williams
  • Christopher Aird
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Sam Donovan
ProducerEliza Mellor
  • Stuart Howell
  • John Lee
  • Daniel Greenway
  • Peggy Koretzky
  • David Thrasher
Running time60 minutes
Production companies
  • Two Brothers Pictures
  • Film Afrika (South Africa production services)
DistributorAll3media InternationaL

Release Date and Reason Why is Widow season 2 not coming up?

Season 1 did really well at the beginning but after the pandemic and the talks around reception stell that there’s no chance of coming back of widow season 2. Because the writers of the series Harry and Jack Williams had already confirmed it to be a one-off series. If you already watched the widow season 1 you will get to know that the season very well ends in season 1 itself and the truth behind her husband got revealed in season 1, so that’s the ending of the series and according to us and many more websites like fiferst told that there is no coming back of widow season 2 in future. If there will be some updates we’ll be the first to provide you with the best and the latest update about the upcoming. According to Rotten Tomatoes season, 1 has an approval rating of 56% based on reviews.

 The Widow Season 2 Episodes?

In the Widow first season, You have seen 8 episodes:-

  1. Episode 1: Mr. Tequila
  2. Episode 2: Green Lion
  3. Episode 3: The Survivors
  4. Episode 4: Violet
  5. Episode 5: Poteza
  6. Episode 6: The Spider and the Web
  7. Episode 7: Will
  8. Episode 8: Nigel

As the series has been discontinued, we the writers of Americbuzz don’t have any details about the episodes of Widow season 2. In the future, if there will be the possibility of coming back from widow season 2 we’ll update as soon as possible.


End of the Line:-

As I have mentioned everything that we know about the widow and The widow season 2 we have described above and the fans who are desperately waiting for the widow season 2 don’t worry  we have some of the best  Updated Top 4 Upcoming movies of Tom Cruise 2021


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